Activity 10. Explain the meaning and use of the prefixes “de-“, “im”, “un-“, “in-“, “re-“ and give not less than 3 examples of each



Activity 11. Say what the following is used for:

1. template  
2. font  
3. clipboard  
4. folder  
5. bullet  
6. underscore  
7. image  

Activity 12. Name 3-5 things/operations you can do for the given purpose; say how you can do them:

1. To emphasize a word in a text 

2. To eliminate mistakes in a text 

3. To digitize a text

4. To make your text look better

Activity 13. Name the texting operations most problematic for you/rarely use by you. Explain why. Think of some new texting operations that may be introduced and explain why we need them.

Activity 14. Semantic mapping: draw a flow chart reflecting the process of texting.

Activity 15. Write an essay on how word-processing has changed our life.



1 What is the logical relationship between the concepts “emphasis – bold type”: a) general and specific b) cause and effect c) method and purpose d) part and whole
2 What is the logical relationship between the concepts “write-scribble”: a) general and specific b) cause and effect c) method and purpose d) part and whole
3 Which of these is the most specific: a) error b) mistake c) typo d) blunder
4 A preset format for a document or file, used so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used is known as ___ . a) model b) template d) format d) module
5 Many buyers tend to opt ___ a more practical design. a) on b) for c) at d) out
6 A software facility used for short-term data storage and/or data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations is called a/n ___. a) clipboard b) clip c) board d) clip board
7 Please save the file ___ a disc. a) on b) in c) to d) from
8 A particular design of type in printing is known as ___. a) type b) typeface c) face d) typo
9 The language of abbreviations and slang commonly used in digital text messaging is called ____. a) officialese b) textese c) journalese d) Vietnamese
10 Mark the odd word: a) correct b) edit c) proofread d) read
11 All of these are used for emphasis EXCEPT FOR: a) align b) bold c) italics d) highlight
12 All of these are text formatting operations EXCEPT FOR: a) indenting b) proofreading c) aligning d) listing
13 Mark the odd word: a) cursive b) italics c) bold d) highlight
14 When a large number of copies of the same document or form are required, they can be duplicated or photocopied from a ___ copy. a) backup b) master c) duplicate d) photo
15 Small typefaces make the text ___ and difficult to read. a) blurred b) focused c) indented d) distinct
16 Before submitting your paper, ___ and correct it if necessary. a) read b) reread c) proofread d) check
17 ____ “Esc” to make the message line disappear. a) Entry b) Enter c) Entrance d) Entree
18 The computer is also programmed automatically to store the actual date of data ___, without displaying this information. a) entry b) enter c) entrance d) entree
19 The Conservatives won the elections in October ___ a very narrow margin. a) with b) by c) on d) in
20 Caps Lock will only type letters in the ___ case. a) lower b) upper c) higher d) low


Term Definition Usage
1 Assist (v) help sb typically by doing a share of the work, providing money or information ~ sb at/in/with sth; assistant (n), assistance (n); assistive (adj): ~ technology; syn. help, aid, give sb a hand ant. hinder sth, prevent sb from doing sth
2 Barcode (n) a set of printed lines on a product’s label that tells a computer information about it, such as its price the ~ reader/system/generator/ program/ verifier; read/type/identify/print/ encode/scale the ~; barcode (v): ~ (a/n) product/item/goods
3 Braille (n) a system of printing and writing for the blind, in which characters are formed by patterns of raised dots which are felt with the fingertips (the) ~ equipment/display/embosser/ system/writer/label/font/alphabet/converter; use/read/touch/create/learn ~; written/labeled in ~;   brailled (v)
4 BYOD (abbr) Bring Your Own Device the practice of allowing employees or students to bring their own computing devices to work, college, university etc. for work/study purposes implement/introduce/follow ~; the ~ policy/practice
5 Camera (n) a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, films, or video signals ~ compartment/user/lens/rig/film/ shot/track; a(n) optical/compact/ the CCTV ~; (re)furbish/upgrade/recharge a ~; cameraman (n)  
6 Charge (v) store electrical energy (in a battery or battery-operated device); formally accuse sb of sth, especially of an offence under law; entrust sb with a duty or responsibility; demand (an amount) as a price for a service rendered or goods supplied ~ a battery/gadget/device; keep the battery ~d; ~ sb with sth; be in ~ of sth; impose/levy a ~ on sb; lay/bring a ~ against sb; pay/increase/reduce the ~s; free of ~; re/chargeable (adj): ~ battery; charger (n); syn. control, accusation, fee
7 Connect (v) join together so as to provide access and communication ~ to a device/wire/network/router/ printer/computer/gadget; connection (n): have/break/sever/establish/find/make/see a ~; (dis)connected, (adj); (dis)connectedly (adv); connective (adj); connectivity (n) syn. link ant. Disconnect, disconnection
8 Device (n) a mechanism or a piece of equipment designed to serve a purpose or perform a function ~ contention/driver/node; a(n) input/output/MIDI/warning/ reading/locking/surveillance/ household/recording ~; purchase/(dis)connect/upgrade a ~; syn. gizmo, gadget  
9 Digital (adj) stored as numbers or electronic signals (about information) ~ age/audio/camera/certificate/ computer/divide/film/signature/ detox; digit (n), digitize (v), digitalize (v), digitizer (n), digitally (adv); syn. numeric ant. analogue
10 Display (n) putting sth in a prominent place for it to be readily seen; the visual representation of the output of an electronic device plasma/panel/processor/case/screen/unit/terminal ~; a(n) eye-catching/clear/wide ~; put on/go on ~; displayer (n), display (v); syn. show ant. conceal, hide
11 E- (prf) electronic, indicating the involvement of the Internet ~ book/zine/pub/commerce/library; purchase/subscribe to a(n) ~ book/zine/publication
12 Fax (facsimile machine) (n) an output device capable of fast and convenient transmission of photocopied information through a telephone line send/get/receive sth by ~ ; ~ modem/software/card/mode/call; fax (v): ~ a(n) document/file/agreement /memo
13 Flash memory (n) a type of non-volatile memory which does not need a constant source of electricity for it to retain the stored data a ~ card; compact ~; read/(re)format the ~
14 Gadget (n) a specialized mechanical or electronic device, usually small in size use/invent/create/buy a ~; a ~ freak a(n) musical/electrical/modern ~; suffer from a ~ fatigue; syn. gizmo, device
15 Gamepad (n) a handheld device used to control a computer game or a video game a ~ button/cord; a USB ~; (dis)connect/play/operate/keep a ~
16 Google Glass (n) a computer that is worn like eyeglasses, which has a tiny display within the field of vision, responds to voice commands and eye movements, and has a touchpad at the side a ~ application/frame/pad/rim/ earpiece/lens/nose pad/end piece; protect/upgrade/polish/wear a ~
17 Input (n) information that is put into a computer ~ devices/data; have/need/get/receive/provide/ process an ~; input (v); ant. output
18 Headset (n) a device that holds an earphone and a microphone in place on a person's head a high performance/cordless/ wireless/radio/bluetooth ~; wear/upgrade/replace/take off/put on the ~
19 Lens (n) a clear curved piece of glass or plastic that is used in eyeglasses, cameras, telescopes, etc., to make things look clearer, smaller, or bigger magnetic/telescopic/cap/coloured/ tinted/contact/optical/spectacle/ camera ~; reduce/change/wear/replace/take off the ~;lensed (adj); Cf. glass
20 Monitor (n) a person who observes a process or activity to check that it is carried out fairly or correctly, especially in an official capacity; an output device that displays text and graphics colour/CCTV/video/computer/screen/high resolution ~; on a/the ~; protect/replace the ~; monitor (v): ~ the performance/progress//procedure/ quality/situation;  monitored (adj); monitoring (n), monitorial (adj); syn. screen, control
21 MP3 (n) a means of compressing a sound sequence to enable its digital storage and transmission ~ file/player/format/ringtone/music; convert/download/transfer an ~ file
22 Netbook (n) a small, very light and inexpensive laptop computer with limited memory used primarily for accessing the Internet ~ computer; high/low-end ~; upgrade/replace/repair a ~
23 Output (n) the amount of sth produced by a person, machine, or industry; produced, delivered, or supplied data an ~ data/file/form/screen/device; increase/decrease/provide some ~;   a drop/fall/growth/rise in~; steady/low/aggregate/gross/ overall/total ~; output (v); ant. input
24 Optical (adj) relating to sight, especially in relation to the action of light ~ media/disk/zoom/scanner/storage/ fibre/memory/cable/drive/array/ lens; optics (n), optically (adv), optician (n)
25 Pixel (n) one of the individual dots that make up a graphical image a ~ bit/graphic/count/information/ data/resolution/value; binary ~; pack/modify ~s; pixilation (n), pixilate (v), pixelated (adj): a ~ image
26 Plotter (n) an automated drawing tool that produces finely scaled drawings by moving a pen and/or paper in response to computer commands a ~ font/display; a drum/flatbed/ pen/chart/laser/electrostatic/flat bed/colour ~; upgrade/use/configure a ~
27 Projector (n) a device used for displaying an image on a screen, as from a transparent slide or film overhead/film/slide/video ~; switch off (on)/operate a ~
28 PTOYED (abbr) Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices (slang) an airline, cinema or theater announcement to make the passengers or viewers turn off their electronic devices and gadgets implement/break/follow the ~ rule
29 Resolution (n) a firm decision to do or not to do sth; a formal decision;  the action of solving a problem; density of pixels, measured by the number of dots per inch pass/vote on/adopt a ~; high/screen/spatial/color ~; modify/adjust/configure ~; a successful/peaceful ~ of a problem; resolve (v): ~ a problem; (un)resolved) (adj); (ir)resolute (adj): be ~ in one’s determination to do sth; (ir)resolutely (adv)
30 Retina display (n) a device that works without a screen by drawing pixels directly on the user’s retina with a focused beam of light a ~ screen; provide/include/adjust the ~
31 Sensor (n) a device that enables digital machines to monitor the physical quantity of the analog world, such as temperature, humidity, or pressure, to provide data used in robotics, environmental climate control, and other applications ~ data fusion/unit/device; infrared/analog/image/ electromagnetic ~; sense (v); sensory (adj); sensorily (adv); syn. detector
32 Second-hand (adj) having had a previous owner; not new a ~ device/gadget/accessory/book/ clothing/goods/car/computer/ knowledge; syn. pre-owned
33 Smart (adj) having or showing quick wit and intelligence; (of a device) programmed so as to be capable of some independent action ~ watch/phone/board/house/TV/ application/interface; smartness (n), smartly (adv); syn. clever, intelligent ant. dumb, stupid, imbecile
34 Speakers (n) the part of a radio, CD player, etc. which the sound comes out of high-quality/durable ~; upgrade/(dis)connect/configure the ~
35 Swap (v) (coll.) give sth to sb in exchange for sth else ~ gadgets/accessories/ identity/deal/ideas; syn. trade, exchange
36 Tablet (n) a small, flat computer that is controlled by touching the screen or by using a special pen ~ case/accessories/computer/PC/ pen/phone; digitizer/graphic ~; upgrade/configure/furbish a ~; Cf: I-pod, I-pad
37 Touch (v) come into or be in physical contact with;  manipulate sth by pressure and movement of fingers on a screen ~ pad/screen; multi ~; touch (n): a ~ on/of sb’s hand/shoulder; manipulate sth at the ~of the key; (un)touchable (adj), touchy (adj); syn. stroke  
38 Upgrade (v) improve a computer or another machine by using the most recent developments so as to make it more powerful or effective ~ (a) computer/gadget/skills/policy/ system/package/standard/security/ phone; upgrade (n): software/price/network ~; syn. Improve ant. downgrade Cf. update, refurbish
39 Wearable (adj) a computer or other electronic device that is small or light enough to be worn or carried on one’s body (a) ~ computer/device/clothes/ shades/gadget; wear (v), (un)wearability (n); ant. unwearable Cf. portable
40 Webcam (n)  a device used for video input   a ~ leans/image/software; a wireless ~; install/upgrade/replace a ~; webcamming (n)


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Activity 1. Give synonyms:

1. upgrade  
2. sensor  
3. display  
3. monitor  
4. connect  
5. swap  
6. gadget  
7. smart  

Activity 2. Give antonyms:

1. conceal  
2. wearable  
3. input  
4. clever  
5. downgrade  
6. assist  
7. upgrade  

Activity 3. Word family. Fill in the missing words of the same root where possible:

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
optician, optics      
    (un)resolved (ir)resolute  

Activity 4. Complete the tables with words that form strong partnerships with the target vocabulary units:

Target vocabulary unit Noun


Target vocabulary unit Noun


Target vocabulary unit Noun


Verb Target vocabulary unit




Activity 5. Match the given terms with their definitions:

1. upgrade A. a device that holds an earphone and a microphone in place on a person's head
2. headset B. one of the individual dots that make up a graphical image
3. tablet C. improve computer or other machine by using the most recent developments to make it more powerful or effective
4. resolution D. stored as numbers or electronic signals
5. digital E. a small, flat computer that is controlled by touching the screen or by using a special pen
6. pixel F. owned or used by someone else before you
7. second-hand G. density of pixels, measured by the number of dots per inch

Activity 6. Insert prepositions:

1. Today, our lives are filled ___ all manner of gadgets, gizmos and convenience goods.

2. The company has no plans to move ___ the growing market of digital applications.

3. A new service enables you to purchase/reserve your tickets ___ Facsimile.

4. In the United States, there is a discernable preference ___ products with the technological appeal of a ‘gadget’.

5. He was charged ___ murder.

6. Who is __ charge ___ the department?

7. I have not subscribed ___ this magazine.

Activity 7. State the type of logical relations between the following concepts:

Concepts Type of logical relations
1. input – output A. general and specific
2. MP3 – compression B. cause and effect
3. label - barcode C. contrast
4. gadget overuse – gadget fatigue D. equivalence
5. smart - intelligent E. part and whole
6. computer – netbook F. method and purpose
7. alphabet – the Braille system  

Activity 8. Decode Steve Jobs’saying about computer device and comment on it:

Activity 9. Explain the difference between the following concepts using the Venn diagram below:

1. compact disk– blue ray
2. device – gadget
3. library – archive
4. restore – recover
5. overwrite – format
6. netbook – laptop
7. resolution – pixel

Activity 10. Say what the following is used for. Give examples:

1. barcode  
2. Braille  
3. facsimile machine  
4. flash memory  
5. headset  
6. MP3  
7. Webcam  


Activity 11. Say when and why the following is done:

1. digitization
2. faxing
3.  flash memory
4. charging
5. swapping
6. optimization
7. upgrading

Activity 12.  Say what can be… and how:

1. archived  
2. backed up  
3. compressed  
4. formatted  
5. recovered  
6. retrieved  
7. upgraded  

Activity 13. Write a short report about the latest gadget, device or appliance.

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