Practical tasks and works list to the credit module control

Module 1: General Physiology

Practical skills on excitive structures physiology.

To count and to assess resting membrane potential level, action potential (AP) altitude in nervous and muscular fibers, to draw their registration graphics schemes, to determine and to estimate depolarization threshold, excitement conductance velocity through these structures. To count and to draw graphically muscles contraction types dependently on their irritation rate, to explain muscles contraction and relaxation ways as well as excitement nervous-muscular transmission ways and different factors influence on these processes.

Practical skills on organism functions nervous regulation physiology and CNS role in motor functions regulation.

To depict graphically the schemes of biological regulation contours, motor reflexes reflectory arcs as well as of excitement and inhibition processes development in CNS, their summation and reflexes co-ordination.

To draw the reflectory arcs schemes for motor reflexes the centers of which are located at CNS all levels as well as for conductive pathways that provide different CNS levels interaction.    

To explain organism systemic activity mechanisms at locomotions performance as well as brain cortex and limbic system role in these processes.

Practical skills on physiology of visceral functions nervous and humoral regulation and hormones role in a regulation.

To draw the schemes and explain autonomic reflexes reflectory arcs structure and mechanisms as well as integrative centers role in a visceral functions regulation. 

To depict graphically and to explain different hormones action mechanism to target cells, to draw the secretion regulation contours schemes for hormones with endocrine glands, to draw homeostasis parameters support hormonal regulatory contours schemes.  

Literature recommended on the subject “Normal Physiology”.

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Methodical instructions for medical students (short lecture course).-2005.-124 p.

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Literature recommended

1. Stuart Ira Fox. Human Physiology.-8th ed.-Mc Graw Hill, 2004.-726p.

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