Task 1. Work in pairs. One student reads a statement, the other agrees or disagrees with it


Student 1:These measures would also impose a national renewable electricity standard that would ignore the specific energy and economic needs of individual regions.

Student 2:I’m afraid, I can’t agree with you. / I totally agree with you.

1) The statement should be prepared to warn people against using the internet or text messages to organise "illegal gatherings.

2) In recent years, our schools have offered only knowledge and not education.

3) We should also demand a wide-ranging review of all aspects of the quality and effectiveness of children's homes, including management, ownership and staffing.

4) I think that the law should stop banks from moving forward with foreclosure proceedings while those talks were going on.

5) I’m sure that the bill will be criticised by banks, mortgage providers and some real estate companies, who say the changes will impose new burdens on their companies.

6) If the law is amended it will reflect some of these concerns.

7) Unfortunately, the teacher has lost authority and has to deal with rudeness, and he has yet to learn how to organize teamwork in the classroom.

8) The negative factor in Russia in the process of transition was the very low level of the ability of the State institutions and structures.

9) And what if we elaborate a system that will offer them transparency and fairness?

10) How about a letter to lawmakers?

11) If we considered, the interplay between campaign inputs and voters a key mechanism underlying debate effects, presidential debates would have a different impact on voters.

12) Given the complexities in campaign practices and voter response, it appears quite simplistic to reduce all mechanisms to political interests.

13) But it is obvious that Russian schools are steadily deteriorating, partially due to the age of teachers and under funding of schools at all levels.

14) The Standard allows the pupils to choose six additional subjects and decide whether they want to study them at the basic or professional level.

15) We think that there should be at least four majors in which the pupil will pass the Unified State Examination.

16) In a situation of conflict between different political parties, groups and movements, it is necessary to have an independent civil service to reflect the interests of the whole society and the state.

17)  Applicants will be admitted to university based on the results of the Unified State Examination and this will reduce corruption in the sphere of higher education.

18) There is a necessity to create a legal basis for the protection of citizens from the influence of State bureaucratic structures.

19) What if we bring together chemistry, physics and biology and develop an integrated “natural sciences” course that includes a more general study of these subjects.

20) While China has achieved astonishing economic growth in the past few decades, it has come at a huge environmental cost.

Task 2.

In the course of negotiation misunderstandings may occur due to the interpreter’s mistakes resulting from the confusion of false friends (words of different languages which look or sound alike but are not semantic equivalents). Look up the following false friends in an English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary and write their equivalents in the table.

English Russian Russian English
Affect Agitate Barracks Basin Baton Cabinet Civil Concurrent Cravat Decade Delicate Data Herb Hymn Obligation Original Principal Protection Race Rent Resident Retire Revision Speculate Transparent Wagon   Аффект Агитировать Бараки Бассейн Батон Кабинет Цивилизованный Конкурент Кровать Декада Деликатный Дата Герб Гимн Облигация Оригинал Принципиальный Протекция Раса Рента Резидент Ретироваться Ревизия Спекулировать Транспарант Вагон  

Task 3. Study these phrases and choose the most appropriate heading for each group from the list below.

asking for clarification    making a suggestion

rejecting                        stating your position

interrupting               agreeing

bargaining                        asking for a reaction

1. _______________________ We just can’t agree to …   …is out of the question No, I don’t really think so.   I’d rather not…  5._______________________ I’ve got to stop you…  
2. ________________________ How’s that then?       It depends what you mean when you say  What do you have in mind?  Could you run through that again? 6. _______________________ What we’re looking for… We think…. We’d like to…. There’s no way … We wouldn’t want to… I guarantee… I was hoping for…
3. __________________________ Well, ….if you… We might be able to make an exception, if you… We’re prepared to… providing… If you…I could… I was going to … but what if I were to say…? 7.__________________________ How does that sound…? How do you feel about…? What do you say…?
4. ____________________________ Why not? Yes, of course. I agree to… That’s a deal. 8. ________________________ Let’s agree…, shall we? How about…? We could … Do you want me to… …, say,… I’d like to suggest…

Task 4. Role play “Conference organization”

Student A should look at File card A and Student B should look at File card B and get ready to negotiate the rent of conference space for future meeting of Russian and British delegations.

Read you cards attentively and think what problems can arise (the price is rather high, the rooms are already booked, etc.) and fill in the following table:

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