A cerebral trauma caused increased ammonia generation. What amino acid participates in the excretion of ammonia from the cerebral tissue?

A. *Glutamic

40. As a result of posttranslative modifications some proteins taking part in blood coagulation, particularly prothrombin, become capable of calcium binding. The following vitamin takes part in this process:

E. *K

A student takes notes of a lecture. Quality of his notes became significantly worse when his neighbours began talking. What type of conditional reflex inhibition was the cause of it?

C. *External

A 7 year old child is ill with bronchitis. It is necessary to administer him an antibacterial drug. What drug of fluoroquinolone group is CONTRA-INDICATED at this age?

A. *Cyprofloxacin

43. A patient is ill with hepatocirrhosis. State of antitoxic liver function can be characterized by examination of the following substance exreted by urine:

B. *Hippuric acid

A patient suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency was recommended to undergo a prophylactic course of treatment with a cardiological drug from the group of cardiac glycosides that is to be taken enterally. What drug was recommended?

E. *Digoxin

Hours after tuberculine test (Mantoux test) a child had a papule 10 mm in diameter on the spot of tuberculine injection. What hypersensitivity mechanism underlies these changes?

D. *Cellular cytotoxicity

46. While palpating mammary gland of a patient a doctor revealed an induration in form of a node in the inferior medial quadrant. Metastases may extend to the following lymph nodes:

E. *Parasternal

A gynaecologist was examining a patient and revealed symptoms of genital tract inflammation. A smear from vagina contains pyriform protozoa with a spine, flagella at their front; there is also an undulating membrane. What disease can be suspected?

D. *Urogenital trichomoniasis

In course of an experiment a big number of stem cells of red bone marrow were in some way destructed. Regeneration of which cell populations in the loose connective tissue will be inhibited?

E. *Of macrophags

49. A pregnant woman had her blood group identified. Reaction of erythrocyte agglutination with standard serums of 0aβ (I), Bα (III) groups didn't proceed with standard serum of Aβ (II) group. The blood group under examination is:

A. *Aβ (II)

Prophylactic medical examination of a 36 year old driver revealed that his AP was 150/90 mm Hg. At the end of working day he usually hears ear noise, feels slight indisposition that passes after some rest. He was diagnosed with essential hypertension. What is the leading pathogenetic mechanism in this case?

A. *Neurogenetic

A histological specimen of spleen shows a vessel with a wall consisting of endothelium and subendothelial layer, median membrane is absent, exterior membrane inosculates with the layers of spleen connective tissue. What vessel is it?

E. *Vein of non-muscular type

52. It was revealed that T-lymphocytes were affected by HIV Virus enzyme - reverse transcriptase (RNA-dependent DNA polymerase) - catalyzes the synthesis of:

D. *DNA on the matrix of virus mRNA

53. Planned mass vaccination of all newborn 5-7 day old children against tuberulosis plays an important role in tuberculosis prevention. In this case the following vaccine is applied:


Life cycle of a cell includes the process of DNA autoreduplication. As a result of it monochromatid chromosomes turn into bichromatid ones. What period of cell cycle does this phenomenon fall into?

D. *S

55. Rest potential of a cell equals —80 mV. At what stage of action potential did the membrane potential equal +30 mV ?

C. *Reverse polarization

56. A patient with suspected diagnosis "progressing muscular dystrophy" got his urine tested. What compound will confirm this diagnosis if found in urine?

A. *Kreatine

While playing volleyball a sportsman made a jump and landed on the outside edge of his foot. He felt acute pain in the talocrural joint, active movements are limited, passive movements are unlimited but painful. A bit later there appeared a swelling in the area of external ankle; the skin became red and warm. What type of peripheral circulation disturbance is the case?

A. *Arterial hyperemia

Autopsy of a man who had been working as a miner for many years and died from cardiopulmonary decompensation revealed that his lungs were airless, sclerosed, their apexex had emphysematous changes, the lung surface was greyish-black, and the incised lung tissue was coal-black. What disease caused death?

C. *Anthracosis

Examination of a 55 year old woman revealed under the skin of submandibular area a movable slowly growing pasty formation with distinct borders 1, 0 x0,7 cm large. Histological examination revealed lipocytes that form segments of diffrent forms and sizes separated from each other by thin layers of connective tissue with vessels. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. *Lipoma

A patient is 44 years old. Laboratory examination of his blood revealed that content of proteins in plasma was 40 g/1. What influence will be exerted on the transcapillary water exchange?

B. *Filtration will be increased, reabsorption - decreased

A 30 year old woman has face edemata. Examination revealed proteinuria (5, 87 g/1), hypoproteinemia, dysproteinemia, hyperlipidemia. What condition is the set of these symptoms typical for?

C. *Nephrotic syndrome

62. Vitamin B1 deficiency results in disturbance of oxidative decarboxylation of a-ketoglutaric acid. This will disturb synthesis of the following coenzyme:

D. *Thiamine pyrophosphate

63. Skin of a man who died from cardiac insufficiency has an eruption in form of spots and specks. There are also bedsores in the area of sacrum and spinous vertebral processes. Microscopical examination of CNS, skin, adrenal glands revealed in the vessels of microcirculatory bed and in small arteries destructiveproliferative endothrombovasculitis with Popov's granulomas; interstitial myocarditis. What diagnosis corresponds with the described picture?

A. *Spotted fever

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