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It is supposed to be an enlightened age, but you wouldn't think so if you could hear what the average man thinks of the average woman. Women won their independence years ago. After a long, bitter struggle, they now enjoy the same educational opportunities as men in most parts of the world. They have proved repeatedly that they are equal and often superior to men in almost every field. The hard-fought battle for recognition has been won, but it is by no means over. It is men, not women who still carry on the sex war because their attitude remains basically hostile. Even in the most progressive societies, women continue to be regarded as second-rate citizens.

On the surface the comments made by men about women's abilities seem light-hearted. The same tired jokes about women drivers are repeated day in, day out. But we all know that women cause far fewer accidents than men. They are too conscientious and responsible to drive like maniacs. But this is a minor quibble. Women have succeeded in any job you care to name. As politicians, soldiers, doctors, factory-hands, university professors, farmers, lawyers, scientists and presidents of countries they have often put men to shame. And we must remember that they frequently succeed brilliantly in all these fields in addition to bearing and rearing children.

Yet men go on maintaining the fiction that there are jobs women can't do. Even in places like Switzerland women haven't even been given the vote. The arguments that men put forward to exclude women from business, banking, top-level political negotiation and so on are all too familiar. Women, they say, are unreliable and irrational. They depend too little on cool reasoning and too much on intuition and instinct to arrive at decisions.

The truth is that men cling to their supremacy because of their basic inferiority complex. They shun real competition. They know in their hearts that women are superior and they are afraid of being beaten at their own game!



To shun -- to avoid


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If you smoke and you still don't believe that there is a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles, heart disease and lung cancer, then you are certainly deceiving yourself. No one will accuse you of hypocrisy. Whenever the subject of smoking and health is raised, the governments of most countries hear no evil, see no evil and smell no evil. Admittedly, a few governments have taken timid measures. In Britain, for instance, cigarette advertising has been banned on television.

You don't have to look very far to find out why the official reactions to medical findings have been so luke-warm. The answer is simply money. Tabacco is a wonderful commodity to tax. In tax revenue alone, the government of Britain collects enough from smokers to pay for its entire educational facilities. So while the authorities point out ever so descretely that smoking may, conceivably, be harmful, it does not do to shout about it too loud.

This is surely the most short-sighted policy. While money is eagerly collected in vast sums with one hand, it is paid put in increasingly vaster sums with the other. Enormous amounts are spent on cancer research and on efforts to cure people suffering from the disease. In the long run, there is no doubt that everybody would be much better-off if smoking were banned altogether.

Of course, we are not ready for such drastic action. But if the governments were honestly concerned about the welfare of their peoples, they would conduct aggressive anti-smoking campaigns. In fact, the tobacco industry is allowed to spend staggering sums on advertising. We are never shown pictures of real smokers coughing up their lungs early in the morning. The advertisements always depict virile, clean-shaven young men. They suggest it is manly to smoke, even positively healthy! Smoking is associated with the great open-air life, with beautiful girls, true love and togetherness. What utter nonsense!

For a start, government could begin by banning all cigarette advertising and should then conduct anti-smoking advertising campaigns of their own. Smoking should be banned in all public places. Great efforts should be made to inform young people of the dire consequences of taking up the habit.



Staggering -- shocking, overwhelming, confusing


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