B. Granulomas with foreign body cells

C. Interstitial inflammation

D. Granulomas with Virchow's cells

E. Granulomas with Mikulicz's cells

The alternate usage of dichlotiazide, etacrin acid and lasex did not influence diuretically upon the patient with marked peripheral edemata. The aldosterone rate in the blood is increased. Indicate which medicine should be prescribed:

A. Urea

B. Amilorid

C. Spironolacton

D. Mannit

E. Clopamid

 200 Slime, blood and protozoa 30-200 microns long have been revealed in a man's feces. The body is covered with cilias and has correct oval form with a little bit narrowed anterior and wide round shaped posterior end. At the anterior end a mouth is visible. In cytoplasm there are two nucleui and two short vacuoles. What are the described features typical for?

A. Lamblia

B. Balantidium

C. Trichomonas

D. Dysenteric amoeba

E. Intestinal amoeba

Kroc 1_ 2008

A human body cools in water much faster that in the air. What way of heat emission in water is much more efficient?

C. *Heat conduction

A driver who got a trauma in a road accident and is shocked has reduction of daily urinary output down to 300 ml. What is the main pathogenetic factor of such dieresis change?

A. *Drop of arterial pressure

3. Myocyte cytoplasm contains a big number of dissolved metabolites of glucose oxidation. Name one of them that turn directly into a lactate:

A. *Pyruvate

Continuous taking of some drugs foregoing the pregnancy increase the risk of giving birth to a child with genetic defects. What is this effect called?

A. *Mutagenic effect

A patient has yellow skin colour, dark urine, and dark-yellow feces. What substance will have strengthened concentration in the blood serum?

D. *Unconjugated bilirubin

Examination of an ovary specimen stained by hematoxylin-eosine revealed a follicle in which follicular epithelium consisted of 1-2 layers of cubic cells. There was also a bright red membrane around the ovocyte. What follicle is it?

E. *Primary

Hours after a skeletal extension was performed to a 27 year old patient with multiple traumas (closed injury of chest, closed fracture of right thigh) his condition abruptly became worse and the patient died from acute cardiopulmonary decompensation. Histological examination of pulmonary and cerebral vessels stained with Sudan III revealed orange drops occluding the vessel lumen. What complication of polytrauma was developed?

C. *Fat embolism

A patient complains of frequent diarrheas, especially after consumption of rich food, weight loss. Laboratory examination revealed steatorrhea; his feces were hypocholic. What might have caused such condition?

B. *Obturation of biliary tracts

A 12 year old child has intolerance to some foodstuffs. Their consumption causes an allergic reaction in form of itching skin eruptions. What antihistaminic drug should be admistered so that the child could attend school?

A. *Loratadine

Labelled amino acids alanine and tryptophane were injected to a mouse in order to study localization of protein synthesis in its cells. The labelled amino acids will be accumulated near the following


B. *Ribosomes

11. As a result of prophylactic medical examination a 7 year old boy was diagnosed with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (only boys’ fall ill with it). The boy's parents are healthy but his grandfather by his mother's side suffers from the same disease. What type of disease inheritance is it?

B. *Recessive, sex-linked

A patient ill with chronic cardiac insufficiency was prescribed an average therapeutic dose of digoxin. Two weeks after begin of its taking there appeared symptoms of drug intoxication (bradycardia, extrasystole, nausea). Name the phenomenon that caused accumulation of the drug in the organism?

A. *Material cumulation

Bacterioscopic examination of a smear from the pharynx of a diphtheria suspect revealed bacilli with volutine granules. What etiotropic drug should be chosen in this case?

B. *Antidiphtheritic antitoxic serum

14. A culture of monkey cells (Vero) and a group of mouse sucklings were infected with an inoculum taken from a child with provisional diagnosis "enterovirus infection". There was no cytopathic effect on the cell culture but mouse sucklings died. What enteric viruses might have caused disease of this child?

B. *Coxsackie A

15. A patient ill with neurodermatitis has been taking prednisolone for a long time. Examination revealed high rate of sugar in his blood. This complication is caused by the drug influence upon the following link of carbohydrate metabolism:

C. *Gluconeogenesis activation

A man with a stab wound in the area of quadrilateral foramen applied to a doctor. Examination revealed that the patient was unable to draw his arm aside from his body. What nerve is most probably damaged?

A. *N.axillaris

17. Ultramicroscopical examination of "dark" hepatocyte population in the cell cytoplasm detected a developed granular endoplasmic reticulum. What function has this organella in these cells?

E. *Synthesis of blood plasma proteins

18. A 17 year old boy fell seriously ill, the body temperature rose up to 38, 5°C, there appeared cough, rhinitis, lacrimation, nasal discharges. What inflammation is it?

D. *Catarrhal

Researchers isolated 5 isoenzymic forms of lactate dehydrogenase from the human blood serum and studied their properties. What property indicates that the isoenzymic forms were isolated from the same enzyme?

E. *Catalyzation of the same reaction

20. A 60 year old patient has impaired perception of high-frequency sounds. These changes were caused by damage of the following auditory analyzer structures:

B. *Main cochlea membrane near the oval window

21. ECG of a patient with hyperfunction of thyroid gland showed heart hurry It is indicated by depression of the following ECG element:

B. *R - R interval

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