II.Listen to the recording and get ready to answer the following questions

Unit 1 Computer applications

Assignment I. While reading the text (ex.1, p.2) note the use of the following terms and terminological word-combinations and give their Russian equivalents.


1.to perform mathematical operations  
2.to solve a (difficult) question / a problem / a task  
3.to access the Internet  
4.computer-aided design  
6.a word processor  
7.a workstation  
8.to store information  
9.to display data  


Assignment II. 1)Think out the meaning of the following word-combinations. Use a dictionary to help you.


1.a great variety of fields  
2.to keep records of  
3.real-time information  
4.drug-detecting tests  
5.to carry out financial transactions  
6.automatic cash dispenser  


Look up the following words in a dictionary. Make a note of the words that collocate                                                                    with any of them or the patterns in which they are used.


1.to rely on  
2.to provide smb with smth  
4.to enable smb to do smth  
5.to dispense  
6.to find out  



     Assignment III. Translate the following phrases from the text into Russian:

1.to use computers for administrative purposes -

2.current positions of the riders and teams –

3.in the particular stages of the race –

4.a race bus –

5.to provide the timing system –

6.to give up-to-the minute timing information to TV stations –

7.press-room –

8.at high speed –

9.to control the plane -  

10.fuel consumption –

11.control tower –

12.availability of flights –

13.stopover –


Vocabulary Test

Translate the following sentences into English:


1.Компьютеры помогают студентам выполнять математические операции.  
2.Компьютеры помогают решать сложные проблемы.  
3.Компьетеры используются для получения доступа в Интернет.  
4.Компьютеры используются в преподавании иностранных языков, математики и других дисциплин.  
5.Компьютеры используются с целью организации административной работы учреждения  
6.Базы данных и текстовые редакторы помогают вести учет студентов в университетах, больных в медицинских учреждениях и т.п.  
7.В компьютерах сохраняется самая разная информация.  
8.Компьютеры используются для проведения финансовых операций.  
9.Компьютеры управляют работой банкоматов, которые выдают деньги клиентам.  
10.Экипажи воздушных судов используют компьютеры для управления самолетом.  
11.На мониторы выводятся данные о потреблении топлива и погодных условиях.  
12.Компьютеры используются для регулирования воздушного движения.  
13.Компьютеры используются для управления радиолокационными системами.  
14.С помощью компьютера вы можете узнать, есть ли билеты на данный рейс, время отправления и цены.  


        Assignment IV. 1)Read the text What can computers do? (ex.3,p.4) making sure that you understand the meaning of the words in bold. State their grammar forms and translate the phrases into Russian.


1.shops and offices which have been designed with the help of computers –

2.magazines which have been produced on computers –

3.picking upa telephone and diallinga number involves the use of a sophisticated computer system as does makingthe flight reservation or bank transaction –

4.the instant they are switched on

5.your computer is capable of doing anything you ask


Use your dictionary to check the meaning of the words below.


5.to spring to life –

6.chip technology –

7.programmer –

8.tabula rasa -

9.hardware and software –

10.electronic filing cabinet –

11.large collections of data –

12.inventories –

13.gadget –

14.memo –


           Assignment V. Translate the following sentences into English:

1.Мы пользуемся компьютером для проектирования зданий,

                                               при верстке журналов,

                                               для бронирования авиабилетов,

                                               для проведения банковских операций,

                                               для работы с большими массивами данных,

                                               для того, чтобы играть в компьютерные игры.

2.Таймер в микроволновой печи, электронное зажигание в автомобиле, устройство программного управления в телевизоре основаны на использовании микропроцессорных технологий.



I.Four people are talking about how they use computers at work. They are a composer, a secretary, an electrical engineer and a librarian. Before listening to what each of them is saying go over the list of words and phrases given below to make sure you understand their meanings.


1.a keyboard connected to a computer

2.to use the computer in two ways:

first of all,


3.to record / to store what I play on the keyboard

4.the computer controls the sounds I can make with different synthesizers

5.to get different sounds from the synthesizers

6.the computer is the link between the keyboard and the synthesizers


1.to do the usual office things

2.the thing which I find really useful

3.we have offices all over the world

4.we are linked up to all of them by e-mail

5.I can communicate with the offices around the world very efficiently


1.I use computers for almost every aspect of my job

2.to design electrical installations and lighting systems

3.how much cable you need and where the cable should go

4.to make drawings and to keep records

5.we have to test our installations and the information is stored on computer


1.to find information for people

2.readers come in with a lot of queries

3.I use either our own database or the national database we're connected to

4.they might want to know the name and address of...

5.they might want to find a particular newspaper article

6.to catalogue the books in the library

7.to record the books that readers borrow


II.Listen to the recording and get ready to answer the following questions

1.What kind of music does the composer write?

2.What kind of company does the secretary work for?

3.Do you think a computer is very important in the work of the electrical engineer?

4.What kind of information might readers want the librarian to find for them?


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