In course of a small pelvis operation it became necessary to ligate an ovarian artery. What formation may be accidentally ligated together with it?

E. *Ureter

A patient has a deep cut wound on the posterior surface of his shoulder in its middle third. What muscle might be injured?

E. *Triceps muscle of arm

183. A patient was admitted to the surgical department with suspected inflammation of Meckel's diverticulum. What part of bowels should be examined in order to discover the diverticulum in course of an operation?

A. *Ileum

A 35 year old patient applied to a doctor with complaints about having intense rhinitis and loss of sense of smell for a week. Objectively: nasal cavity contains a lot of mucus that covers mucous membrane and blocks olfactory receptors. In what part of nasal cavity are these receptors situated?

E. *Superior nasal turbinate

A cardiac electric stimulator was implanted to a 75 year old man with heart rate of 40 bpm. Thereafter the heart rate rose up to 70 bpm. The electric stimulator has undertaken the function of the following heart part:

B. *Sinoatrial node

Blood of a patient with presumable sepsis was inoculated into sugar broth. There appeared bottom sediment. Repeated inoculation into blood agar caused growth of small transparent round colonies surrounded by hemolysis zone. Examination of a smear from the sediment revealed gram-positive cocci in form of long chains. What microorganisms are present in blood of this patient?

A. *Streptococci

A patient has low rate of magnesium ions that are necessary for affixion of ribosomes to the endoplasmic reticulum. It is known that it causes disturbance of protein biosynthesis. At what stage is protein biosynthesis impaired?

B. *Translation

A patient with hypertensic crisis was admitted to the cardiological department, he was injected intravenously with an antihypertensive drug - salt of an alkaline-earth metal. What drug was injected?

D. *Magnesium sulfate

Examination of a 35 year old patient revealed high acidity of gastric juice. What receptors should be blocked in order to reduce it?

E. *Histamine

190. While performing an inguinal canal operation on account of hernia a surgeon damaged the canal's contents. What exactly was damaged?

A. *Funiculus spermaticus

191. A 3 year old child with fever was given aspirin. It resulted in intensified erythrocyte haemolysis. Hemolytic anemia might have been caused by congenital insufficiency of the following enzyme:

B. *Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase

192. After consumption of rich food a patient has nausea and heartburn, steatorrhea. This condition might be caused by:

B. *Bile acid deficiency

A patient complains of dizziness and hearing loss. What nerve is damaged?

A. *Vestibulocochlear

A child was born with cleft palate. Examination revealed aorta defects and reduced number of T-lymphocytes in blood. What immunodeficient syndrome is it?

E. *DiGeorge

195. A woman suffering from osteochondrosis felt acute pain in her humeral articulation that became stronger when she abducted her shoulder. These symptoms might be caused by damage of the following nerve:

B. *Axillary nerve

196. A boy has I (I°I°) blood group and his sister has IV (IAIB) blood group. What blood groups do their parents have?

C. *II (IAI°) and III (IBI°)

A patient has a cluster of matted together dense lymph nodes on his neck. Histological examination of a removed lymph node revealed proliferation of reticular cells, presence of Reed-Sternberg cells. What disease is meant?

B. *Lymphogranulomatosis

198. A woman underwent an operation on account of extrauterine (tubal) pregnancy. In course of the operation the surgeon should ligate the branches of the following arteries:


D. *Uterine and ovarian

A specimen stained by Ozheshko method contains rod-like microorganisms stained blue with round terminal components stained red. What are these components called?

D. *Spores

A 37 year old patient suffering from obliterating vascular endarteritis of lower limbs takes daily 60 microgram/kilogram of phenylin. Because of presentations of convulsive disorder (craniocerebral trauma in anamnesis) he was prescribed phenobarbital. Withholding this drug caused nasal hemorhage. What is this complication connected with?

C. *Induction of enzymes of microsomal oxidation in liver caused by phenobarbital

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