Подчеркнуть самостоятельный причастный оборот, перевести предложения

1) The evidence being strong, the accused was found guilty by the jury.

2) The jury having disagreed at the first trial, the accused got a retrial.

3) The officer must show the warrant to the person being arrested and must inform him of the cause of the arrest.

4) Labor law is a system of rules regulating labour relations.

5) Having been considered by the situation in the region began to improve.


Подчеркните причастия, определите форму и функции, переведите на русский язык.

1. The student of is our Institute, having been practice in, our organization, works very good now.

2. You must learn all the words given on page 25.

3. The Senate is composed of 100 members, the Senators being elected for a term of 6 years.

4.Having passed all the examinations he left for the country.

5. The House of Representatives consists of 435 members, the number representing each state being based on the population.


Перепишите предложения, подчеркните СПО, переведите их.

1.The hearing of the caw being over, the judge closed the trial.

2. The agencies of the Procurator's Office performing their func­tions independently of any local bodies, the Procurator — General supervises their work.

3. The trade-union leaders having been illegally arrested, the Supreme Court of the country had to release them.

4. About 8,000 judges work now in the People's Courts, the major­ity of them having higher legal education.

5. The US Congress is the highest legislative organ, the work of preparing and considering legislation being done mainly by its committees.


IV Тест


Having tried the case the judge left the cart

a) рассмотрев дело, судья ушёл из суда

b) рассматривая дело, судья ушёл из суда

c) рассматривающий дело судья ушёл из суда


The case being tried by the court is of great value.

a) дело, рассматриваемое судом, имеет большое значение

b) дело, рассмотренное судом, имело большое значение

c) дело, которое суд будет рассматривать, имеет большое значение


The bill having been discussed by the whole population was adopted

a) закон, обсужденный всем населением был принят

b) закон, обсуждаемый населением будет принят

c) принятый закон будет обсуждён населением


Having won the victory over fascist Germany our country began to fight against fascist Japan.

a) одержав победу над фашистской Германией, наша страна начала бороться против фашистской Японии

b) одержавшая победу …

c) после одержания победы над …


Taking part in scientific conferences helps the student to master theory

a) участвовавшим в конференции студентам помог преподаватель

b) участвующим в конференции…

c) участвовав в конференции студенты помогли преподавателю.



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