B) better ways of farming were found

C) farmers started to grow fewer crops.


The British suddenly started to value trees because of

A) government encouragement.

B) a trend towards appreciation of the countryside.

C) a single night of bad weather.


Evidence of increasing interest in trees is shown by the number of

A) people joining a tree conservation club.

B) different magazines published about trees.

C) new visitors to Britain's forest areas.

Lesley Robinson

A) is in the Guinness Book of Records.

B) enjoys the physical challenge of teaching.

C) helps children appreciate trees.

Schools of the Air
Jack is 15 and lives on a large farm in northern Australia with his parents, his sister and the men and women who work on the farm. The nearest neighbours - a family with three children – have their farm 20 kilometres from his home, and the nearest town is 300 kilometres away. Australia is a big country, and many children live far from schools. So Australia has some special schools called ‘Schools of the Air’. These schools use the internet so that children like Jack can learn at home. Before the internet, Schools of the Air used two-way radios, and pupils sent in homework by post. Every morning, Jack wakes up early. He feeds the chickens, helps his dad with other morning jobs and then has breakfast – all before 8 a.m. Then it’s lesson time. He goes to the computer in his study room and meets his classmates and teacher online. He has seven half-hour lessons each week. Today’s lesson is Maths. First, the teacher uses an electronic whiteboard to explain something. After that, the teacher asks questions, and everyone listens to each other’s answers. Finally the teacher gives them homework to do later. As well as online lessons, homework and projects, the school sends DVDs and library books in the post. Sometimes a teacher comes to Jack’s farm to help him with difficult subjects. His mum can often help too, and she makes sure he studies for five hours a day. Once a year the pupils and teachers all spend a week together in a real classroom.


Where does Jack live?

A) in an area with very few people

B) on a farm with some other children

C) 20 kilometres from the nearest village

In the second paragraph, we learn that Schools of the Air

A) have always used the internet.

B) are the answer to an Australian problem.

C) help children who don’t like going to school.

Every morning after breakfast,

A) Jack does some farm work.

B) Jack downloads a lesson to study.

C) Jack joins his class on the internet.

What happens during the Maths class?

A) The pupils ask a lot of questions.

B) The pupils listen to their classmates.

C) The pupils start their homework.

As well as online lessons,

A) Jack receives things to watch and read.

B) Jack’s mum works with him each day.

C) Jack sometimes goes to a teacher’s house.


Chris Sharma

In professional rock climbing, where people become injured quickly, a decade is a long time. Chris Sharma, who grew up in California in the USA, has been a climbing hero for many years. When he was only 15, he had climbed most of the hardest routes in America and had come second in the World Cup. In 2001, he completed Realization in Céüse, France, which is regarded as one of the hardest climbs in the world.
Sharma has admitted that completing Realization was a huge goal for him. ‘That was the end of the first stage of my climbing life, when I was pushing myself and taking part in competitions. I worked on the Realization climbing project for almost four years, which is longer than I’ve ever worked on a piece of rock. Finally finishing it was an amazing experience. Afterwards, though, I didn’t feel like going near any more rocks, even though I still had a lot to learn.’
Sharma then took some time out from climbing. ‘After Realization, being so famous became difficult, so I decided it was important to just be a normal person. Then, people wouldn’t attach anything special to me. I’ve seen my friends and family a lot more but I’ve also tried out some new things. That way I can meet people who don’t just want to talk about climbing.’
But it was not long before Sharma was climbing again. In a recent interview, he explained, ‘I’ve always loved climbing and it’s also my job. Companies pay me because I sell their shoes or something. But the people who buy these products are climbers. I want to thank them for the opportunity they give me to live this life.’


What is the writer doing in the first paragraph?

A) informing people about Sharma’s climbing style

B) providing details about Sharma’s attitude towards climbing

C) describing how Sharma prepares himself for a difficult climb

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