Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Inseparable, individuals, require, pursuit, goal, services, relevant, business, demands, likewise,dramatic, caused, competencies, rapidly, environments, valuable, contribute, success, invariable, exceptions, processes, create, jams, productive, capabilities, subject, laws, behavior, nature,  resistant, unbalancing, steer, decision, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,  threats,  disastrous, consequences,   genuinely,  appreciated,  concerned, mutual,  emerge.

Divide the four-syllable words into three groups according to their stress patterns.

Oooo oOoo ooOo

Impossible, inseparable, abilities, inefficient, individuals, understanding, technology, information, transportation, invariable, unbalancing, consequences, genuinely.

Translate the following words and expressions into Russian.

In pursuit of a common goal;  goods or services relevant in the market place;  to stay in business; likewise; respond to new demands; rapidly changing environments;  to contribute to organizational success; free of problems; in the same, invariable way; exceptions; jams in the system;  productive capabilities of the organization;  the same laws of behavior;  by nature; resistant to change; decision makers; strengths and weaknesses; opportunities and threats; clear-cut on paper;  disastrous consequences;  in practice;  genuinely concerned;  well-being;  mutual respect; effective management practices.


Find English equivalents in the text.

Интересы и возможности; неразделимый; для достижения общей цели; предлагать товары и услуги; пользующийся спросом на рынке; реагировать на новые запросы (требования); быстро меняющиеся условия; вносить вклад в успех организации; завершить работу самыми быстрыми и эффективными способами; в неизменном виде; вызывать сбои в системе; производительные мощности организации; подчиняться тем же законам поведения; по своей природе; устойчивый к изменениям; люди, принимающие решения; слабые и сильные стороны; деловая среда; принятие важных решений; отвечать (платить) тем же.


5. Choose the best translation of the underlined words.

1. Dramaticchanges in technology, communication, information management, and transportation systems …

А драматические В удивительные С значительные

2. Organizations need workers … to lead, develop, and groworganizations in rapidly changing environments.

А выращивать В поддерживать С культивировать

3. Workers must find ways to keep themselves valuable and able to contribute to organizational success.

А драгоценный В неоценимый С полезный

4. Organizations … require “unbalancing” forces to steer them in new directions.

А управлять В направлять С следовать (курсом)

5. It is critical that managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their companies.

А важный В критичный С критический

6. When workers see that managers are genuinely concerned about their well-being …, they usually return those feelings to the managers.

А платят (тем же) В возвращают С компенсируют

7. Teamwork, cooperation, open communication, trust, and mutual respect can all emerge from effective management practices.

А появиться В возникнуть С всплыть

Complete the sentences using appropriate words from the text.

Organizations are … with people. Organizations and people should work in … of a common goal. Organizations must offer goods or services … in the market place. Organizations must be able to respond to new … on the market. To stay in …, organizations need workers with relevant skills and competencies. The workers should be able to … to organizational success. Jams in the system can slow down the … … capabilities of the organization. Organizations are … to the same laws as humans. Organizations must be … to change. Managers should know the strengths and weaknesses of the company to … important decisions. Their mistakes may have disastrous … for the company.

7. Search the text for five words with the negative prefixes im-, in-, and un-. Drop the prefixes to form pairs of words with opposite meanings and translate them into Russian. Look up for more words with negative prefixes in an English dictionary.

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