A. To the left mesenteric sinus

B. To the right mesenteric sinus

C. To the liver bursa

D. To the omental bursa

E. To the proventriculus sack

Obturative jaundice developed in a 60-year-old patient because of malignant tumour of the big papillary of the duodenal. Lumen of what anatomical structure is squeezed with tumour?

A. Right hepatic duct

B. Left hepatic duct

C. Common hepatic duct

D. Cystic duct

E. Hepatopancreatic ampulla

Part of the DNA chain turned about 180 degree due to gamma radiation. What type of mutation took place in the DNA chain?

A. Replication

B. Translocation

C. Inversion

D. Doubling

E. Deletion

Diuretic drug was prescribed to the patient with hypertension in the course of complex treatment. In a few days BP decreased but signs of hypokaliemia developed. What drug could cause such complications?

A. Spironolactone

B. Enalapril

C. Lasix

D. Triamterene

E. Clophelin

 85 Pathological changes of the liver and brain were revealed in a 27-year-old patient.The copper concentration is abruptly decreased in blood plasma and increased in the urine. Wilson's         disease was diagnosed. Activity of what enzyme in the blood serum should be examined to prove diagnisis?

A. Xanthioxidase

B. Leucinamineopeptidaze

C. Ceruloplasmin

D. Carboanhydraze

E. Alcoholdehydrogenaze

On autopsy of the 40-year-old woman suffering from rheumatic arthritis, the enlarged solid spleen was revealed. On section its tissue is of the mahogany color with enlarged follicles, which look like semi-transparent grayish-whitish grains. What pathological process is the most likely?

A. Waxy spleen

B. Glaze spleen

C. Hyaline spleen

D. Porphyric spleen

E. Sago spleen

The person has decreased diuresis, hypernatremia, hypokalemia. Hypersecretion of what hormon can cause such changes?

A. Vasopressin

B. Adrenalin

C. Aldosterone

D. Auricular sodiumuretic factor

E. Parathormone

It is planned to use the territory of an old cattle burial ground (which is not used for more than 50 years) for building houses. But ground analysis revealed presence of the pathogen of the very dangerous illness. Which of the indicated microorgonisms is likely to remain in the ground for such a long time?

A. Mycobacterium bovis

B. Brucella abortus

C. Yersinia pestis

D. Francisella tularensis

E. Bacillus anthracis

A 5-year-old child was admitted to the otorhinolaryngological department with diagnosis - suppurative inflammation of the middle ear. Disease started from the inflammation of the nasopharynx. Through the what canal of the temporal bone did the infection get into the tympanic cavity?

A. Tympanic Canaliculus tympanicus

B. Canaliculi caroticotympanici

C. Carotid canal

D. Canaliculus chordal tympani

E. Musculortubal canal

The patient with thymoma (thymus gland tumour) has cyanosis, extention of subcutaneous venous net and edema of the soft tissues of face, neck, upper part of the trunk and upper extremities. What venous trunk is pressed with tumour?

A. Superior vena cava

B. Frontal jugular vein

C. Clavicular vein

D. Internal jugular vein

E. External jugular vein

 91 What heat transfer mechanism is the most effective while the man being at 80% of air moisture and the temperature +350С?

A. Radiation

B. Evaporation

C. -

D. Heat conduction

E. Convection

While having the dinner the child choked and aspirated the food. Meavy cough has started, skin and mucose are cyanotic, rapid pulse, rear breathing, expiration is prolonged. What disorder of the external breathing developed in the child?

A. Biot's breathing

B. Stage of expiratory dyspnea on asphyxia

C. Alternating breathing

D. Stage of inspiratory dyspnea on asphyxia

E. Stenotic breathing

A 42-year man suffering from gout has increased level of urinary acid in the blood. Allopurinol was prescribed to decrease the level of urinary acid. Competitive inhibitor of what enzyme is allopurinol?

A. Hypoxantinphosphoribosiltransferase

B. Adenosinedeaminase

C. Guaninedeaminase

D. Xanthinoxidase

E. Adeninephosphoribosiltransferase

Anapriline therapy caused positive effect in the dynamic of the disease of a 44-year-old woman suffering from stenocardia. What is the main mechanism of the effect of this medicine?

A. Decrease of oxidative exchange in myocardium due to enzyme blockade of Krebs' cycle

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