A man with an injury of the dorsal area of his neck was admitted to the resuscitation department. What muscle occupies this area?

A. *M.trapezius

A patient with a knife wound in the left lumbal part was delivered to the emergency hospital. In course of operation a surgeon found that internal organs were not damaged but the knife injured one of muscles of renal pelvis. What muscle is it?

D. *Greater psoas muscle

A 56 year old patient came to a hospital with complaints about general weakness, tongue pain and burning, sensation of limb numbness. In the past he underwent resection of forestomach. In blood: Hb - 80

B. *B12-folate deficient

A patient ill with thrombophlebitis of his lower limbs had chest pain, blood spitting, progressing respiratory insufficiency that led to his death. Autopsy diagnosed multiple lung infarctions. What is the most probable cause of their development?

A. *Thromboembolism of pulmonary artery branches

68. A concentrated solution of sodium chloride was intravenously injected to an animal. This caused decreased reabsorption of sodium ions in the renal tubules. It is the result of the following changes of hormonal secretion:

D. *Aldosterone reduction

69. A patient had hemorrhagic stroke. Blood examination revealed strengthened kinin concentration.The patient was prescribed contrical. It was administered in order to inhibit the following proteinase:

E. *Kallikrein

70. Packed cell volume of a man was 40% before the trauma. What packed cell volume will be observed 24 hours after blood loss of 750 ml?

B. *30%

71. On the 2-3rd day after stomach resection intestinal peristalsis wasn't restored. What is to be administered for stimulation of gastrointestinal tract?

D. *Proserin

72. An ophthalmologist used a 1 % mesaton solution for the diagnostic purpose (pupil dilation for eye-ground examination). What is the cause of mydriasis induced by the drug?

A. *Activation of a 1 adrenoreceptors

A patient with disturbed cerebral circulation has problems with deglutition. What part of brain was damaged?

D. *Brainstem

74. A 16 year old boy after an illness has diminished function of protein synthesis in liver as a result of vitamin K deficiency It will cause disturbance of:

A. *Blood coagulation

75. An isolated cell of human heart automatically generates excitement impulses with frequency of 60 times per minute. This cell was taken from the following heart structure:

B. *Sinoatrial node

Examination of coronary arteries revealed atherosclerotic calcified plaques closing vessel lumen by 1/3. The muscle has multiple whitish layers of connective tissue. What process was revealed in the myocardium?

C. *Diffusive cardiosclerosis

A patient with cholelithiasis fell ill with mechanic jaundice. Examination revealed that the stone was in the common bile duct. What bile-excreting ducts make up the obturated duct?

C. *Ductus hepaticus communis et ductus cysticus

78. 2 years ago a patient underwent resection of pyloric part of stomach. He complains of weakness, periodical dark shadows beneath his eyes, dyspnea. In blood: Hb – 70 g/1, erythrocytes - 3,0∙1012//, colour index - 0,7. What changes of erythrocytes in blood smears are the most typical for this condition?

E. *Microcytes

79. A 6 year old child was delivered to a hospital. Examination revealed that the child couldn't fix his eyes, didn't keep his eyes on toys, eye ground had the cherry-red spot sign. Laboratory analyses showed that brain, liver and spleen had high rate of ganglioside glycometide. What congenital disease is the child ill with?

D. *Tay-Sachs disease

In course of an experiment a peripheral section of vagus of an expiremental animal is being stimulated. What changes will be observed?

A. *Heart rate fall

A patient with bacterial pneumonia was prescribed benzylpenicillin. What is the mechanism of its antibacterial effect?

C. *Inhibition of synthesis of microorganism wall

Blood minute volume of a 30 year old woman at rest is 5 I/m. What blood volume is pumped through the pulmonary vessels per minute?

E. *5 1

83. In course of an experiment a toad's right labyrinth was destroyed. It will cause amyotonia of the following muscles:

B. *Right extensors

A patient died from cardiopulmonary decompensation. Histological examination revealed diffused pulmonary lesion together with interstitial edema, infiltration of tissue by limphocytes, macrophages, plasmocytes; pulmonary fibrosis, panacinar emphysema. What disease corresponds with the described picture?

C. *Fibrosing alveolitis

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