B. Delayed type of hypersensitivity

C. Autoimmune

D. Cytotoxic

E. Immunocomplex


Substitution of the glutamic acid on valine was revealed while examining initial molecular structure. For what inherited pathology is this typical?

A. Hemoglobinosis

B. Minkowsky-Shauffard disease

C. Sickle-cell anemia

D. Thalassemia

E. Favism


A patient was admitted to the hospital with a wound in the region of his neck. The examination revealed the damaged nerve, situated in front of the anterior ladder muscle. What nerve is damaged?

A. Vagus

B. Phrenic

C. Cervical part of sympathetic trunk

D. Sublingual

E. Glossopharyngeal


A patient during a visit to his dentist developed severe hypotension. Which of the medicines, stimulating adrenergic structures, should be used to normalise blood pressure?

A. Sanorin

B. Doxazozin

C. Xylomethazolin hydrochloride

D. Ergotamine

E. Mesaton


A student is thoroughly summarising a lecture. When his groupmates began talking the quality of the summarising worsened greatly. What type of the inhibition in the cerebral cortex is the cause of this?

A. Protective

B. External

C. Dying

D. Differential

E. Delayed


Galactosemia is revealed in a child. Concentration of glucose in the blood is not considerably changed. Deficiency of what enzyme caused this illness?

A. Hexokinase

B. Phosphoglucomutase

C. Galactokinase

D. Amylo-1,6-glucosidase

E. Galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase


Careless student occasionaly met his dean. The concentration of what hormone will most likely increase in the blood of the student?

A. Thyrotropin-releasing hormone

B. Cortisol

C. Somatotropin

D. Corticotropin

E. Adrenalin


Analeptical remedy of reflective type from the H-cholinomimetics group was given to the patient for restoration of breathing after poisoning with carbon monoxide. What medicine was prescribed to the patient?

A. Adrenalin hydrochloride

B. Mesaton

C. Lobeline hydrochloride

D. Pentamin

E. Atropine sulphate


Some time later after the intensive physical training a sportman activates his gluconeogenesis. What is its main substance?

A. Lactate

B. Glutamic acid

C. Serine

D.   α -ketoglutarate

E. Aspartic acid


Because of suspected intrahospital infection in the neonatal department of the maternity home the inspection was carried out. In some children and on some general things Staphylococcus aureus was revealed. What properties of these cultures allow to establish their origin from one source?

A. Antibioticogramma

B. Antigenic structure

C. Biochemical activity

D. Phagotype

E. Chromogenesis


The patient with complaints of permanent thirst applied to the doctor. Hyperglycemia, polyuria and increased concentration of 17-ketosteroids in the urine were revealed. What disease is the most likely?

A. Steroid diabetes

B. Type 1 glycogenosis

C. Myxoedema

D. Addison's disease

E. Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus


 49. A 40-year-old pregnant woman underwent amniocentesis. The examination of fetus karyotype revealed 47 ХУ +21. What pathology of the fetus was found out?

A. Schereschevsky-Terner's disease

B. Patau's disease

C. Phenylketonuria

D. Down's syndrome

E. Klinefelter's syndrome


50. In the micropreparation made from patient's regional lymph node punctate and stained according to Romanovsky-Giemsa method, the doctor found out thin microorganisms with 12-14 equal ringlets and pale-pink sharp pointes 10-13 mkm in length. The pathogen of what disease is it about?

A. Leishmaniasis

B. Leptospirosis

C. Surra

D. Syphilis

E. Relapsing fever


A 50- year-old man suddenly began having severe palpitation, pain in the heart, sharp weakness, high blood pressure; arrhythmic pulse, with deficiency. The ECG revealed no P waves and there was different duration of R-R intervals. What disorder of heart rhythm did the patient have?

A. Paroxysmal tachicardia

B. Sinus extrasystolia

C. Atrial fibrillation

D. Transversal heart block

E. Respiratory arrhythmia


The heart rate and the systemic arterial blood pressure of a man have increased due to voluntary respiratory delay for 40 c. Realisation of what regulation mechanism caused these changes?

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