After the radiactive exposure a patient has stem cells disorder. The regeneration of what cells of friable connective tissue will be damaged?

A. Macrophages

B. Pericytes

C. Fibroblasts

D. Pigment cells

E. Adipocytes


The study of the genealogy of a family with hypertrichosis (helix excessive pilosis)

Demonstrated, that this feature is manifested in all generations only in men and is inherited by son from his father. What is the type of hypertrichosis inheritance?

A. Y-linked chromosome

B. X-linked recessive chromosome

C. Autosome-recessive

D. Autosome-dominant

E. X-linked dominant chromosome


The speed of excitement conduction through the atrioventricular node in a healthy adult is 0,02-0,05 mps. What does artrioventricular delay supply?

A. Sufficient force of atria contraction

B. Sequence of atria and ventricles contraction

C. Simultaneous contraction of both ventricles

D. Sufficient force of ventricles contraction

E. Simultaneous contraction of both atria


67. A patient has got frequent internal organs' and mucosal hemorrhages. The analysis indicated insufficiency of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in the collagenous fibres. The insufficiencuy of what vitamin caused the impairment of hydroxylysation of abovementioned aminoacids in a patient?

A. Vitamin Н

B. Vitamin К

C. Vitamin С

D. Vitamin РР

E. Vitamin А


Patient in the unconscious state was admitted to the emergency room. Skin is cold, pupils are delayed, breathing is heavy, with cycles of the Cheyne-Stokes type, blood pressure is decreased, urinary bladder is overloaded. Poisoning with what substance is the most likely?

A. Non-narcotic analgesics

B. -

C. М -cholinergic antagonists

D. Narcotic analgesics

E. Sedatives


A 65-year-old man with signs of profuse obesity and risk of fatty liver dystrophy was recommended high-lipotropic diet. The contents of what substance in his diet is the most effective in this case?

A. Glycin

B. Methionine

C. Glucose

D. Cholesterol

E. Vitamin C


A patient died from acute cardiac insufficiency.The histological examination of his heart revealed in myocardium of the left ventricle the necrotized section, which was separated from undamaged tissue by the zone of hyperimic vessels, small hemorrhages and leukocytic infiltration. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Myocardial infarction

B. Productive myocarditis

C. Myocardial ischemic dystrophy

D. Focal exudate myocarditis

E. Diffuse exudate myocarditis


 71. Ion cells have been blocked in the excitative cell. It doesn't change significantly the quiet potential, but the cell has lost its capacity to the generation of AP (action potential). What canals have been blocked?

A. Sodium and potassium

B. Chlorine

C. Calcium

D. Potassium

E. Sodium


A 44-year-old woman was admitted to the therapeutic department because of right-side pleuritis. The examination confirmed the presence of liquid in the pleural cavity. What sinus of the pleura will have the biggest accumulation of the serosity?


A. Right mediastinodiaphragmatic

B. Right costodiaphragmatic

C. Right costomediastinal

D. Left mediastinodiaphragmatic

E. Left costomediastinal


Patient was admitted to the infection unit with diagnosis of bacterial dysentery. On laboratory studies it was revealed that causative element is sensitive to many antimicrobial medicines, but patient had anemia. What medicine was contra-indicated to the patient?

A. Levomycetin

B. Ampicillin

C. Enteroseptol

D. Furazolidone

E. Phthalazol


A 63-year-old man, suffering from cancer of esophagus, has metastases to mediastenum, lymph nodes and cancer cachexy. What is the pathogenetic stage of the given tumorous process?

A. Progression

B. Transformation

C. -

D. Initiation

E. Promotion

A 58-year-old man has a clinical picture of acute pancreatitis. The increase of what substance in the urine from belowmentioned will confirm the diagnosis?

A. Albumin

B. Nonprotein (rest) nitrogen

C. Urea

D. Uric acid

E. Amylase


A patient after tooth extraction developed persistent substernal pain. Sublingual antianginal substance releaved the substernal pain, but the patient complained of headache and dizziness. What medicine did the patient use?

A. Validol

B. Nytroglycerin

C. Metoprolol

D. Anapriline

E. Verapamil


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