B. Decreased rate and force of heart beat

C. Decreased force of the contraction

D. Heart stops in diastole

E. Decreased heart beat rate

 58 While enrolling a child to school Mantu's test was made to define whether revaccination was needed. The test result is negative. What does this test result mean?

A. Absence of antitoxic immunity to the tuberculosis

B. Presence of antibodies for tubercle bacillus

C. Absence of antibodies for tubercle bacillus

D. Presence of cell immunity to the tuberculosis

E. Absence of cell immunity to the tuberculosis

A 5-year-old child who often fells ill with respiratory diseases has eczematous appearances after consumption of some food products, tendency to prolonged course of inflammatory processes. What kind of diathesis can be suspected in this case?

A. Lymphohypoplastic

B. Hemmorhagic

C. Exudative-catharral

D. Asthenic

E. Arthritism

Under some diseases it is observed aldosteronism accompanied by hypertension and edema due to sodium retention in the organism. What organ of the internal secretion is affected under aldosteronism?

A. Ovaries

B. Adrenal glands

C. Testicle

D. Pancreas

E. Hypophysis

While having the dinner the child choked and aspirated the food. Meavy cough has started, skin and mucose are cyanotic, pulse is rapid, respiration is infrequent, expiration is prolonged. What disorder of the external respiration has the child?

A. Stenotic respiration

B. Stage of expiratory dyspnea on asphyxia

C. Biot's respiration

D. Alternating respiration

E. Stage of inspiratory dyspnea on asphyxia

ATP synthesis is totaly blocked in a cell. How will the value of membrane rest potential change?

A. First it will decrease, then increase

B. It will disappear

C. It will be slightly increased

D. First it will increase, then decrease

E. It will be considerably increased

Children often have heavy nasal breathing resulting from excessive development of lymphoid tissue of pharyngeal mucous membrane. What tonsils growth may cause this effect?

A. Tonsilla tubaria

B. Tonsilla pharyngea

C. Tonsilla lingualis

D. Tonsilla palatina

E. All above mentioned tonsils

A 2-year-old child has got intestinal dysbacteriosis, which resultsed in hemorrhagic syndrome. What is the most likely cause of hemorrhage of the child?

A. Hypocalcemia

B. Fibrinogen deficiency

C. Vitamin K deficiency

D. Activation of tissue thromboplastin

E. PP hypovitaminosis

Necrosis focus appeared in the area of hyperemia and skin edema in few hours after burn. What mechanism strengthens destructive effect in the inflammation area?

A. Diapedesis of erythrocytes

B. Secondary alteration

C. Proliferation of fibroblasts

D. Emigration of lymphocytes

E. Primary alteration

A duodenal content smear of a patient with indigestion contains protosoa 10-18 mcm large. They have piriform bodies, 4 pairs of filaments, two symmetrically located nuclei in the broadened part of body. What kind of the lowest organisms is it?

A. Balantidium

B. Intestinal ameba

C. Dysentery ameba

D. Trichomonas

E. Lamblia

A 35-year-old man under the treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis has acute pain onset of right big toe, swelling, and low-grade fever. The gouty arthritis was diagnosed and high serum uric acid level was found. Which of the following antituberculous drugs are known for causing high uric acid levels?

A. Thiacetazone

B. Pyrazinamide

C. Rifampicin

D. Cycloserine

E. Aminosalicylic acid

A patient with complaints of dryness in the mouth, photophobia and vision impairment was admitted to the reception-room. Skin is hyperemic, dry, pupils are dilated, tachycardia. Poisoning with belladonna alkaloids was diagnosed on further examination. What medicine should be prescribed?

A. Pilocarpine

B. Dipiroxim

C. Prozerin

D. Diazepam

E. Armine

From the nasopharynx of a 5-year-old child it was excreted a microorganism which is identical to Corynebacterium diphtheriae dose according to morphological and biochemical signs. But this microorganism does not produce exotoxin. As a result of what process can this microorganism become toxigenic?

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