The ruble has been denominated twice. True/ false?

Inflation in Belarus is a constant. What is the accumulated inflation for the period from 2001 to 2016?

A. 34.80% - this is too good to be true, but it might be correct!

B. 46.12% - actually, this is correct. Not too bad, after all.

C. 108.69% - now this is the only possible answer! This is how quickly our money lose value.

D. 1 971.81% - this is just a joke and it is here just for fun. Right?

10.How much did 1 €, 1 $ and 1  cost in 2004?The cost is in old BYR (undenominated currency).

A.3,135 / 2,136 /86.17

B.6,432 / 4,623 / 157.43

C.2,684 / 2,160 / 75.00


1 A true, B wrong – 2 times, C – wrong, before him, by MechyslauHryb, D – wrong, 15th of March, E – true, F – wrong, - Belarus has no official religion, G – true, H – false, article 24

Article 24.Everyone has the right to life.

The State shall protect life of the individual against any unlawful infringements.

Until its abolition, the death penalty may be applied in accordance with law as an exceptional measure of punishment for especially grave crimes and only in accordance with a court sentence.

2 A true, B wrong – 35 yrs old and a resident for 10, C – true, D – no, 100.000, E – false, by absolute majority, F – false, 50% is enough

3 A false, Bicameral, All Belarusian People's Assembly is not a part of the government or legislature B –true, C – you have to be 21, D – false, he can write decrees and offer laws E – true, F – false, they need Presidential Consent, G – false, only the lower chamber is elected.The Council of the Republic shall be composed of eight deputies from every region (oblast) and the city of Minsk, elected by secret ballot at the sittings of deputies of local councils of deputies of base level of every region (oblast) and the city of Minsk. Eight members of the Council of the Republic shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

4 left to right - MichailMiasnikovičChairman of the Council of the Republic

Uladzimir AndrejčankaChairman of the House of Representatives

Lidzija JarmošynaChairperson of the Central Election Commission

Andrej KabiakoŭPrime Minister

PavielKalavurChairman of the Board of the National Bank


Left to right, top to bottom – Min. Of Education, The Military Forces, The min of Culture, The Customs committee, the Min of Transport and communications, The min of Emergency situations

7 D – the CiC is the president, he is not in the govt



C, A is currency rate for 2008 and B for 2011

и ещё много ссылок – мне леняво вставлять, так что

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