A patient was admitted to the infectious department. His symptoms: dry skin, decreased skin

Turgor, rice-water stool. The patient was diagnosed with cholera. What disorder of

Water-electrolytic balance is most often observed in this disease?

A Isoosmotic hypohydration

B Hyperosmotic hyperhydration

C Hypoosmotic hypohydration

D Hyperosmotic hypohydration

E Hypoosmotic hyperhydration


A 45 year old woman is ill with breast cancer. Her left arm has symptoms of lymphatic system

Insufficiency - limb edema, lymph node enlargement. What form of lymphatic circulation

Insufficiency is it?

A Mechanic insufficiency

B Dynamic insufficiency

C Resorption insufficiency

D Combined insufficiency

E -


A 25 year old man has spent a long time in the sun under high air humidity. As a result of it his

body temperature rose up to 39oC. What pathological process is it?

A Hyperthermia

B Infectious fever

C Hypothermia

D Noninfectious fever

E Burn disease


A 26 year old man is in the torpid shock phase as a result of a car accident. In blood:

3,2*109/l. What is the leading mechanism of leukopenia development?

A Redistribution of leukocytes in bloodstream

B Leikopoiesis inhibition

C Disturbed going out of mature leukocytes from the marrow into the blood

D Lysis of leukocytes in the blood-forming organs

E Intensified elimination of leukocytes from the organism


A 23-year-old patient has been admitted to a hospital with a craniocerebral injury. The patient is

In a grave condition. Respiration is characterized by prolonged convulsive inspiration followed

By a short expiration. What kind of respiration is it typical for?

A Apneustic

B Gasping breath

C Kussmaul's

D Cheyne-Stokes

E Biot's


A 3-year-old boy with pronounced hemorrhagic syndrome doesn't have antihemophilic globulin A

Factor VIII) in the blood plasma. Hemostasis has been impaired at the following stage:

A Internal mechanism of prothrombinase activation

B External mechanism of prothrombinase activation

C Conversion of prothrombin to thrombin

D Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin

E Blood clot retraction


A patient got a gunshot wound of hip which damaged the sciatic nerve. Any impact on the

Affected limb causes severe, excruciating pain. What mechanism of pain is most likely in this


A Causalgic

B Reflex

C Phantom

D Endorphin hypofunction

E Enkephalin hypofunction


A patient with bronchial asthma has developed acute respiratory failure. What kind of

Respiratory failure occurs in this case?

A Obstructive disturbance of alveolar ventilation

B Restrictive ventilatory defect

C Perfusion

D Diffusion

E Dysregulation of alveolar ventilation


On the fifth day after the acute blood loss a patient has been diagnosed with hypochromic

Anemia. What is the main mechanism of hypochromia development?

A Release of immature red blood cells from the bone marrow

B Impaired iron absorption in the intestines

C Increased destruction of red blood cells in the spleen

D Impaired globin synthesis

E Increased excretion of body iron


A patient with diabetes developed a diabetic coma due to the acid-base imbalance. Specify the

Kind of this imbalance:

A Metabolic acidosis

B Metabolic alkalosis

C Respiratory acidosis

D Gaseous alkalosis

E Non-gaseous alkalosis


A female patient has been diagnosed with cervical erosion, which is a precancerous pathology.

What defense mechanism can prevent the development of a tumor?

A Increase in natural killer level (NK-cells)

B High-dose immunological tolerance

C Increase in the activity of lysosomal enzymes

D Simplification of the antigenic structure of tissues

E Low-dose immunological tolerance


A 38-year-old female patient complains of general weakness, cardiac pain, increased appetite,

No menstruation. Objectively: the height is 166 cm, weight 108 kg, the patient has moon-shaped

Face, subcutaneous fat is deposited mainly in the upper body, torso and hips. There are also

Blood-red streaks. Ps- 62/min, AP- 160/105 mm Hg. Which of the following diseases is the

Described pattern of obesity most typical for?

A Cushing pituitary basophilism

B Alimentary obesity

C Myxedema

D Insulinoma

E Babinski-Frohlich syndrome


Measurements of the arterial pCO2 and pO2 during an attack of bronchial asthma

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