Parents of a 10 year old boy consulted a doctor about extension of hair-covering, growth of beard and moustache, low voice. Intensified secretion of which hormone must be assumed?

A. *Of testosterone

An animal with aortic valve insufficiency got hypertrophy of its left heart ventricle. Some of its parts have local contractures. What substance accumulated in the myocardiocytes caused these contractures?

E. *Calcium

An unconscious young man with signs of morphine poisoning entered admission office. His respiration is shallow and infrequent which is caused by inhibition of respiratory centre. What type of respiratory failure is it?

D. *Ventilative dysregulatory

A patient being treated for viral hepatitis type B got symptoms of hepatic insufficiency. What blood changes indicative of protein metabolism disorder will be observed in this case?

C. *Absolute hypoalbuminemia

A patient ill with essential arterial hypertension had a hypertensic crisis that resulted in an attack of cardiac asthma. What is the leading mechanism of cardiac insufficiency in this case?

C. *Heart overload caused by high pressure

107. Surgical removal of a part of stomach resulted in disturbed absorption of vitamin B12, it is excreted with feces. The patient was diagnosed with anemia. What factor is necessary for absorption of this vitamin?

A. *Gastromucoprotein

A 45 year old man consulted a doctor about a plaque-like formation on his neck. Histological examination of a skin bioptate revealed clusters of round and oval tumour cells with a narrow border of basophilic cytoplasm resembling of cells of basal epidermal layer. What tumour is it?

D. *Basal cell carcinoma

A 45 year old woman is ill with breast cancer. Her left arm has symptoms of lymphatic system insufficiency - limb edema, lymph node enlargement. What form of lymphatic circulation insufficiency is it?

A. *Mechanic insufficiency

Mother of a 2 year old child consulted a stomatologist. In the period of pregnancy she was irregularly taking antibiotics for an infectious disease. Examination of the child revealed incisor destruction, yellow enamel, and brown rim around the dental cervix. What drug has apparent teratogenic effect?

D. *Doxacycline

111. A man who has been taking a drug for a long time cannot withhold it because this causes impairment of psychic, somatic and vegetative functions. Name the syndrome of different disturbances caused by drug discontinuation:

D. *Abstinence

112. A chemical burn caused esophagus stenosis. Difficulty of ingestion led to the abrupt loss of weight. In blood: 3,0 • 1012/1, Hb - 106 g/1, crude protein - 57 g/1. What type of starvation is it?

B. *Incomplete

113. As a result of long-term starvation the glomerular filtration of a man was accelerated by 20%. The most probable cause of filtration changes under such conditions is:

A. *Fall of oncotic pressure of blood plasma

114. The territory of an old burial ground for animal refuse that hasn't been used for over 50 years is meant for house building. But soil investigation showed the presence of viable spores of a causative agent causing a very dangerous disease. What microorganism might have been preserved in soil for such a long period of time?

A. *Bacillus anthracis

115. During starvation muscle proteins break up into free amino acids. These compounds will be the most probably involved into the following process:

D. *Gluconeogenesis in liver

A 62 year woman complains of frequent pain attacks in the area of her chest and backbone, rib fractures. Her doctor suspected myeloma (plasmocytoma). What of the following laboratory characteristics will be of the greatest diagnostic importance?

D. *Paraproteinemia

The cerebrospinal fluid is being examined for the purpose of differential meningitis diagnostics. At what site is the lumbal puncture safe?


Power inputs of a man were measured. In what state was this man if his power inputs were lower than basal metabolism?

B. *Sleep

Vagi of an experimental animal were cut on both sides. What respiration changes will be observed?

D. *It will become deep and infrequent

Pharmacological effects of antidepressants are connected with inhibition of an enzyme catalyzing biogenic amines noradrenaline and serotonine in the mitochondrions of cerebral neurons. What enzyme participates in this process?

B. *Monoamine oxidase

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