Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Groups, individuals, shared, goals, identity, reasons, security, achievement, social, improve, efficiency, quality, outcome, building, increases, power, raise, issue, exert, behavior, informal, emerge, initiative, satisfy, essential, colleagues, values, environment, certain, once, desired, dispersed, whether, attached, problematic, ambiguity, methods, occur, success, loyalty, trust, obedience, determine, team, interchangeably, subtle, medium, autonomous, supervision, crucial, competitiveness, enhances.

Divide the words into two columns according to the ways of reading of consonant clusters with the letters “g” and “n”. Practice reading the words.

/n/ / /
sign … organizing …


Meaningful, well-being, gnaw, signature, putting, belonging, reign, building, enabling, trying, gnome, understanding, foreign, working, design, performing, rotating, gnosticism, single.

Translate the following expressions into Russian.

 Group and team management; have a collective identity; in a meaningful way; task achievement; improve the efficiency and the quality of the outcome; a sense of belonging; job satisfaction; exert control; through the initiative of individuals; to satisfy social needs; have common interests; a shared understanding, interests and values; working environment; to carry out certain organizational tasks; effective leadership; essential factors; the performance of the group; medium or large in size; a shared or rotating leadership; report back to management; need for supervision.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Иметь общие цели; чувство (ощущение) безопасности; в ответ (в свою очередь); общественные отношения; поднять проблему; преданность и доверие; смутные различия; единый лидер; необходимость контроля (руководства).

Shape the following words into synonymic pairs.

Power, neighborhood, goal, put together, ability, outcome, issue, supervision, team, force, environment, ambiguity, aim, group, result, subtle, uncertainty, control, skill, problem, join in, autonomous, unclear, independent.

Find in the text the antonyms of the following words.

Meaningless, inefficiency, disappear, formal, rigidity, unimportant, dependent, irregular.  

7. Find in the text six words with the suffix –ity. Define what part of speech they belong to.

8. Form derivatives of the following words by adding the prefix self- meaning “directed towards oneself/itself”. Follow the model. Translate the coined words into Russian. Use a dictionary if necessary.

Model: managed – self-managed

Acting, adaptive, assertive, assured, balanced, centered, complacent, confessed, confident, conscious, contradictory, controlled, correcting, critical, deceiving, defeating, denying, dependent, deprecating, destructive, determined, disciplined, educated, effacing, employed, exculpatory, forgetful, important, indulgent, interested, involved, justifying, limiting, made, mocking, motivated, obsessed, opinionated, pitying, possessed, reliant, respecting, righteous, rigorous, sacrificing, satisfied, seeking, supporting, willed.

Divide the words from the exercise above into three groups according to the type of qualities they can denote: 1) positive, 2) negative or 3) either.

Discuss with your partner which qualities are necessary for working in a team (group).

11. Explain different meanings of the word “single” in the following contexts.

1. I don’t see a single supermarket around.

2. I’ve booked a single room as I don’t like to be disturbed by strangers.

3. Do you need a single or return ticket?

4. Each single word must be carefully selected not to insult him.

5. Every single citizen has the right to be protected by the state.

6. They guarantee a single standard for men and women.

7. Single people need much care and support from society.

8. There were a few young singles at the party.

9. Why single him out for punishment?

10. You have been singled out to represent our company at the trade fair.

11. He singled out technology as the core of the problem.

12. She gave me four singles and the rest in change.


12. Change the word “once” into “if” or “when” where possible. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Once she asks, I’d do anything.

2. Once I’m going to be there.

3. Once customers rely on these systems, they never take their business elsewhere.

4. He had to do it but this once.

5. Once you speak, you are dead.

6. Once she got an idea in her head, you’d never move it.


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