C. Neurotonic arterial hyperemia

D. Metabolic arterial hyperemia

E. Neuroparalytic arterial hyperemia

The cell of the laboratory animal was overdosed with Roentgen rays. As a result albuminous fragments formed in the cytoplasm. What cell organoid will take part at their utilization?

A. Endoplasmic reticulum

B. Lysosomes

C. Cells centre

D. Golgi complex

E. Ribosome

Lung of premature infant is presented on electronic photomicrography of biopsy material. Collapse of the alveolar wall caused by the deficiency of surfactant was revealed. Disfunction of what cells of the alveolar wall caused it?

A. Fibroblasts

B. Alveolar macrophages

C. Secretory cells

D. Alveocytes type II

E. Alveocytes type I

In a patient with clinical signs of immunodeficiency the number and functional activity of T and B lymphocytes are not changed. Defect with dysfunction of antigen-presentation to the immunocompetent cells was found during investigation on the molecule level. Defect of what cells is the most probable?

A. Т -lymphocytes, В -lymphocytes

B. 0-lymphocytes

C. Fibroblasts, Т -lymphocytes, В -lymphocytes

D. NK-cells

E. Macrophages, monocytes

Processes of repolarisation are disturbed in ventricular myocardium in examined person. It will cause amplitude abnormalities of configuration and duration of the wave:

A. R

B. P

C. Q

D. S

E. Т

Patient with hypochromic anemia has splitting hair and loss of hair, increased nail brittling and taste alteration. What is the mechanism of the development of these symptoms?

A. Decreased production of parathyrin

B. Decreased production of thyroid hormones

C. Deficiency of vitamin В 12

D. Deficiency of vitamin А

E. Deficiency of iron-containing enzymes

Larvae were detected occasionally on the microscopic examination of the sputum of the patient with pneumonia. Eosinophiles were detected on the blood examination. What helminthiasis can be diagnosed?

A. Ascariasis

B. Enterobiosis

C. Opistorchis

D. Trichocephaliasis

E. Paragonimiasis

Patient with bronchial asthma was taking tablets which caused insomnia, headache, increased blood pressure. What medecine can cause such complications?

A. Euphyline

B. Adrenaline

C. Ephedrine

D. Chromolin sodium

E. Izadrine

A 2-year-old child experienced convulsions because of lowering calcium ions concentration in the blood plasma. Function of what structure is decreased?

A. Thymus

B. Pineal gland

C. Parathyroid glands

D. Adrenal cortex

E. Hypophysis

Tuberculine was injected intracutaneously to the child for tuberculin test. Marked hyperemia, tissue infiltration developed on the place of injection in 24 hours. What mechanism caused these modifications?

A. Cells cytotoxity

B. Reagin type cytotoxity

C. Granuloma formation

D. Immunocomplex cytotoxity

E. Antibody cytotoxity

During investigation of patient, it was found formation in the white substance of cerebral hemispheres with location in the knee and frontal part of posterior crus of internal capsule. Fibres of what conductive tract of the brain will be disrupted?

A. Tr. frontopontinus

B. Tr. pyramidalis

C. Tr. frontothalamicus

D. Tr. parietooccipitopontinus

E. Тr. thalamocorticalis

Three separate bones connected with cartilage in the area of pelvis cavity are noticed on the X-ray of the pelvis. What are these bones?

A. Iliac, pubic, sciatic

B. Pubic, sciatic, femoral

C. Sacral, pubic, coccyx

D. Iliac, sacral, coccyx

E. Sciatic, femoral, sacral

A13-year-old boy complains of general weakness, dizziness, tiredness. He is mentally retarded. Increased level of valine, isoleucine, leucine is in the blood and urine. Urine has specific smell. What is the diagnosis?

A. Addison's disease

B. Tyrosinosis

C. Graves' disease

D. Histidinemia

E. Maple syrup urine disease

Aspirin has antiinflammatory effect due to inhibition of the cyclooxygenase activity. Level of what biological active acids will decrease?

A. Biogenic amines

B. Catecholamines

C. Prostaglandins

D. Leucotriens

E. Iodinethyronyns

Child inspired button. Where is it likely to be?

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