A patient with clinical presentations of immunodeficiency went through immunological

Examinations. They revealed significant loss of cells that form rosettes with erythrocytes of a

Ram. What conclusion can be made according to the analysis data?

A Decrease of T-lymphocytes rate

B Decrease of B-lymphocytes rate

C Decrease of natural killer cell rate

D Decrease of complement system rate

E Insufficiency of effector cells of humoral immunity


As a result of durative antibiotic therapy a 37-year old patient developed intestinal

Dysbacteriosis. What type of drugs should be used in order to normalize intestinal microflora?

A Eubiotics

B Sulfanilamides

C Bacteriophages

D Autovaccines

E Vitamins


Among junior children of an orphanage an outbreak of intestinal infection with signs of

Colienteritis was registered. In order to identify isolated causative agent it is necessary to:

A Study antigenic properties of the causative agent

B To determine sensitivity to antibiotics

C To study sensitivity to bacteriophages

D To study biochemical properties of the causative agent

E To study virulence of the causative agent


Urine examination of a patient with acute cystitis revealed leukocytes and a lot of gram-negative

Bacilli. Inoculation resulted in growth of colonies of mucous nature that formed green soluble

Pigment. What microorganism is the most probable cause of the disease?

A Pseudomonas aeruginosa

B Escherihia coli

C Klebsiella pneumoniae

D Proteus mirabilis

E Salmonella enteritidis


A laboratory received a material from a patient's wound. Ppreliminary diagnosis is gaseous

Gangrene. What microbiological method should be applied to determine species of causative agent?

A Bacteriological

B Allergic

C Bacterioscopic

D Serological



A virological laboratory obtained pathological material (mucous discharges from nasal

meatuses) taken from a patient with provisional diagnosis "influenza". What quick test will allow

To reveal specific viral antigen in the material under examination?

A Direct and indirect immunofluorescence test

B Direct and indirect fluorescence immunoassay

C Hemagglutination inhibition assay

D Radioimmunoassay

E -


In the surgical department of a hospital there was an outbreak of hospital infection that showed

Itself in often postoperative wound abscesses. Bacteriological examination of pus revealed

Aurococcus. What examination shall be conducted to find out the source of this causative agent

Among the department personnel?

A Phagotyping

B Microscopical examination

C Serological identification

D Estimation of antibiotic susceptibility

E Biochemical identification


A 7 year old child often suffers from streprococcic angina. Doctor suspected development of

Rheumatism and administered serological examination. The provisional diagnosis will be most

Probably confirmed by presence of antibodies to the following streptococcic antigen:

A O-streptolysin

B C-carbohydrate

C M-protein

D Erythrogenic toxin

E Capsular polysaccharide


A culture of monkey cells (Vero) and a group of mouse sucklings were infected with an inoculum

 taken from a child with provisional diagnosis "enterovirus infection". There was no cytopathic

Effect on the cell culture but mouse sucklings died. What enteric viruses might have caused

Disease of this child?

A Coxsackie A

B Coxsackie B

C ECHO virus

D Polioviruses

E Unclassified enteric viruses 68-71


A patient has been suffering from elevated temperature and attacks of typical cough for 10

Days. Doctor administered inoculation of mucus from the patient's nasopharynx on the agar.

What microorganism is presumed?

A Pertussis bacillus

B Pfeiffer's bacillus

C Listeria

D Klebsiella

E Staphylococcus


A patient of surgical department complains about pain in the small of her back and in the lower

Part of her belly; painful and frequent urination. Bacteriological examination of urine revealed

Gram-negative oxidase-positive rod-like bacteria forming greenish mucoid colonies with specific

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