Original analytical works competition in natural sciences will be organized during the conference

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation The Government of the Ivanovo region



Ivanovo State Medical Academy is delighted to invite you to attend the IV ALL- RUSSIAN EDUCATIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE of STUDENTS AND

YOUNG SCIENTISTS "Biomedical, clinical and social problems of human health and pathology" with the international participation on April 9 – 12, 2018.

Students and young scientists (residents, graduate students, staff departments,

doctors) aged till 35 are invited to participation in the conference.

Location: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, Sheremetevskyavenue, 8, the main body ISMA



1. Oral presentation and publication ofmaterials.

2. Poster presentation and publication ofmaterials.

3. Publication of materialsonly.


Registration contribution for participants of the conference is not charged !!!


Waiting for you on April 9-12, 2018

Submission of applications and material

To participate in the conference each participant is necessary:

To submit an application via the online form on a site ISMA

Students and young scientists of IvGMA should additionally be included in the general application from the chair (subdivision).

To submit an application and papers for publication till March 1, 2018 on-line on a site: http://www.isma.ivanovo.ru (Science → "Scientific organization of students and young scientists" → IV ALL-RUSSIAN EDUCATIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE of STUDENTS AND YOUNG SCIENTISTS "Biomedical, clinical and social problems of human health and pathology").

When sending the text of materials for publication, please download it in its entirety including the title and data on authors and institutions.

Electronic registration is available at: https://goo.gl/forms/hGSLwZQinv0ayp9s1

As a result of the conference will be published collection of materials, which will be published on the ISMA official site and in eLIBRARY.RU

The materials will be published FREE OF CHARGE

The Organizing Committee has the right to conduct scientific editing, make corrections or refuse to publish.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to distribute materials on sections based on its own criteria for combining scientific topics.

The following workshops to be held during the conference:

1. Structural, functional and molecular biological aspects of interstitial relationships in humans and animals in norm andpathology.

2. Age peculiarities of health formation depending on the medical and social factors, advanced modern technology of forecasting, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases inchildren.

3. Problems of polymorbidity in internal diseases: pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

4. Development of new methods of prevention, prediction, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with surgical and trauma and orthopedicpathology.

5. Rehabilitation of patients with somatic and neurological disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletalsystem.

6. Scientific bases for maternal, woman, fetus and newborn healthprotection.

7. Medico-social, legal and organizational aspects of improvement of population health-care provision.

8. New methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of children and adults with the nervous systemdiseases.

9. Oncological diseases: prevention, early diagnosing andtreatment.

10. Actual approaches to the improvement of children in health-care and educational institutions.

11. Connective tissue dysplasia diseases and pathologicalconditions.

12. Improvement of methods for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases in adults andchildren.

13. Actual problems of moderndentistry.

14. Actual problems ofendocrine pathology.

15. Actual issues ofmicrobiology.

16. Quality of the environment and humanhealth.

17. Actual problems of development of physical culture andsports.

18. Workshop of abstract-analytical works on natural sciences (for students of 1-2courses).

19. Workshop of pupils "First steps in medicalscience".


Original analytical works competition in natural sciences will be organized during the conference


1. The difficult diagnosis in pediatrics: from practice toscience.

2. The difficult diagnosis ininternal illnesses.

3. Actual problems of cell and molecular biology of living systems: the cell-cell interactions.

4. The history of health-care Ivanovoregion.

5. The history of ISMI-ISMA.

6. Actual issues of life safety and medicalemergencies.

7. Clinical and laboratory-instrumental methods of control the effectiveness of treatment of pathology of internal organs.




We ask nonresident participants to confirm their participation in the conference before March 1, 2018.


For more information, please contact e-mail: nosmu@isma.ivanovo.ru

orSheremetjevskiy avenue, 8 room 44. Ivanovo, Russia 153012 on week-days from 3 till 5 p.m.

You can also contact with the scientific supervisor of the NSMU ISMA

Shishova Anastasia Vladimirovna

by phone: 8-903-888-67-16,

e-mail: shishova@inbox.ru

Truly yours,

Scientific organization of students and young scientists Ivanovo State Medical Academy (ISMA)

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