A) plan the route on the map

B) cook a meal before her flight.

C) put on the clothes she would fly in.

During the flight to Denmark, Kate

A) felt very tired.

B) spoke to her son.

C) enjoyed views of the sea.

On Monday, Kate was worried because

A) she had to land unexpectedly.

B) the plane was difficult to fly.

C) a wheel was not working properly.

While staying at her friends’ farm, Kate

A) enjoyed hearing the birds sing.

B) got annoyed about losing flying time.

C) made sure she got some extra sleep.

Kate had to arrive at the flying club in England

A) during the afternoon.

B) while the weather was good.

C) before it got dark.



21. He had to x some money so he could pay for the meal.


B) loan.

C) hire.

D) borrow


22. She ought x more time to get fit before she ran in the race.

A) Have had

B) To do

C) To have had

D) have


23. From: Tash
To: Paula


Very little time to relax on this holiday! Went to a 17th-century palace yesterday – long queues but the best thing so far. Have also tried some amazing local dishes.


What has Tash enjoyed most?

A) having time to relax

B) going sightseeing

C) eating different food


22. Have you got x of money in case there's an emergency?.

A) enought

B) plenty

C) adequate

D) sufficient



23. What does the sign say?

A) Passengers cannot use the machines by themselves.

B) These machines are for the use of railway staff only.

C) Instructions for operating the machines are available from railway staff.


I sincerely regret the problems you experienced during your train journey on March 20th. I am enclosing $25.00 worth of travel vouchers which I hope you will be able to use for a more pleasant journey with us shortly. Yours sincerely Barbara Hamilton Barbara Hamilton Customer Services Manager

A) Barbara Hamilton has written this letter to offer compensation for a difficult rail journey in March.

B) Barbara Hamilton has written this letter to publicize a discount on rail travel in March.

C) Barbara Hamilton has written this letter to warn rail travellers of journey problems in March.


A love of travelling

For Nigel Portman, a love of travelling began with what’s called a ‘gap year’. In common with many other British teenagers, he chose to take a year out, travelling in America and Asia, before settling down getting up taking over holding back x to study for his degree.
Now that his university course has come turned reached brought to an end, Nigel is just about to leave on a three-year trip that will take him just complete whole right around the world, using only ‘natural’ transport. In other words, he’ll be relying using attempting trying mostly on bicycles and his own legs; and when there’s an ocean to cross, he won’t be taking a quick short brief swift cut by climbing aboard a plane, he’ll be joining the crew of a sailing ship instead.

· settling down

· getting up

· taking over

· holding back

· come

· turned

· reached

· brought

· just

· complete

· whole

· right

· relying

· using

· attempting

· trying

· quick

· short

· brief

· swift

The Café
· By seven o'clock in the morning the little café is crowded, every table filled, the smell of coffee and cooking in the air. Some sit alone, enjoying a moment of quiet feeling · before the busy work day begins. Others chat excitedly, bringing each other up to dateon happy news and tales of weekend adventures. A suited man in the corner taps away on the keyboard of his laptop computer; a young woman by the window offers her hungry child bits of food from her plate; a small boy and his dad watch cartoons on the tiny TV screen on the wall. By ten o'clock the café is empty again, the tables cleaned, the sauce bottles refilled. The sun shines through the windows and there is a moment of peace before the café springs to life again in the mid-morning rush.

· sat

· filled

· done

· complete

· thought

· attention

· feeling

· understanding

· time

· minute

· moment

· date

· puts

· requests

· offers

· suggests

· shines

· lights

· displays

· gives


Universal Wet Weekend

The weather across much of the British Isles remained settled last week, with a good deal of sunshine. The rest of the world, however, was coping with some extreme extravagant excessive exaggerated x conditions. Hong Kong had 333 mm of rainfall over the weekend, not far off the normal standard medium average for the entire month of August. The southern Chinese town of Shanwei was sponging soaking drawing sucking up the 468 mm of rain which fell in sixty hours up to midday on Sunday, only fairly hardly nearly twice the usual August rainfall. Although most of Europe enjoyed sun, the high temperatures were sufficient to set off some huge weighty heavy strong showers. On Tuesday morning a thunderstorm at Lyon in eastern France deposited 99 mm of rain in just six hours.

· extreme

· extravagant

· excessive

· exaggerated

· normal

· standard

· medium

· average

· sponging

· soaking

· drawing

· sucking

· only

· fairly

· hardly

· nearly

· huge

· weighty

· heavy

· strong


Online Order Confirmation To:
From: Customer services
Title: Online Order Confirmation
Dear Customer
Thank you for ordering from beauty shop online. The order you set asked placed put x has now been shipped and should arrive in the next two days.
We are always fond keen fair kind to find ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers. For this aim reason method cause , we would welcome your feedback on the service you receive from us.

If you find the products especially useful, please write a review. This can be taken made got done by accessing the product page and selecting Write a Review. If your review is published, we will give you 100 Reward Points.

Don’t forget that you can earn extra Reward Points by recommending a friend. For more information on how to claim your Reward Points, go attend come follow the link below.

We look forward to your next visit.
The beautyshoponline team

· set

· asked

· placed

· put

· fond

· keen

· fair

· kind

· aim

· reason

· method

· cause

· taken

· made

· got

· done

· go

· attend

· come

· follow


Dear Maria,
It's good to be back home in my country but I still think about all the friends I made in our English class, especially you. I was sad when I left England because my visit was too short. I would like to return to England but next time I will stay for a longer time.



To: Sergei
From: Alice
Hello Sergei,
I am studying very hard at the moment. I find a lot of the subjects difficult, but they are all very interesting. I hope I can get a good job when I will have finished the course. I don’t like to go and work in another country because I enjoy traveling.




Dear Lorna

How are you? I’ve got a job in the Tourist Information Office. I start work at half past seven, so I have to get up very early! I love this job because I meet people from a lovely of different countries. I like telling them about our city.
Here is a photo of me. I'm wearing my new uniform. Do you like it?


Trees in Britain

During most of the week, Steve Green sits behind his desk in Barking, part of east London's ever-expanding sprawl. Surrounding him are the shopping centres, multi-storey car parks and congested streets that are the backdrop of modern urban existence.
But on Thursdays, his day off, things are different. On these days, Green plants trees. Spade in hand, he joins a group of volunteers building a new forest on the edge of the city. This winter they will plant more than 50,000 saplings, turning the ravaged landscape of a former quarry into a verdant woodland.
It is thanks to people like Green and the growing army of arboreal enthusiasts that Britain's woodlands are flourishing once more.
Such a rise is all the more surprising given that the number of trees has been falling consistently for almost all of the past 5,000 years. From the Stone Age onwards, the woodland that originally covered Britain was gradually cut down to clear space for farms. The steady erosion of woodland continued until, by 1870, the lowest point had been reached. Just 4.8% of England was wooded. Vast expanses of countryside were almost barren of trees.
But here is where the story starts to take a counter-intuitive turn. With increasing industrialisation, more productive farming techniques and the burgeoning popularity of city living, pressure on farmland was relieved. Modern farming's very productivity left far more land free for trees than when rural communities grew their own food.
"If you can now grow two tons of wheat on land where one ton grew before, you have to think about what happens to the land where the second ton grew," says Oliver Rackham, an expert on the history of forestry in Britain. And so gradually the number of trees rose.
Where forests had once stood, small copses put down roots. Managed, sustainable woodland replaced the slash and burn of the past until, by 1980, 7.3% of England was wooded, with Surrey, London's commuter heartland, its most wooded region.
But even combined with government "green" incentives, these trends alone cannot explain the pace of the afforestation. What made us suddenly become a nation of tree huggers? Like all the best stories, it started one dark and stormy night.
On the morning of October 16, 1987, southern and eastern England woke to find devastation. Twenty people had been killed by the worst storms in 250 years. Some 19 million trees had collapsed in hurricane-force winds. On some estates in the southeast, 95% of trees were wrenched from the ground. Leaders of today's tree movement say that public opinion also shifted overnight.
"When people woke up on the morning after the great storm, suddenly all the landscapes and all the views they had taken for granted for years had changed," said Jon Stokes, director of community projects for the Tree Council. "People began to think, 'I need to sort this out and do something about it.' The amazing thing is that it made such an impact that the effects are still being felt today."
The Woodland Trust has seen its membership soar by 60% to more than 100,000 in the past two years. Over 7,500 volunteers monitor their local woodland as tree wardens, and Tree News, a specialist magazine, now sells more copies than the New Statesman.

In the course of only three days last year, 30,700 adults and children planted 100,000 trees, winning themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Lesley Robinson, a teacher, is typical of the new trend. She is so hooked that she goes on holidays planting and conserving trees.
"It's so completely different from my job, which is indoors. Going out for a week doing physical work is absolutely wonderful," she said. "We regularly take children out to plant trees, and when they go back a few years later and see the growth, it is something they remember and value."


Steve Green is planting trees to

A) redevelop an area outside the city.

B) increase the size of an old forest.

C) improve an urban area.

More land could be used for growing trees when

A) people moved away from the countryside.

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