Freely lying red friable masses with dim crimped surface in the trunk and bifurcation of the

Pulmonary artery. What pathologic process was revealed by morbid anatomist?

A Tromboembolism

B Thrombosis

C Tissue embolism

D Embolism with foreign body

E Fat embolism


Examination of a patient revealed a dense, movable skin tumour that is standing out distinctly

From the surrounding tissues. Its section is found to be white and composed of fibrous tissue.

Microscopic examination revealed interlacing collagen fibers and few cells. What tumour is it?

A Fibroma

B Myoma

C Histiocytoma

D Dermatofibroma

E Desmoid


A 50-year-old man has felt vague abdominal discomfort within past 4 months. Physical

Examination revealed no lymphadenopathy, and no abdominal masses or organomegaly at

Palpation. Bowel sounds are heard. An abdominal CT scan shows a 20 cm retroperitoneal soft

Tissue mass obscuring the left psoas muscle. A stool specimen tested for occult blood is

Negative. Which of the following neoplasms is this man most likely to have?

A Lipoma

B Melanoma

C Hamartoma

D Adenocarcinoma

E Lymphoma


A 40-year-old woman has had a feeling of abdominal discomfort for the past 8 months. On

Pelvic examination, there is the right adnexal mass. Abdominal CT scan demonstrates a 7 cm

Cystic mass involving the right ovary with small areas of calcification. The uterus is normal in

Size. The right fallopian tube and ovary have been removed surgically. Grossly, the mass on

Sectioning is filled with abundant hair and sebum. Microscopically, the mass has glandular

Spaces lined by columnar epithelium, squamous epithelium with hair follicles, cartilage, and

Dense connective tissue. What type of tumour is it?

A Teratoma

B Squamous cell carcinoma of ovary

C Melanoma

D Sarcoma of ovary

E Metastase of cervical carcinoma


A man died 8 days after the beginning of the disease. He was diagnosed with dysentery. At the

Autopsy it was found out a thickened wall of the sigma and rectum, fibrinous membrane on the

Surface of mucous membrane. Histologically: there is a deep necrosis of mucous membrane

With infiltration of necrotic masses with fibrin. What kind of colitis does correspond to the


A Diphtheritic

B Catarrhal

C Ulcerative

D Chronic

E Gangrenous


A woman suffering from dysfunctional metrorrhagia was made a diagnostic abortion.

Histologically in the scrape there were a lot of small stamped glandulars covered with multirowed

Epithelium. The lumens of some glandulars were cystically extended. Choose the variant of

General pathologic process in the endometrium.

A Glandular-cystic hyperplasia of endometrium

B Atrophy of endometrium

C Metaplasia of endometrium

D Neoplasm of endometrium

E Hypertrophic growth


A 46 year-old man complains of difficult nose breathing. Mikulich cells, storage of epithelioid

Cells, plasmocytes, lymphocytes, hyaline balls are discovered in the biopsy material of the nose

Thickening. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Scleroma

B Virus rhinitis

C Allergic rhinitis

D Rhinovirus infection

E Meningococcal nasopharyngitis


Extensive thromboembolic infarction of the left cerebral hemispheres, large septic spleen,

Immunocomplex glomerulonephritis, ulcers on the edges of the aortic valves, covered with

Polypous thrombus with colonies of staphylococcus were revealed on autopsy of the young

Man who died in coma. What disease caused cerebral thromboemboly?

A Septic bacterial endocarditis

B Septicemia

C Acute rheumatic valvulitis

D Septicopyemia

E Rheumatic thromboendocarditis


A patient ill with diabetes mellitus felt acute pain in his right foot. Objectively: foot thumb is black,

Foot tissues are edematous, there are foci of epidermis desquamation, stinking discharges.

What clinicopathological form of necrosis is it?

A Moist gangrene

B Bedsore

C Sequestrum

D Dry gangrene

E Infarction


A denaturation of proteins can be found in some substances. Specify the substance that is used

 for the incomplete denaturation of hemoglobin:

A Urea

B Toluene

C Sulfuric acid

D Nitric acid

E Sodium hydroxide


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