A 32-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with gross bloodloss due to auto accident

Trauma. Ps – 110 Bpm, RR- 22 pm, BP- 100/60mm Hg. What changes in the blood will occur in

An hour after the bloodloss?

A Hypovolemia

B Erythropenia

C Hypochromia of erythrocytes

D Leukopenia

E Hypoproteinemia


A 70-year-old patient suffers from atherosclerosis complicated by the lower limb thrombosis that

Has caused gangrene on his left toes. What is the most likely cause of the thrombosis origin?

A Thrombocyte adhesion

B Prothrombinase activation

C Transformation of prothrombin into thrombin

D Transformation of fibrinogen into fibrin

E Impaired heparin synthesis


ECG of a 44-year-old patient shows signs of hypertrophy of both ventricles and the right atrium.

The patient was diagnosed with the tricuspid valve insufficiency. What pathogenetic variant of

Cardiac dysfunction is usually observed in case of such insufficiency?

A Heart overload by volume

B Heart overload by resistance

C Primary myocardial insufficiency

D Coronary insufficiency

E Cardiac tamponade


Shock and signs of acute renal failure (ARF) developed in the patient due to permanent injury.

What is the leading cause of development of ARF in the case?

A Decreased arterial pressure

B Urine excretion violation

C Increased pressure in the nephron capsule

D Increased pressure in the renal arteries

E Decreased oncotic BP


Substitution of the glutamic acid on valine was revealed while examining initial molecular

Structure. For what inherited pathology is this typical?

A Sickle-cell anemia

B Thalassemia

C Minkowsky-Shauffard disease

D Favism

E Hemoglobinosis


Inflamation is characterised by increasing penetration of vessels of microcirculation stream,

Increasing of their fluid dynamic blood pressure. Increasing of the osmotic concentration and

Dispersity of protein structures present in the intercellular fluid. What kind of edema will appear

In this case?

A Mixed

B Hydrodynamic

C Colloid-osmotic

D Lymphogenic

E Membranogenic


Disorder of the airways passage in small and middle bronchi was revealed in the patient. What

Disorder of the acid-base equilibrium can be detected in the blood?

A Respiratory acidosis

B Metabolic acidosis

C Respiratory alkalosis

D Metabolic alkalosis

E --


A 62-year-old patient was admitted to the neurological department due to cerebral haemorrage.

Condition is grave. There is observed progression of deepness and frequency of breath that

Turnes into reduction to apnoea,and the cycle repeates. What respiration type has developed in

The patient?

A Cheyne-Stockes respiration

B Kussmaul respiration

C Biot's respiration

D Gasping respiration

E Apneustic respiration


In a 45-year-old patient on ECG it was revealed: sinus rhythm, the number of auricular

Complexesexceeds number of ventricular complexes; progressing extension of the P-Q

Interval from complex to complex; fallout of some ventricular complexes; Р waves and QRST

Complexes are without changes. Name the type of heart rhythm disfunction.

A Atrioventricular block of the II degree

B Synoauricular block

C Atrioventricular blockade of the I degree

D Intraatrial block

E Complete atrioventricular block


A 57-year-old patient was admitted to the gastroenterological department with suspicion on

Zollinger-Ellison syndrom because of rapid increase of gastrin level in the blood serum. What

Disorder of the secretory function of the stomach is the most likely?

A Hyperacid hypersecretion

B Hyperacid hyposecretion

C Achylia

D Hypoacid hyposecretion

E Hypoacid hypersecretion


A healthy woman has three sons affected by color blindness who were born after her two

Marriages. Children both of her husbands are healthy. What is the most possible pattern of

Inheritance of this disease?

A X-linked recessive

B Y-linked

C Autosomal recessive

D Autosomal dominant

E X-linked dominant


Upper neck node of sympathetic trunk was removed from the rabbit on experiment. Reddening

And increased temperature of the skin of head is observed. What form of peripheral circulation

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