Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Styles, autocratic, consultation, dictator, staff, environment, leadership, suited, share, process, concentrate, team, proceeding, participative, also, known, relies, feedback, conclusion, stubborn, incorporating, company, brainstorming, product, ideas,  promotions, laissez-faire,  should, done, approach,  answer, guidance, individual, try,assume, purpose, combine, own, create, involved.

Translate the following expressions into Russian.

Management styles; autocratic manager; make decisions; lose motivation; have no say; style of leadership; feel involved; job performance; slow the work down; proceed to the next steps; participative management style; consultative management style; rely on; get feedback; come to a conclusion; too stubborn;departmental policy changes; brainstorming sessions; marketing promotions;laissez-faire management style;  hand-off approach; in terms of; provide guidance; in the long run; on the flip side; in the interim; working environment.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Автократический менеджер; принимать решения; диктаторский тип; персонал (сотрудники); среда; не иметь права голоса; более пригодный; чувствовать себя вовлеченным; не иметь желания делать это; сосредоточиться; обратная связь (отклик); прийти к выводу; отрицательная сторона; упрямый; мозговой штурм; невмешательство; полагать; что касается; в конце концов; с другой стороны; тем временем; цель; сочетать.       

4. Find in the text noun+noun word-combinations and translate them into Russian. Follow the model.

Model: dictator type – диктаторский тип

Match the words with their definitions.

1 people who are in control of a group or organization a laissez-faire  
2 intensive discussion to solve problems or generate ideas b autocratic
3 the policy of leaving things to take their own course, without interfering c team
4 relating to an absolute and unrestricted ruler d leadership
5 reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way e brainstorming
6 group of people organized to work together f motivation

6. Describe yourself as a manager. Follow the pattern I feel/don’t feel like + Ving.

As a manager, I feel like working in a team. I don’t feel like being pushed off.

7.  Compare the positive and negative features of the four main styles of management:

· autocratic

· democratic

· participative

· laissez-faire

Complete the sentences in your own way.

1. The staff can lose motivation if …

2. It is more suited for …

3. A democratic manager is willing to …

4. To concentrate on your work you should …

5. The team is given the freedom to …

6. To make his team stronger in the long run, a manager should …

7. On the flip side, it can lead to …

8. This is a good way to …

9. I would like to get involved in …

Some English collective nouns can function as either countable or uncountable. Define if the nouns in bold type are countable or uncountable in the following contexts.

1.  The staff lose motivation if they have no say.

2.  The staff may feel that you don’t value their opinion.

3.  The staff of the organization is well-trained and highly qualified.

4.  The team feel involved due to the democratic style of management.

5.  Your team asks questions and waits for your opinion.

6. The team is given the freedom to complete the job in any way they deem it should be done.


Use appropriate forms of quantitative adjectives choosing from the alternatives.

1. This type of management requires little/less support than the old one.

2. A few/few employers would choose this poorly paid job.

3. The CEO is willing to employ many/much more motivated personnel.

4. He is the less/least respected employee in the company.

5. That work required too much/more effort from us.

6. Most/many managers dream of becoming a CEO.

7. There are fewer/less jobs on the market now.

8. We consulted an expert on how to get most/the most money from the sale of our house.


11. Form abstract nouns with the help of the suffix –ship. Translate them into English. Follow the model.

Model : leader – leadership (лидерство).

Chairman, friend, author, acquaintance, censor, citizen, member, fellow, entrepreneur, scholar, workman.

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