A. Joints dystrophy development

B. Joints chronic inflammation development

C. Cartilaginous tissue proliferation under growth hormone influence

D. Increased sensitivity of the tissues to growth hormone

E. Increased sensitivity of the tissues to insulin

Analeptical remedy of reflective type from the H-cholinomimetics group was given to the patient for restoration of breathing after poisoning with carbon monoxide. What medicine was prescribed to the patient?

A. Atropine sulphate

B. Lobeline hydrochloride

C. Pentamin

D. Mesaton

E. Adrenalin hydrochloride

During the endoscopy the inflammation of a major papilla of the duodenum and the disturbances of bile secretion were found. In which part of duodenum were the problems found?

A. Bulb

B. Ascendant part

C. Descendent part

D. Lower horizontal part

E. Upper horizontal part

 92 Scraps of the mycelium of a fungus, spores, air bubbles and fat drops were discovered on microscopy of the patient's hair excluded from the infected areas. What fungus disease is characterised by this microscopic picture?

A. Microspory

B. Epidermophytosis

C. Trichophytosis

D. Favus

E. Sporotrichosis

 93 Albinos can't stand sun impact - they don't aquire sun-tan but get sunburns. Disturbed metabolism of what aminoacid underlies this phenomenon?

A. Tryptophan

B. Methionine

C. Glutamic acid

D. Histidine

E. Phenilalanine

Autopsy of a 46-year-old man revealed multiple brown-and-green layers and hemmorhages on the mucous membrane of rectum and sigmoid colon; slime and some blood in colon lumen; histologically - fibrinous colitis. In course of bacteriological analysis of colon contents S.Sonne were found. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Crohn's disease

B. Dysentery

C. Salmonellosis

D. Yersiniosis

E. Cholera

A patient who has been strictly keeping to a certain diet for 10 days went through examination of respiratory coefficient. It was determined that it was equal 1. What have the patient been keeping to?

A. With domination of carbohydrates

B. With domination of proteins and carbohydrates

C. With domination of proteins and fat

D. Mixed

E. With domination of fat and carbohydrates

Dystrophic alterations of heart are accompanied with dilation of heart cavities, decreased force of heart contractions, increased blood volume that remains during systole in the heart cavity, vein overfill. What heart condition is it typiccal for?

A. Tonogenic dilatation

B. Myogenic dilatation

C. Cardiosclerosis

D. Cardiac tamponade

E. Emergency stage of hyperfunction and hypertrophy

 97 A considerable increase of activity of МВ -forms of CPK (creatinephosphokinase) and LDH-1 was revealed on the examination of patient's blood. What is the most likely pathology?

A. Cholecystitis

B. Hepatitis

C. Rheumatism

D. Pancreatitis

E. Miocardial infarction

 98 Intrapleural pressure of an individual is being measured. In what phase did he hold his breath if the pressure is - 25 cm H2O?

A. Quiet expiration

B. -

C. Forced inspiration

D. Quiet inspiration

E. Forced expiration

Moving of the daughter chromatids to the poles of the cell is observed in the mitotically dividing cell. At what stage of the mitotic cycle is this cell?

A. Interphase

B. Prophase

C. Anaphase

D. Metaphase

E. Telophase

Intake of oral contraceptives containing sex hormones inhibits secretion of the hypophysiae hormones. Secretion of which of the indicated hormones is inhibited while taking oral contraceptives with sex hormones?

A. Thyrotropic

B. Follicle-stimulating

C. Somatotropic

D. Oxytocin

E. Vasopressin

A sick man with high temperature and a lot of tiny wounds on the body has been admitted to the hospital. Lice have been found in the folds of his clothing. What disease can be suspected?

A. Malaria

B. Epidemic typhus

C. Tularemia

D. Plague

E. Scabies

A genetics specialist analyzed the genealogy of a family and found that both males and females may have the illness, not across all the generations, and that healthy parents may have ill children. What is the type of illness inheritance?

A. Y-linked

B. Autosomal recessive

C. X-linked recessive

D. Autosomal dominant

E. X-linked dominant

Inflamation is characterised by increased permeability of vessels of microcirculation stream, increase of their hydrodynamic blood pressure. Increasing of the osmotic concentration and dispersity of protein structures is present in the intercellular fluid. What kind of edema will appear in this case?

A. Colloid-osmotic

B. Hydrodynamic

C. Mixed

D. Membranogenic

E. Lymphogenic

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