A 22 year old patient from the West Ukraine complains of laboured nasal breathing.

Morphological examination of biopsy material of nasal mucous membrane revealed lymphoid,

Epithelioid, plasma cells as well as Mikulicz's cells. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A Rhinoscleroma

B Glanders

C Tuberculosis

D Leprosy

E Syphilis


Autopsy of a man who had been working as a miner for many years and died from

Cardiopulmonary decompensation revealed that his lungs were airless, sclerosed, their apexex

Had emphysematous changes, the lung surface was greyish-black, the incised lung tissue was

Coal-black. What disease caused death?

A Anthracosis

B Silicosis

C Talcosis

D Asbestosis

E Aluminosis


Examination of coronary arteries revealed atherosclerotic calcific plaques that close vessel

Lumen by 1/3. The muscle has multiple whitish layers of connective tissue. What process was

Revealed in myocardium?

A Diffuse cardiosclerosis

B Tiger heart

C Postinfarction cardiosclerosis

D Myocarditis

E Myocardium infarction


A 63 year old male patient who had been suffering from chronic diffuse obstructive disease,

Pulmonary emphysema, for 15 years died from cardiac insufficiency. Autopsy revealed nutmeg

Liver cirrhosis, cyanotic induration of kidneys and spleen, ascites, edemata of lower limbs.

These changes of internal organs are typical for the following disease:

A Chronic right-ventricular insufficiency

B Acute right-ventricular insufficiency  

C Chronic left-ventricular insufficiency

D Acute left-ventricular insufficiency

E General cardiac insufficiency


Microscopical examination of an enlarged cervical lymph node revealed blurring of its structure,

Absence of lymphoid follicles; all the microscopic fields showed cells with roundish nuclei and

Thin limbus of basophil cytoplasm. It is known from the clinical data that other groups of lymph

Nodes are also enlarged as well as spleen and liver. What disease might be suspected?   

A Lymphoid leukosis

B Lymphogranulomatosis

C Lymphosarcoma

D Myeloid leukosis

E Multiple myeloma


A worker of a cattle farm fell acutely ill and then died from the progressing intoxication. Autopsy

Revealed enlarged, hyposthenic spleen of dark-cherry colour when dissected; excessive pulp

Scraping. At the base and fornix of brain pia maters are edematous, soaked with blood, dark-red

 ("scarlet hat"). Microscopic examination revealed serous haemorrhagic inflammation of brain

Tissues and tunics along with destruction of small vessel walls. What is the most likely


A Anthrax

B Tularemia

C Brucellosis

D Plaque

E Cholera


Histological examination of a skin tissue sampling revealed granulomas consisting of

Macrophagal nodules with lymphocytes and plasmatic cells. There are also some big

Macrophages with fatty vacuoles containing causative agents of a disease packed up in form of

Spheres (Virchow's cells). Granulation tissue is well vascularized. What disease is this

Granuloma typical for?

A Lepra

B Tuberculosis

C Syphilis

D Rhinoscleroma

E Glanders


A 40 year old man noticed a reddening and an edema of skin in the area of his neck that later

Developed into a small abscess. The incised focus is dense, yellowish-green. The pus contains

White granules. Histological examination revealed drusen of a fungus, plasmatic and xanthome

Cells, macrophages. What type of mycosis is the most probable?

A Actinomycosis

B Aspergillosis

C Candidosis

D Sporotrichosis

E Coccidioidomycosis


A physician examined a patient and found inguinal hernia. Through what anatomic formation

Does it penetrate into the skin?

A Hiatus saphenus

B Anulus femoralis

C Canalis adductorius

D Lacuna musculorum

E Anulus inguinalis superficialis


Autopsy of a man who died from burn disease revealed brain edema, liver enlargement as well

As enlargement of kidneys with wide light-grey cortical layer and plethoric medullary area.

Microscopic examination revealed necrosis of tubules of main segments along with destruction

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