A) she prepares it in advance


1. The presenter likes Cooking for One because

A) it taught her to cook Italian food.

B) she always likes cook books.

C) it contains only easy meals.

D) she now likes cooking.

2. You overhear two people talking on a bus tour of a city. What do they agree about?

A) how busy the city is

B) how noisy the city is

C) how dirty the city is

3. Which is the aunt's postcard?





4. Which sweater does the customer choose?




5. From Edinburgh, the campsite is

A) 20 miles.

B) 40 miles.

C) 50 miles.

6. What is the woman going to eat?





7. What was one of Toby's problems in the kitchen?

A) He made too much noise.

B) He couldn't find anything.

C) He prepared too many vegetables.

What is important to Oliver about the biscuits?

A) learning to cook them

B) making them look good

C) checking they taste nice

Oliver becomes angry when

A) the customers complain.

B) his cooks throw food away.

C) food isn't ready on time.

What do the kitchen staff say about Oliver?

A) He should pay them more.

B) He is wrong to shout at them.

C) He teaches them many things.

Oliver encourages his young cooks to

A) continue working for him.

B) train with other chefs.

C) learn from each other.

8. What was the origin of Martin Middleton’s love of travel?

A) living abroad in the 1960s

B) something he read as a child

C) a television film about Africa

When he visited Borneo, Martin

A) had no fixed expectations.

B) made a programme about life on the river.

C) became more interested in filming old buildings.

Since the early 1960s, wildlife filming has become

A) more relaxed.

B) more creative.

C) more organised.

When he takes a holiday, Martin prefers to

A) relax by the sea.

B) stay in comfortable surroundings.

C) travel for a particular reason.

Martin thought that the holiday-makers he saw in the Dominican Republic were

A) risking their health.

B) wasting opportunities.

C) lacking entertainment.


9. You hear a man talking on the phone about buying a house.
What is the purpose of his call?

A) to apologise

B) to complain

C) to obtain information


10. You overhear two people talking in a restaurant.
Where has the woman just come from?

A) a supermarket

B) a hospital

C) a football match

11. How will Nick get to the airport?







12. You hear a man talking to people at the beginning of a course. What is his main point?

A) the benefits of the course

B) how the course is organised

C) the local attractions of the area

13. What is the man’s job now?




13. How long has Sarah worked as a weather forecaster?

A) 2 years

B) 7 years

C) 30 years

What does Sarah say about her job?

A) She sometimes has to work at night.

B) She enjoys getting up early.

C) She works ten or twelve hours a day.

When Sarah does a weather forecast,

A) she prepares it in advance.

B) she sometimes forgets her words.

C) she worries about making a mistake.

Sarah is pleased because she

A)has got her pilot's licence.

B) taught her husband to play tennis.

C) took part in a long race.

A man in India wanted

A) to meet Sarah's family.

B) a photo of Sarah.

C) to receive a letter from Sarah.

14. Elena decided to become a dancer when she was

A) seven.

B) nine.

C) eleven.

At ballet school in New York, Elena

A) was the only student from Bulgaria.

B) found learning the language hard.

C) learned to be independent.

What does Elena say about the ballet called Cinderella?

A) Children will enjoy it.

B) The music was unfamiliar to her.

C) She saw it when she was a child.

In her free time, Elena likes to

A) go sightseeing.

B) go to clubs.

C) go shopping.

What does Elena often do for her fans?

A) She gives them a flower.

B) She signs one of her photographs.

C) She sends them a free ticket.

15. Where does the band perform most regularly?

A) in a hotel

B) on a boat

C) at weddings

16. When she was at primary school, Sarah

A) painted pictures of people.

B) learnt to use chalk.

C) began to use oil paint.

D) drew scenes in pencil.


17. What was the girl given for her birthday?




18. What time does the film begin?




19. What type of T-shirt does the woman want?




20. In Norway, Kate’s friends helped her

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