Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Human, resources, financial, technological, match, values, done, right, straightforward, beings, workforce, govern, ensure, both, material, rewards, regards, minimize, increase, improve, function, consensus, deals, immediate, concerns, administrative, long-term, agenda, focus, strategic, recruitment, welfare, most, ideas, designed, alignment, goals, flexibility, vital, survival, consumer, result, competences, current, internal, external, threats, advantage, occur, environment, requires.

2. Divide the following words into three columns according to the way of pronunciation of the letter “p”. Practice reading the words.

/p/ /f/ silent “p”
path … phase  … psychological …


Policies, physical, procedures, purpose, phone, personnel, productivity, psychoanalyst, emphasis, practice, pseudo, competitive, philosophy, multiple, adapting, employees, psychedelic, complex, third-party, development, putting, rapidly, psychiatry, points, phobia.

3.  Translate the following expressions into Russian.

Human, financial and technological resources; complex beings; a set of policies and procedures; govern the nature of work; obtain the greatest possible benefit; HRM; to minimize cost; to improve, develop and retain its resource; a recruitment, selection, and the welfare of employees; putting these ideas into practice; organizational flexibility; rapidly changing consumer trends; skilled workforce with multiple competences; to establish a healthy and effective strategic HR function; internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats; gain competitive advantage; long-term organizational flexibility and innovation.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Управление трудовыми ресурсами организации; повысить производительность; регулировать отношения между сотрудником и организацией; получать как материальное, так и психологическое удовлетворение; менеджмент персонала; играть роль посредника; ряд правил и нормативов; насущные проблемы (вопросы); в соответствии со стратегическими целями организации; текущее состояние рабочей силы.

Explain the meaning of the following sentences.

1. Organizations not only have to match the organizational needs, but also the values of its employees.

2. Today managers are not only responsible for getting the job done but also for finding the right people for the right job.

3. Managing people is not a straightforward thing.

4. Personnel management regards employees as cost … .

5. Personnel managers play a third-party role … .

6. HRM has a long-term agenda.

7. Its focus is an employee development which includes the management of managers.

8. … how do we know that we are on the right path.


Match the words with their definitions.

1 resource a a plan of things; the underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group
2 value b a general direction in developing/changing
3 agenda c the action of finding new people to join an organization
4 consensus d health, happiness, prosperity, and well-being of a person or group
5 reward e a source of economic wealth of a country or business (capital, personnel, etc.)
6 trend f a general or widespread agreement
7 welfare g the regard sth deserves; the importance, worth, merit or usefulness of sth
8 recruitment h a thing given in recognition of service, effort or achievement

Fill in proper words. Consult the text above if necessary.

 Find the _______ people for the _______ job; human, financial and technological _______; managing people is not a _______ thing; people are _______ beings that have _______ needs; HRM regulates the _______ between the employee and the organization; obtain both material and psychological _______; personnel management regards aims to minimize _______ and increase _______; personnel managers play a _______ role; HRM has a _______ agenda; in _______ with the organization’s strategic goals; organizational _______ is vital for survival.


Use correct prepositions choosing from the alternatives.

Personnel managers must be good 1) at/in listening when interviewing people 2) with/for jobs, and also 3) in/at writing reports. They need to be able to analyze  the  requirements   4) for/in  a particular  job  and  to  make  decisions 5) on/with   whom   to  invite  6) to/for   interview.    They   must   co-operate   7) through/with other managers when dealing 8) with/in staff problems 9) in/at their particular departments and must be able to plan ahead to predict future needs 10) at/for training and recruitment.


9. Translate the sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the meaning of the underlined conjunction both …and (= как …, так и …; и …, и … ).

1. Both personnel management and HRM deal with workforce.

2. Both human and technological resources are important for the well-being of the organization.

3. Both the strengths and weaknesses must be taken into account.

4. Both current and strategic goals should be set.

5. Both the employees and the managers contribute to the functioning and development of the organization.

6. Both recruitment and retraining are badly needed.

7. They have considered both the long-term and short-term agendas.

8. This requires both flexibility and innovation.


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