Activity 6. Insert prepositions

1. Because such publications do not conform ___ any standardized rules, this information is not computer readable.

2.  It must be terrible to be subject ___ cyberbullying.

3. We never thought him to be prone ___suicide.

4. She went to the shop where she was diddled ___ ___ £15 when buying a pair of flip-flops.

5. He regarded it as an infringement ___ his privacy.

6. I would not imagine him acting ___breach of law.

7. The companies would have to comply ___ the new safety standards and procedures.

Activity 7. State the type of logical relations between the following concepts:

Concepts Type of logical relations
1. bootlegging – piracy A. general and specific
2. phracking – cracking B. cause and effect
3. spoofing – identity theft C. contrast
4. stealing – salami slicing D. method and purpose
5. worm – virus E. part and whole
6. cyberslacking – loss of productivity F. equivalence
7. firewall – malware protection  

Activity 8. Decode a Jewish proverb about crime and comment on it:

Activity 9. Explain the difference between the following concepts using the Venn diagram below:

stealing vs jacking
phracking vs phreaking
hijacking - page-jacking - click-jacking
keylogging – mouse-trapping
malware – grayware
fraud – theft
hacker – cracker




Activity 10. Name at least 2 kinds of crime that involve:

1. violation of social norms

2. telephone calls

3. copyright violations

4. misdirecting or impeding traffic

5. stealing confidential data

6. identity theft

Activity 11. Arrange the computer crimes in the ascending order of the difficulty of committing them.

Activity 12. What kind of crime you might be a victim to if:

1. Your telephone/Internet bills have risen significantly.

2. Your account information has changed.

3. You receive threats and insults on the net.

4. The money in your bank account has disappeared. 

5. You receive a lot of unwanted e-mails.

6. Your copyright is violated.

7. You can’t leave an Internet page.


Activity 13. Describe an instance of your suffering from an Internet crime. 

Activity 14. What could you do not to fall prey to Internet criminals (name at least 3 measures).

Activity 15. Do a mini-research and add to the above list more recent types of computer crime.


1 Mark the odd word: a) oppose b) combat c) fight d) struggle
2 All of these may be committed EXCEPT FOR: a) crime b) a mistake c) a murder d) suicide
3 What is the logical relationship between the concepts “breach - compliance ”: a) general and specific b) cause and effect c) method and purpose d) contrast
4 A hacker and a cracker differ mostly in the ___ of their activity. a) method b) purpose c) nature d) location
5 Which of these is synonymous to the word “cyberbullying”: a) cyberslacking b) cyberstalking c) cybersquatting d) cyberloafing
6 Modifying data for fun and profit is known as ___. a) phishing b) spoofing c) data diddling d) phreaking
7  One can filter any of these EXCEPT FOR: a) fraud b) a list of customers c) incoming e-mail d) traffic
8 What is the logical relationship between “malware” and “a virus”: a) general – specific b) method – purpose c) part – whole d) equivalence
9 Names of all crimes which consist in taking sth in a manner forbidden by law, rules, or custom contain the root ___.  a) cide b) jack c) tap d) cyber
10 Choose the correct preposition: Anyone subject ___ cybercrime should be protected by law. a) of b) in c) to d) with
11 The words “trolling”, “cyberbullying”, “cyberstalking” relate to: a) ill-treatment of people online b) loss of confidential information c) stealing sb’s property d) deceiving people
12 The concepts of “keylogging”, “mousetrapping”, “pharming” relate to all of these EXCEPT FOR: a) manipulation of people b) loss of confidential information c) blackmailing d) deceiving people
13 The words “hijacking”, “pagejacking”, “clickjacking” relate to: a) loss of confidential information b) illegal takeover c) stealing sb’s property d) deceiving people
14 The words “piracy”, “bootlegging”, “copyright” relate to: a) ill-treatment of people online b) loss of confidential information c) stealing sb’s intellectual property d) deceiving people
15 All of these are synonymous to the word “disseminate ” EXCEPT FOR: a) promote b) spread c) propagate d) promulgate
16 Purchasing a domain name that contains a well-known trademark or commercial name to sell it to the rightful owner for a big profit is known as ___. a) cyberslacking b) cybersquatting c) cybercide d) cyberbullying
17 He is a convicted credit-card ___. a) fraudster b) fraud c) fraudulent d) fraudulence
18 All of these collocate with the noun “worm” EXCEPT FOR: a) install b) commit c) download d) detect
19 The difference between “copyright” and “copyleft” concerns mostly the authors’ ___ (their) work. a) income from b) manner of c) method of d) interest in    
20 A blackhat and a whitehat differ mostly in the ___. a) colour b) size c) shape d) purpose  



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