Read the text and then choose the one best answer A, B, C, D to finish a sentence.


1. The text primarily discusses

              A. weather researches.

              B. ultraviolet rays.

              C. technical/industrial civilization.

              D. weather indicators and its problems.


2. According to the text, the threat of weather warming

              A. has never been discussed.

              B. has been discusses.

              C. remains to be seen.

              D. is very interesting.


3. The underlined phrase ‘alarming rate’ is closest in meaning to

               A. slow rate.                                         .

               B. warning of danger.

               C. fast rate

               D. first rate.                                       


4. According to the text, the weather changes could be

               A. irreversible.

               B. pleasant.

               C. negligible 

               D. important.


5. According to the text, climate changes result from

               A. atmospheric pressure 

               B. weather forecast.

               C. warming and cooling cycles.

               D. the earth’s gradual warming.


2. Choose the letter of the answer that best matches the meaning of the underlined word as it is used in each of the sentences:

1. The erosion of the mountainside was due to the heavy winds and rain.

                A. building up                            

                B. wearing away

                C. reduction

      D. increase


2. The windshield was shattered where the accident victim had bumped his head.

              A. broken into pieces                                

              B. hardened

              C. assembled

              D. dismounted


3. The computer has a word processing facility.

             A. habit        

   B. design          

  C. defect               

            D. advantage


4. No one has invented a perpetual motion machine; all machines require energy to keep them going.

             A. productive                      

             B. fast   

             C. permanent

             D. slow


5. We observed the airplane take off and vanish in the distance. 

              A. landing                        

              B. flow     

              C. disappear

              D. appear



Text # 52 The Earth Is Round …

The earth is round; fifteenth- and sixteenth-century explorers like Columbus and Magellan proved it. But there were ancient Greeks who had known this two thousand years earlier. They saw ships descend over the horizon and observed the curved shadow of the earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse. Then, in 200 B.C., the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes noted that at noon on the first day of summer, when the sun was at its highest, its rays shone to the bottom of a vertical well in Syene, Egypt. Yet, on the same day in Alexandria, five hundred miles to the north, it was reported that a vertical post cast a shadow. If the earth had been flat, the post could not have cast a shadow at noon.

The earth spins, or rotates on its axis, once every twenty-four hours, causing us to have day and night. At any given time, the side of the earth facing the sun will have daylight, and the side turned away from the sun will have night. Although the earth is spinning at a speed of over one thousand miles an hour, we do not feel the movement or the wind because everything around us, including the atmosphere, is moving at the same speed. The effect is similar to riding in an airplane. The air moves with you. If you light a match on an airplane, no wind will blow it out.

The earth also revolves around the sun once every year. This yearly revolution, plus the tilting of the earth on its axis, causes the seasons. When the sun's rays are nearly overhead (not when the earth is closest to the sun) and the days are long, great amounts of the sun's radiation are absorbed and the weather is hot. For example, from April through September, the North Pole tilts toward the sun and the northern hemisphere experiences summer while the southern hemisphere has winter. Then the North Pole tilts away from the sun and the seasons are reversed. On March 23 and September 21, the North Pole is not leaning toward or away from the sun. If you traveled around the earth on these two dates, you would find the days and nights equal every place you went.


Read the text and then choose the one best answer A, B, C, D to finish a sentence.

1. The text primarily discusses                                                                                                                 

                A. the earth’s speed of revolution.      

                B. the earth’s spin on its axis and the earth’s yearly revolution .

                C. the movement of atmosphere.

                D.the distance between the earth and the sun.


2. All of the following noted that the earth was not flat EXCEPT

               A. the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes.

               B. fifteenth-century explorers.

               C. ancient times.

               D. ancient Greeks.


3. According to the text when the earth rotates

               A.the wind blows.

               B. the ships descend over the horizon.

               C. the earth faces the sun and then turns away from it.

               D. it is the centre of the universe.


4. The underlined word ‘it’ refers to

              A. airplane.                            

              B. wind . 

    C. high.

              D. match.


5. The days and nights are equal

               A. at the North Pole.

               B. when the earth's revolution causes the seasons .

               C. from April through September .

               D. on March 23 and September 21.


2. Choose the letter of the answer that best matches the meaning of the underlined word as it used in each of the sentences:

1. Birds and airplanes were seen to defy the law of gravity when they fly away from the earth's surface.

               A. obey                                

               B. resist 

               C. follow

          D. stop


2. The experiment was monitored for errors .

               A. started                             

               B. carried out  

               C. designed

     D. observed


3. The rag was saturated with oil .

              A. spoken about                                   

    B. emptied of   

              C. full of

           D. made of


4. The seasons of the year recur in cycles .

              A. random periods

              B. similar periods

              C. irregular periods

                D. regular periods


5. The storm caused irreversible damage.

              A. unchangeable                        

              B. changeable 

              C. terrific

    D. great


Text # 53 Indigo Children.

Who are these Indigo and Crystal Children? Am I one? How can I help my own child who seems to be one?

There are many things that we can do to help these new breed of children, but the most important thing to know is that the Indigo/Crystal phenomenon is the next big step in our human evolution. We all are, in some way or another, becoming more like the Indigo and Crystal people. The more one chooses to consciously work towards change, the faster the results will be for that individual. This new breed of children (which truly isn't all that new, just massive amounts now) has come to show us the way as we have forgotten. They are our mirrors. Which simply means they mirror what is inside of us, all that needs to change in order to evolve or raise our consciousness. They have come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and to create peace, balance and harmony.

Therefore, the Indigos have emerged to knock down the old outdated systems! They are warriors and they are on a mission! They create chaos everywhere they go. They can sense dishonesty a mile away and are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations within their homes, schools and work places. Gone are the days of threatening "wait till your father gets home," or "you'll be suspended," the Indigos don't care! They have inner-lie detectors and will not be manipulated nor fall for hidden agendas. They are very head strong and do not like to be told what to do, nor do they want to do it your way. If we do not break out of our old control habits, threat habits or any other destructive behavior, they will show us that we must learn new methods in order for peace to prevail! This is done through heart connections, with love. They simply do not have the ability to disassociate from their feelings and pretend that everything is okay. They respond the best to all situations when they are treated like a respected adult. If we are acting childish in a manipulating, hurtful way, they will mirror back to us our own behavior. This causes more frustration within ourselves than it does within them! Their goal is for US to change, not them. Their horns toot "Treat others as you would want to be treated!" They are not shy in letting you know exactly what they need. Watch them. They have no hidden agenda. They are our teachers!

The Indigos are creating chaos with the end result being a peaceful, loving world. Many, but not all Indigos are labeled by the medical world as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly known as ADD/ADHD because they can't be still, they can't focus, they bore easily, they are impulsive and they do things super fast. Giving them medication is not the answer! That is once again a control factor not to mention all the detrimental health problems including death that occurs from these types of medications. Indigo and Crystal children are extremely intelligent and need their minds stimulated with things they enjoy to do. They have amazing memories and are gifted souls with an evolved consciousness. They need to be taught in a different way, through subjects they love that stimulate their whole beings! We are moving beyond the mind and into the heart. These Indigo children will not conform to the old ritual text book teachings. This system is old and needs to be replaced. They are trying to show the teachers of the school systems that they need a new way of learning. This is beginning to happen.


Answer the following questions:

1. What is the most important thing to know about the Indigo children?

2. What is another definition for the word “Indigo” according to the article?

3. Why has this new breed of children appeared?

4. What do the Indigo children reflect?

5. Could you describe these children? Give at least three points of view.

6. When do they respond the best to all situations?

7. What is the so-called motto of these extraordinary children?

8. Why are many Indigos labeled by the medical world as Attention Deficit or Hyperactive Disorder?

9. Why cannot medication be the answer to this situation?

10. How can these children be motivated?



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