B. Transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria

C. Tissue respiration

D. Synthesis of steroid hormones

E. Synthesis of ketone bodies

Patient complaines of weakness, dyspnea, low extremities oedema. Diagnosis: chronic cardiac insufficiency. What medicine should be prescribed first of all?

A. Papaverine

B. Propranolol

C. Raunatin

D. Caffeine

E. Digitoxin

Chronic inflammation and transformation of the one-layer ciliated epithelium into multiple-layers flat epithelium was revealed in the thickened mucous membrane of the bronchus bioptate of the patient with smoke abuse. Which of the processes is the most likely?

A. Metaplasia

B. Epithelium hypertrophy

C. Squamous cancer

D. Hyperplasia of the epithelium

E. Leucoplacia

The intraoperational biopsy of mammal gland has revealed the signs of atypical tissue with disorder of parenchyma stroma proportion with domination of the last, gland structures of the different size and shape, lined with single-layer proliferative epithelium. What is the most appropriate diagnosis?

A. Mastitis

B. Papilloma

C. Noninfiltrative cancer

D. Fibroadenoma

E. Infiltrative cancer

Pain along large nervous stems and increased amount of pyruvate in the blood were revealed in the patient. Insufficiency of what vitamin can cause such change?

A. Pantothenic acid

B . В1

C . РР

D . Biotin

E. В2

Purulent endometritis with fatal outcome was progressing in the woman after abortion performed not at the hospital. On autopsy multiple lung abscesses, subcapsule ulcers in the kidneys, spleen hyperplasia were revealed. What form of sepsis developed in the patient?

A. Chroniosepsis

B. Septopyemia

C. Lung sepsis

D. Septicemia

E. Urosepsis

Signs of gastropathy develop in the patient with rheumatoid arthritis who was treated with indometacin. With what activity of the drug can this complication be connected?

A. Antihistamine

B. Antikinine

C. Local irritating

D. Antiserotonin

E. Anticyclooxygenase

On bacteriological study of rinsing water of the patient with food poisoning, the pure bacterial culture was inoculated with the following properties: gram-negative motile bacillus in the Endo environment grows like achromic colony. Representative of what genus has caused the illness?

A. Yersinia

B. Citrobacter

C. Salmonella

D. Shigella

E. Escherichia

From the nasopharynx of a 5-year-old child it was excreted amicroorganism which is identical to Corynebacterium diphtheriae dose according to morphological and biochemical signs.Microorganism does not produce exotoxin. As a result of what process can this microorganism become toxigenic?

A. Cultivation in the telluric environment

B. Chromosome mutation

C. Passing through the organism of the sensative animals

D. Phage conversion

E. Growing with antitoxic serum

Increased breaking of vessels, enamel and dentine destruction in scurvy patients are caused by disorder of collagen maturing. What stage of modification of procollagen is disordered in this avitaminosis?

A. Hydroxylation of proline

B. Glycosylation of hydroxylysine residues

C. Formation of polypeptide chains

D. Removal of C-ended peptide from procollagen

E. Detaching of N-ended peptide

From the group of children who were eating sweet sappy watermelon two kids developed the signs of poisoning: rapid weakness, dizziness, headache, vomiting, edema, tachycardia, cyanosis of mouth, ears, tips of the fingers cyanosis. High concentration of nitrates was detected. What is the leading mechanism of the pathogenesis of the poisoning in the two children?  

A. Insufficiency glutathione pyroxidase

B. Insufficiency of catalase

C. Block cytochrome oxidase

D. Insufficiency of superoxiddismutase

E. Insufficiency of met-Hb-reductase

A 38-year-old woman was admitted to the admission-diagnostic department with uterine bleeding. What are the most likely changes of blood?

A. Polycythemia

B. Leukopenia

C. Reduction of haematocrite rate

D. Increase of haematocrite rate

E. Leucocytosis

For serological diagnostics of the whooping cough it was made large-scale reaction with parapertussis and pertussis diagnosticums. At the bottom of the test-tubes with diagnosticum of Bordetella parapertussis grain-like sediment formed. What antibodies have this reaction revealed?

A. Bacteriolysins

B. Agglutinins

C. Antitoxins

D. Opsonins

E. Precipitins

 186 The patient was treated medically for psychosis for 2 weeks. Patient's condition improved but rigidity, tremor, hypokinesia developed. Which of the drugs can cause such complications?

A. Sydnocarb

B. Diphenine

C. Imipramine

D. Chlordiazepoxide

E. Aminazine

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