A doctor asked a patient to breath out fully after taking a normal breath. What muscles contract

During such exhalation?  

A Abdominal muscles

B External intercostal muscles

C Diaphragm

D Trapezius muscles

E Pectoral muscles


A man was intoxicated with mushrooms. They contain muscarine that stimulates muscarinic

Cholinoreceptors. What symptoms signalize intoxication with inedible mushrooms?

A Myotic pupils

B Mydriatic pupils

C Bronchi dilatation

D Increased heart rate

E Rise of arterial pressure


A man presents with increased heart rate, mydriatic pupils, dry mouth. This condition results

From the activation of the following system of function regulation:

A Sympathetic

B Parasympathetic

C Metasympathetic

D Vago-insular

E Hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal


In course of an experiment a peripheral section of vagus of an expiremental animal is being

Stimulated. What changes will be observed?

A Heart rate fall

B Heart hurry

C Pupil dilation

D Increase of respiration rate

E Bronchi dilation


Voluntary breath-holding caused increase of respiration depth and frequency. The main factor

Stimulating these changes of external respiration is:

A Increased tension of CO2 in blood

B Increased tension of O2 in blood

C Decreased tension of O2 in blood

D Decreased tension of CO2 in blood

E Decreased concentration of H+ in blood


A patient has delayed conduction of excitement through the atrioventricular node. What changes

Of ECG will be observed?

A Prolongation of P-Q interval

B Prolongation of Q-S interval

C Negative T wave

D S-T-segment displacement

E Prolongation of Q-T interval


Surface with an intact toad on it was inclined to the right. Tone of extensor muscles became

Reflectory higher due to the activation of the following receptors:

A Vestibuloreceptors of utricle and saccule

B Vestibuloreceptors of semicircular ducts   

C Mechanoreceptors of foot skin

D Photoreceptors of retina

E Proprioreceptors


In course of an experiment a toad's right labyrinth was destroyed. It will cause amyotonia of the

Following muscles:

A Right extensors

B Left flexors

C Left extensors

D Right flexors

E Right and left extensors


An animal has an increased tonus of extensor muscles. This the result of intensified information

Transmission to the motoneurons of the spinal cord through the following descending pathways:

A Vestibulospinal

B Medial corticospinal

C Reticulospinal

D Rubrospinal

E Lateral corticospinal


Workers of a hothouse farm work under conditions of unfavourable microclimate: air

temperature is +37oC, relative humidity is 90%, air speed is 0,2 m/s. The way of heat

Emission under these conditions will be:

A Evaporation

B Heat conduction

C Convection

D Radiation

E All the ways


Lungs of a preterm infant have areas of atelectasis (pulmonary collapse). The main cause is:

A Surfactant deficiency

B Increased viscous resistance

C Underdeveloped inspiration muscles

D Diminished force of surface tension of lungs

E Surfactant excess


Vagi of an experimental animal were cut on both sides. What respiration changes will be


A It will become deep and infrequent

B It will become shallow and frequent

C It will become deep and frequent

D It will become shallow and infrequent

E No changes will be observed


A cardiac electric stimulator was implanted to a 75 year old man with heart rate of 40 bpm.

Thereafter the heart rate rose up to 70 bpm. The electric stimulator has undertaken the function

Of the following heart part:

A Sinoatrial node

B Atrioventricular node

C His' bundle branches

D His' bundle fibers

E Purkinje's fibers


A patient came to the hospital complaining about quick fatigability and apparent muscle

Weakness. Examination revealed an autoimmune disease that causes disorder of functional

Receptor condition in neuromuscular synapses. What transmitter will be blocked?

A Acetylcholine

B Noradrenalin

C Dopamine

D Serotonin

E Glycine


Which muscle contraction will be observed in the upper extremity during holding (not moving) a

Load in a certain position?

A Isometric

B Isotonic

C Auxotonic

D Concentric

E Excentric


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