A man has normal sensitivity of his finger skin, however he doesn’t sense his wedding ring

Around the finger. What process induced by wearing of the ring has caused this phenomenon?

A Receptor adaptation

B Development of the fibrous tissue

C Abnormality of the epidermis structure

D Impaired circulation

E Abnormality of the receptor structure


An aged man had raise of arterial pressure under a stress. It was caused by activation of:

A Sympathoadrenal system

B Parasympathetic nucleus of vagus

C Functions of thyroid gland

D Functions of adrenal cortex

E Hypophysis function


A month after surgical constriction of rabbit's renal artery the considerable increase of

Systematic arterial pressure was observed. What of the following regulation mechanisms

Caused the animal's pressure change?

A Angiotensin-II

B Vasopressin

C Adrenaline

D Noradrenaline

E Serotonin


A child has abnormal formation of tooth enamel and dentin as a result of low concentration of

Calcium ions in blood. Such abnormalities might be caused by deficiency of the following


A Parathormone

B Thyrocalcitonin

C Thyroxin

D Somatotropic hormone

E Triiodothyronine


A sportsman was examined after an intensive physical activity. The examination revealed

Disorder of movement coordination but the force of muscle contractions remained the same. It

Can be explained by retarded speed of excitement conduction through:

A Central synapses

B Neuromuscular synapses

C Efferent nerves

D Afferent nerves

E Conduction tracts


After a long training session a sportsman has developed fatigue accompanied by abrupt

Performance decrement. What link of the reflex arch was the fatigue initiated in?

A Nerve centres

B Afferent conductor

C Receptors

D Efferent conductor

E Muscles


ECG study showed that the T-waves were positive in the standard extremity leads, their

Amplitude and duration were normal. The right conclusion would be that the following process

Runs normally in the heart ventricles:

A Repolarization

B Depolarization

C Excitement

D Contraction

E Relaxation


Blood minute volume of a 30 year old woman at rest is 5 l/m. What blood volume is pumped

Through the pulmonary vessels per minute?

A 5 l

B 3,75 l

C 2,5 l

D 2,0 l

E 1,5 l


As a result of long-term starvation the glomerular filtration of a man was accelerated by 20\%.

The most probable cause of filtration changes under such conditions is:

A Fall of oncotic pressure of blood plasma

B Rise of systemic arterial pressure

C Increased permeability of renal filter

D Growth of filtration coefficient

E Increase of renal plasma flow


In course of an experiment a skeletal muscle is being stimulated by a series of electric impulses.

What type of muscle contraction will arise, if every subsequent impulse comes in the period of

Shortening of the previous single muscle contraction?

A Holotetanus

B Partial tetanus

C Asynchronous tetanus

D A series of single contractions

E Muscle contracture


A patient under test was subjected to a moderate physical stress. His minute blood volume

Amounted 10 l/min. What blood volume was pumped through his lung vessels every minute?

A 10 l/min

B 5 l/min

C 4 l/min

D 6 l/min

E 7 l/min


A patient presents with the following motor activity disturbances: tremor, ataxia and asynergia

Movements, dysarthria. The disturbances are most likely to be localized in:

A Cerebellum

B Basal ganglions

C Limbic system

D Brainstem

E Medulla oblongata


A man has a considerable decrease in diuresis as a result of 1,5 l blood loss. The primary

Cause of such diuresis disorder is the hypersecretion of the following hormone:

A Vasopressin

B Corticotropin

C Natriuretic

D Cortisol

E Parathormone


While shifting the gaze to the closely situated object the refracting power of eye's optical

Mediums will increase by 10 diopters. It results from changing of such eye structure:  

A Lens

B Cornea

C Vitreous body

D Liquid of the anterior chamber of eye

E Muscle that dilatates pupil


Spasm of smooth muscle of bronchi developed in the patient. Usage of activators of what

Membrane cytoreceptors is fisiologically valid to decrease attack?

A β -adrenoreceptors

B α - а drenoreceptors

C α - та β - а drenoreceptors

D Н -cholinoreceptors

E М -cholinoreceptors


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