(Правила та методика складання і заповнення анкет. Резюме. Інтерв'ю.

Візитна картка)

     Обсяг матеріалу:заповнення різних видів анкет, написання резюме, співбесі­да при влаштуванні на роботу. Студент повинен:

знати правила заповнення анкет, написання резюме;

уміти правильно заповнювати анкети, складати резюме, вести співбесіду, аде­кватно використовувати у спілкуванні компенсаторні засоби та найуживаніші фор­мули, необхідні для ведення співбесіди при влаштуванні на роботу.

І. Pre-reading stage:

1) What does a person have to fill in if he/she is eager to get a job?

2) What information should a CV contain?


1. Read and learn the words:        

       1 .CV (Curriculum Vitae) - резюме

2. to look for smth - шукати щось

3. to be eager to do smth - дуже бажати щось зробити

4. to fill in - заповнювати

5. to lay (laid, laid) - покласти


Англійська мова

6. to lay out - розмістити

7. a lay-out - розміщення, план

8. to assess - оцінювати

9. an assessment - оцінка


10. to suit - задовольняти

11. suitable - підходящий, зручний

12. to obtain - отримувати

13. therefore (that's why) - тому

14. to complete (to fill in) - заповнювати

15. e-mail (electronic mail) - електронна пошта

16. marital status - сімейний стан

17. a reference (testimonial) - рекомендація

18. qualifications - оцінки

19. qualification - підготовленість, звання

20. objective - мета

21. to train - готувати, навчати

22. a trainee - той, якого навчають

23. traineeship - навчання

24. horse riding - верхова їзда

25. a referee - особа, яка дає рекомендацію

26. a headmaster - директор школи

27. comprehensive - загальноосвітній

28. rev. (reverend) - преподобний (титул священника)

29. to apply - звертатися


21. an applicant - претендент, кандидат

22. an application form - анкета претендента                  23. a vicar - приходський священник, вікарій


24. former - колишній

25. to supervise - керувати, здійснювати нагляд

26. a supervisor - наглядач

II. While-reading stage:

Read and translate the following text.


When a person is eager to get a job he is often to fill in a resume (USA) or a Cur­riculum vitae (UK) or a standard printed application form. The forms can be laid out in different ways but the information required will, in most cases, be the same.

The information given by the candidate in these papers will be helpful in assessing the candidate's suitability for the post.

From the candidate's point of view, this paper is the first impression the firm will obtain of him or her and therefore it is important that the candidate completes the paper clearly and carefully.

A curriculum vitae should usually contain the following information:


Англійська мова

• Name • E-mail • Marital status • Languages
• Address • Date of birth • Objective • Hobby
• Telephone • Place of birth • Work experience • References
• Fax • Nationality • Education  

CV's or resumes as well as application forms will require the name and address of at least two individuals who can act as referees, which means those who can provide refer­ences. The referees may be contacted and asked whether or not they consider the applicant to be suitable for the post. The candidate may name a vicar, a doctor, or an old family Mend as one of referees.

Normally, the firm will ask for the names of present or former employees or super­visors for whom the candidate has worked.

Ш. Post- reading stage:

3. Read the following words paying attention to the sounds:

[з:]                             [w]                            [n]

Birth                            west                           swimming

Church                         work                           reading

Refer                            swim                          singing

Prefer                           quality                         riding

Occur                           qualification                  printing

Sir                               qualifying                     pointing       

Girl                                                                   trading

First                                                                  going

Thirsty                                                               advertising

4. Complete the sentences as in the text:

1. When a person is eager to get a job he is often to fill in ... .

2. The forms can be laid out in different ways but....

3. The information given by the candidate can be very helpful in assessing ....

4. It is important that the candidate ....

5. CVs should contain the following information ....

6. CVs and application forms will require the name and address of at least....

7. The referees may be contacted and asked ....

8. Normally the firm will ask for the names of present....

5. Underline the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Ukrainian:

1. The applicant is to fill in a resume or an application form.

2. The forms can be laid out in various ways.

3. The CVs should contain the following information ....

4. It should give the names of two referees.

5. The referees may be contacted and asked some questions.

6. The applicant may name a doctor, a vicar, an old family friend.

7. The firm may also contact the former or present employer of the applicant.



6. Read the following CVs and answer the questions:

1. What does a person have to fill in if he/she is eager to get a job?

2. What information should a CV contain?

3. What standard points did Susanna and Viola miss in their CVs?

4. Whom can the candidate name as referees?

5. Why do you think Susanna choose those two referees? What about Viola?


  Curriculum Vitae
Name: Susanna J. Pattrick
Home address: 1 The Lane Liverpool M 16 2PT
Date of birth: 22 March 1979 .
Place of birth: Liverpool
Nationality: British
Marital status: Single
Education: Stonebroom Comprehensive School
  West Park
  Liverpool September 1990 July 1995
Qualifications: July 1995
  GCSE Mathematics (B)
  English (C)
  Business Studies (A)
  French (C)
  Art and Design (D)
Objective: A traineeship in trading
Work experience: Work on a market stall on Saturday
Interest & activities: Swimming, reading, horse riding
Referees: Mr. Mills                           Rev. G. Brown
  The Headmaster Stonebroom St. Michael le Belfry
  Comprehensive School       Church Street
  West Park                          Urmstow
  Liverpool                           Liverpool




Англійська мова

  Curriculum Vitae
Name Viola Hathaway
Address Flat 2, Midsummer Court, Primrose Gardens,
  Charchester, CH8 3UB
Date of Birth 13/12/65
Education Northam Comprehensive
  Appleby School of Commerce
Qualifications CSE in English, Maths, Biology, French,
  Appleby School of Commerce
  Diploma in shorhand and typing
Experience None
Interests Travel, dancing, music
Reference Mrs Angela Appleby, B. A.
  Appleby School of Commerce,
- High Street, Charchester,
  CH2 4AY.

7. Say what you know about Susanna J. Patrick and Viola Hathaway, judging by their CVs.

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