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I was too inexperienced at looking after my own affairs to realize I was already failing one of the major tests of studenthood, the organization of time. I thought that success in studying was to do with how brilliantly clever and original you were; I had yet to discover that one of the central challenges of adult life is time management.

At school the work timetable was defined for us and teachers made sure we fitted all that was required into the school year. At university I was at sea. Time came in great undifferentiated periods. With 168 hours in a week -- or105, allowing nine a day for sleeping and eating -- how many was it reasonable to spend on study? Individuals vary and different subjects make different demands. Nevertheless with a target you can plan your studies, not just stumble ahead in hope. Defining what to do is rather a bewildering thing. Take the booklists. How many books are students expected to read? How long a book should take? Should I take notes? I would sit in the library for a whole day, dipping into one book after another. By comparison I went to lectures gratefully -- at least I knew when they started and finished. Although my lecture notes weren't up to much, I could tell myself I had accomplished something, which would bring down my anxiety level.

Dividing big jobs into smaller subtasks helps to bring work under control allows you to set targets and check your progress. Some tasks require intense concentration and need to be done at a prime time of day, when you are at your best and have time to spare. Others can be fitted in when you are tired, or as "warm-up" activities at the start of a session. Some, such as essay writing, may best be spread over several days. Some need to be done straight away.

Once you start to think strategically, you begin to take control of your studies rather than letting them to swamp you.


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What is it to love someone if you don't share the same mother-tongue? My companion's English is reasonably good, infinitely better than my Russian. But many of the fine shades of meaning that would normally be possible in a conversation between two connected people are out of reach. Sometimes I gaze at the optimistic row of Russian primers, readers and dictionaries on my bookshelf and think: it will never be the language of my infancy, my school-days, my first loves, it will never truly be mine -- just as English will never be truly his. My mother and he agree on one thing -- that my poems are incomprehensible. So the best of me is closed to him.

   Sometimes I feel as if I have no language at all, that my country is called Nowhere. For example, we are listening to the radio, and I must either interrupt every few seconds to ask the meaning of this and that, or understand practically nothing. I sit silently, knowing it's a programme about dissident writers which I could lap up greedily if only I could…I am a foreigner, a little island of Englishness in this Russian kitchen. It is the same when he entertains his friends or talks to them on the phone. I think -- they make him laugh in a way I never can, and a cold, ugly jealousy comes down on me like fog. And yet my own culture is all around me in the world outside, and his is not. This Russian kitchen in an English flat, this nowhere language made of English-Russian and Russian-English and silence, these stories we tell one another about our unimaginable pasts -- these are home.

Just before the exam I took recently, I began to dream in Russian. I don't know how ungrammatical or even nonsensical it was, but in the dream at least it sounded OK. At any rate, I console myself, something of the language must have filtered in through to my subconscious mind if I can dream in it… there is hope for me yet…



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