Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Extremely, challenges, industry, type, culture, whether, senior, junior, rewarded, own, referring, various, company, often, functions, accomplish, done, hire, wear, conceptual, technical, should, specific, knowledge, both, amounts, therefore, career.

Group the words into four parts according to the stress patterns. Underline the stressed syllable in each word. Follow the model.

Oo oO Ooo oOo
   senior career manager extremely    


Junior, difficult, challenge, recognize, conceptual, accomplish, possess, therefore, lower, human, amount, industry, idea, supervise, upon, employee.

Translate the following expressions into Russian.

Extremely difficult to describe; constantly changing; organizational culture; whether they are senior or junior; the managers get rewarded; referring to various levels of management; someone who supervises others; managers have to plan; they must figure out; to a different extent; to see the “big picture” of the situation; to arrive at ideas; managers should also possess specific knowledge; in different amounts; the skills needed for the various positions in management; training and career development programs; different levels of managers.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Основные проблемы; различные уровни; корпоративная культура; достигать; представлять (себе); оценивать; служащие (сотрудники); различные умения; видеть общую картину; обладать специальными знаниями; в то время как; таким образом (поэтому); внутри (в пределах) организации.

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb

Find international words in the text, write them down and translate into Russian.

Fill in the missing parts of speech where possible. Use a dictionary if necessary.

Group the words into synonymic pairs.

Job, various, difficult, main, accomplish, understand, different, area, company, work, figure out, carry out, industry, goal, challenging, principal, objective, organization.

Find in the text the words with opposite meanings.

Senior – …, easy – …, similar – …, employer – …, higher – …, past – …

Consider the following job titles related to management and translate them into Russian. Rank them starting from the junior position and finishing with the senior one.

Managing director, team/area leader, president, chief officer, front-line supervisor, mid-level manager, deputy officer, department head, vice president, officer.

Fill in appropriate prepositions.

The job … a manager is challenging. There are different levels … management … the company. Managers work … different industries. Their activities depend … many factors. Managers should be able to arrive … creative ideas and plan … the future.

11. Form past participles of the regular verbs. Divide them into three groups according to the pronunciation of –ed. Follow the model to complete the table.

/t/ /d/ /id/
assessed …   changed … needed …


Describe, depend, include, reward, use, refer, supervise, plan, want, accomplish, motivate, train, possess, support, work, play, represent.

Choose the irregular verbs used in the text and write down their three basic forms (the infinitive, past simple and past participle).

13. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb to be.

The job of a manager … rather difficult. It … constantly changing. Managers … in different industries. They … part of organizational culture. Managers … senior or junior in the organization because there … different levels of management. The personality of a manager … very important for their work and career.


Speak on the manager’s job using the substitution table.

A manager   A company/ an organization can should must has to need plan organize motivate lead control supervise train hire assess monitor possess develop offer special skills ideas employees people goals and objectives work knowledge personnel for the future training career development programs

Read the text quickly to grasp its main idea. Choose the best title for the text: A. Senior management level; B. Senior management issues; C. Strategic decision making.

 Senior management will focus on general, or strategic, issues related to overall business development in the long term. At this level decisions tend to relate to issues with long term such as restructuring, major financial investments and other strategic undertakings related to companies’ future rather than present. Information necessary for decision making at this level is comprehensively gathered not only from the internal sources of the company itself, but it also involves external information, such as data related to economic situation or sectors as a whole.

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