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Labour's giving students like me the third degree


Being a vet is all I've ever wanted to do. "Education, education," the Government pronounced at the beginning of its term of office. Great, I thought, I'll carry on working hard at university, and then I can work with animals. My mum was so proud of me when I passed my first degree. She'd been a single parent and struggled to bring me up and support me through school and college. I'd had the brains and determination to do that first degree for three years, which secured me a place at veterinary school, and you don't have to be rich these days to get an education. So I thought.

But rather soon I found out that we are going back to a bygone age when only the rich can be educated and the poor are not allowed to enter this elite circle. I have a BSc and have been attending Edinburgh University, reading for a second degree in veterinary medicine. But I have to pay 14,300 per year for fees, accommodation and equipment with no help from my local education authority or the Government. Where am I supposed to find that amount of money?   

Unless I can raise this for five years there is no way I can stay at university. Even if I manage to pay the first sum, I will leave university owing more than 90,000. That is as much as most houses are worth, which is supposed to be the most expensive purchase of your life. I'm only 22 and the banks refuse to lend me that sort of money. My only other option is to get help from charities and businesses. I've written to more than 650 charities, but they have little interest. Many charities have been so swamped by young people asking for sponsorship to students.

And what about the rest of the young people in this country? Do only the wealthiest deserve this opportunity? Tony Blair announced that he wanted to lead education away from a "two-tiered system". A two-tiered system of education has already appeared in our universities, where the rich continue with their studies and the poor are forced to drop out. Unless the existing system is changed, we could see hardly any home-grown professionals in this country, let alone vets in practice. There is only one route open to the Government. It brought in vets from abroad.

We will use other countries -- poorer ones, which cannot afford to lose their own professionals -- to act as our training grounds.


BSc -- Bachelor of Science


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УНИВЕРСИТЕТ им. М.А.Шолохова

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                        Приложение к экзаменационному билету № 18


We must confess that not all zoos are perfect. Of 500 or so zoological collections in the world a few are excellent, some are inferior and the rest are appalling. Given the premises that zoos can and should be of value scientifically, educationally, I feel very strongly that one should strive to make them better. I have had a great many rabid opponents of zoos tell me that they would like all zoos closed down, yet some people accept with equanimity the proliferation of safari parks, where, by and large, animals are far worse off than in the average zoo. An animal can be just as unhappy, just as ill-treated in a vast amount area as in a small one.

It is odd enough how comfortable people feel by seeing an animal in a ten-acre field. Safari parks were invented purely to make money. No thought of science or conservation sullied their primary conception. In the main, their treatment of animals is disgraceful and the casualties (generally carefully concealed) appalling. I would like to stress that I know it to be totally impossible to run these vast concerns with a knowledgeable and experienced staff, since that number of knowledgeable staff does not exist. I know, because I am always on the look-out for such rare beasts myself.

Am not against the conception of safari parks. I am against the way they are at present run. In their present form they represent a bigger hazard and a bigger drain on wild stocks of animals than any zoo ever has done. Safari parks, properly controlled and scientifically run, could be of immense conservation value for such things as antelope, deer and the larger carnivores. But they have a long way to go before they can be considered anything other than animal abattoirs in a sylvan setting.

I feel, therefore, that all of us, zoo opponents and zoo lovers alike, should endeavour to make them perfect, not simply clamour for their dissolution.


inferior -- lower in quality

rabid -- furious, fanatical

carnivore -- flesh-eating animal

abattoir -- slaughter-house


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