C) A large number were very similar in their shape

D) Many had been lost through fire.

In the second paragraph, what does the writer say about farming?

A) It allowed people to have a healthier diet.

B) It resulted in eventual changes in communal living.

C) It meant that people preferred not to eat wild fruits.

D) It increased the importance of trade.

According to the third paragraph, the most recent evidence shows that ‘proto-farming’

A) occurred in a number of countries.

B) quickly spread throughout most of the world.

C) first appeared in the Middle East.

D) was found in all parts of Central America.

In the fourth paragraph, the writer says that the food grown in the early days of farming was probably

A) traded at a high price.

B) grown in running water.

C) grown alongside wild plants.

D) eaten on special occasions.

In the fourth paragraph, the writer says that after the era of ‘garden farms’, people seemed to be unsure about whether

A) they could depend solely on domestic agriculture.

B) domestic agriculture was sufficiently convenient.

C) they could get suitable types of crop for domestic agriculture.

D) domestic agriculture could provide an income.

According to the final paragraph, what change did proto-farming undergo in its development?

A) It increased the amount of time needed to source food.

B) It involved a greater number of animal and plant species.

C) It went from being experimental to being essential.

D) It required the acquisition of more land.

Light Pollution

Light pollution occurs when powerful electric lights around us stop us seeing the stars in the night sky. Amazingly, many children growing up in big cities today have never seen the night sky properly because of the increase in light pollution. And it is not only in cities – people living in the country are also affected by lights from nearby towns. It is a problem for those simply trying to enjoy the stars, and for serious astronomers as well. However, one university in the UK has come up with an interesting solution. It has built a telescope in the Canary Islands and allows schools to use this via the internet.

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