Atherosclerosis morphogenesis:

A Atherocalcinosis

B Lipoidosis

C Liposclerosis

D Bilipid

E Atheromatosis


Examination of a bronchial tissue sample revealed atrophy of mucous membrane, cystic

Degeneration of glands, focal metaplastic changes of lining prismatic epithelial cells into

Multilayer squamous cells; increase in goblet cell number; in some parts of bronchial wall and

Especially in the mucous membrane there was marked cellular inflammatory infiltration and

Growth of granulation tissue bulging into the bronchial lumen in form of a polyp. What is the most

Likely diagnosis?

A Chronic bronchitis

B Lobar pneumonia

C Acute bronchitis

D Bronchopneumonia

E Interstitial pneumonia


Gynecological examination of the uterine cervix in a 30-year-old woman revealed some

Bright-red lustrous spots that easily bleed when touched. Biopsy showed that a part of the

Uterine cervix was covered with cylindrical epithelium with papillary outgrowths; in the depth of

Tissue the growth of glands was present. What pathology of the uterine cervix was revealed?

A Pseudoerosion

B True erosion

C Endocervicitis

D Glandular hyperplasia

E Leukoplakia


A stillborn child was found to have thickened skin resembling of the tortoise shell,

Underdeveloped auricles. Histological examination of skin revealed hyperkeratosis, atrophy of

The granular epidermis layer; inflammatory changes were not present. What is the most likely


A Ichthyosis

B Leukoplakia

C Xerodermia

D Erythroplakia

E Dermatomyositis


Acute renal impairment caused death of a bleeding patient. Autopsy revealed enlarged kidneys

With a broad pale pink cortical layer expressively demarcated from dark red renal pyramids.

Macroscopic examination revealed lack of epithelial nuclei of convoluted tubules, tubulorrhexis,

Phlebostasis. The cell nuclei of choroid glomus and straight tubules were present. What

Pathology is it?

A Necronephrosis

B Infarction

C Glomerulonephritis

D Pyelonephritis

E Nephrosis


A pathology-histology laboratory received a vermiform appendix up to 2,0 cm thick. Its serous

Membrane was pale, thick and covered with yellowish-green films. The wall was flaccid, of

Grayish-red colour. The appendix lumen was dilated and filled with yellowish-green substance.

Histological examination revealed that the appendix wall was infiltrated with neutrophils. Specify

The appendix disease:

A Acute phlegmonous appendicitis  

B Acute gangrenous appendicitis

C Acute superficial appendicitis

D Acute simple appendicitis

E Chronic appendicitis


A 46 year old patient who had been suffering from tuberculosis for 6 years died from massive

Pulmonary haemorrhage. Autopsy revealed different-sixed foci of sclerosis and caseous

Necrosis in lungs, in the upper part of the right lung there was a cavity 5 cm in diameter with

Dense grey walls, the cavity contained liquid blood and blood clots. What type of tuberculosis is it?

A Fibrocavernous

B Acute cavernous

C Infiltrative

D Fibrous focal

E Acute focal


A patient died from cardiopulmonary decompensation. Histological examination revealed

Diffused pulmonary lesion together with interstitial edema, infiltration of tissue by limphocytes,

Macrophages, plasmocytes; pulmonary fibrosis, panacinar emphysema. What disease

Corresponds with the described picture?

A Fibrosing alveolitis

B Chronic bronchitis

C Bronchopneumonia

D Pulmonary atelectasis

E Bronchial asthma


A 50 year old patient has been taking treatment thrice for the last 6 months because of

Fractures caused by domestic accidents. Microscopical examination of bony tissue revealed

Foci of lacunar resolution, giant-cell granulomas in the tumour-like formations, cysts. Bony tissue

Was substituted by fibrous connective tissue. Examination revealed also adenoma of

Parathyroid gland and hypercalcemia. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A Parathyroid osteodystrophy

B Myelomatosis

C Osteomyelitis

D Osteopetrosis

E Paget's disease


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