Why do you think people waste so much money and time for travelling?

Nbsp; Holidays I am very active person, that’s why I like to travel and I can’t stay at home during my holidays. I want to tell you about my last holidays and you’ll never guess what happened to me. I and my friend Jack decided to visit the Caribeans and so many things went wrong. For a start Jack left his passport at home. We had to go home and fetch it, so we missed our flight. It was terrible. We caught the next flight which was delayed. And then to make matters worse the airline lost my luggage. As for the weather it rained every day. No one told us we were going in the rainy season. It was an absolute nightmare! And the staffs at our hotel were unfriendly and rude. But my friend tried to look on the bright side – it’s not safe to get a suntan these days anyway! We had a really awful experience and I felt really disappointed. It was the worst holidays I’ve ever had and I’m staying at home next year!

Nightmare – ночной кошмар

Fetch – принести,сходить за

Are you a couch potato?

Why did you miss your flight?

Did you like your holiday?



The best time when you can forget about homework, school and teachers are

autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays.

I want to tell you about my teen camp activities that I had last summer in “Artek”. Children from Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Japan had fun and enjoyed their summer camp activities there.

We organized a camp carnival, that included: face painting, water balloon toss, costume contest, dance party, etc. But the best summer camp activity was evening campfire when we sang songs, played funny skits, told different stories.
I will never forget my hiking! In today's world of ipads, iphones and video games, many children and teens are seldom getting outside to explore the natural world. Summer camp is a great place to show them that being outside is fun. Hiking, mountain biking, archery, water biking - all of these helped us to love the wonderful nature of the Crimea. Besides we swam in the sea, sunbathed and made many new friends.

Answer the questions:

1. What is the best time for you? Why?

2. Have you ever been to a teen camp?

3. What activities did you enjoy there?

4. What was the best camp activity for you?

5. Did you make any new friends?

6.  What activities helped you to love the wonderful nature of our country?



explore - исследовать 

landmark - достопримечательность 

perform - показывать, представлять

rollercoaster - американские горки

themepark - тематический парк 

goonawaterride - кататься на водной горке

go souvenir shopping - покупатьсувениры

take a stroll - прогуливаться

teencamp - лагерь для подростков 

videogame - видеоигра 

buildafire - разводить огонь 

gohiking - ходить в поход

go swimming - плавать

put up a tent - ставить палатку

go sunbathing - загорать

active - активный 

diving -ныряние


TRAVELLINGвот этот неплохой текст

There are moments in every person’s life when he wants to travel. Everyone understands travelling in his own way. Some people consider trips to new towns and countries offered by different tourist firms to be the best way to travel.

These package tours are for the laziest.

The others prefer walking tours and tourism. There is nothing more beautiful for them than walking in some pinewood, or rowing down the river in a boat, or even riding a bicycle and enjoying the landscape. There are also people who are fond of mountain climbing. The most unforgettable feeling for them is the one you have at the peak of the mountain.

And the view, which opens from it, is just magnificent. The sea has also attracted mankind as one of the powers of nature. That is why sea tours are very popular among people. They offer a great possibility to enjoy the sight of the sea in different seasons and weather, and also to open some new towns and countries

for oneself. For some people travelling is associated with visiting ancient cities. There one can see ancient palaces, cathedrals and fortresses, visit different museums and follow the flow of time.

There also exists a very interesting and cheap kind of travelling — hitchhiking. It is very popular among young people. And it is not surprising — one can get a real adventure full of romantics. And there are also people who like exotic kinds of travelling, like travelling on a balloon. But only bold people can risk and surrender themselves wholly to the will of the wind.

Speaking about different types of travelling, one should say that any of them is a good method of having a rest and spending some new unusual life.


1. Where do you usually spend your holidays?

2. Do you go with your family?

3. Do you prefer to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool?

4. What do you think of spending a holiday in a village?

5. How do you feel when your holidays are over?

6. Which do you prefer, winter or summer holidays?

7. Do you think it’s better to take holidays in parts?

8. What is better to spend holidays with the family or with friends?

9. Have you ever been camping? If so, where?

10. What do you think of camping?

11. What do you think of spending your holidays learning languages?

12. Are holidays short or long? How long should they be?


Means of transport passenger public land sea air go by ship go by train go by coach go by plane go on foot ride a bike/a motorcycle fly/flight Travelling by train/plane carriage compartment sleeping car seat see sb off luggage suitcase hand luggage air ticket first class/economy class boarding pass check-in take off/land security check crew customs control passport control ticket office (booking office) single ticket/one way ticket return ticket departure/arrival be delayed timetable/schedule   Accommodation B&B (bed and breakfast) boarding house camping park campus accommodation guest house hotel inn lodge motel resort hotel youth hostel restaurant with rooms self-catering serviced apartment single/double room   Виды транспорта пассажирский общественный наземный морской воздушный плыть на корабле ездить напоезде на автобусе летать насамолёте идти пешком ездить на велосипеде/мотоцикле летать/рейс Путешествие на поезде/ самолёте вагон купе спальный вагон место провожать кого-либо багаж чемодан ручная кладь билет на самолёт первый класс/эконом-класс посадочный талон регистрация на рейс взлетать/приземляться контроль безопасности экипаж (самолёта) таможня паспортный контроль билетная касса билет в один конец билет туда-обратно вылет/прилёт задерживаться расписание   Проживание гостиница типа «проживание завтрак» пансион (проживание и питание) кемпинг, лагерная стоянка проживать в общежитии небольшая гостиница отель гостиница охотничий домик мотель курортный отель молодёжный хостел ресторан с комнатами для съёма апарт-отель, путешествовать дикарём апартаменты (с бытовой техникой) номер на одного/двоих  



People travel for different purpose. Some people travel on business, others travel to visit relatives and friends, but most people travel to see the world.

There are two ways of travelling: using one’s own means of transport and using public transport. One can travel by car, by plane, by ship, by train, by coach or on foot depending on what on prefers: comfort or speed.

My favorite way of travelling is by plane. To my mind this is the fastest and the most comfortable mean of travelling for the long distance. I always enjoy looking through the window while flying in the plane.

One can travel to different towns and cities of your native country and even abroad. If you decide to travel by plane you have to book tickets beforehand which can be done either online or in a travel agency. When travelling by plane, you have to be at the airport two hours before an international flight and one hour before a domestic flight. At the airport you will have to go through the passport control and security check, have your luggage checked and then wait until the plane is ready for take-off. Sometimes, however, the flight can be delayed, so you have to wait at the airport.

Travelling is always nice: it gives you an opportunity to see interesting places and meet new people. I like travelling a lot.

Why do you think people waste so much money and time for travelling?

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