Exercise 5.Answer the questions:


Rest is the good thing       

But boredom is its brother.


Exercise 1. Translate and study the following phrases and words:

go fishing

go for a bike ride

go for a walk

go out for dinner

go shopping

go to a concert

go to a party

go to the beach

go to the cinema

go to the park

listen to music

play computer games

play sport


visit a museum

visit an art gallery

visit friends

watch a movie

watch a sporting match

watch sport on TV

watch TV

  See more from: https://www.eslbuzz.com/free-time-and-leisure-activities-vocabulary-in-english /

Exercise 2. Find synonyms:

leisure time                                 free time,

important                          student hostel

vacation                             engage in,

be fond of                          holidays

like                                    significant

dormitory                          enjoy


Exercise 3.Find antonyms:

go on foot                          freshman

weekend                            minute

expensive                          run

play                                   go

hate                                   weekday

rest                                    work

hour                                   cheap

senior student               like



Exercise 4.Read and translate the text. Think about the most suitable title for the text.

Text I

Leisure is an important part of students’ life at our university. I must study hard and it is very necessary to have an opportunity for entertainment and a rest too. On weekdays I have not enough time for leisure. After two classes (at 11.50) there is a forty minutes break for lunch. After three classes (at 14. 05) there is a thirty minutes break. It is time to share the latest news with my fellow-students and to discuss our problems.  I like going on foot from university up to our student hostel which is situated in Studencheskaya Street. It takes me about thirty minutes. It is also a kind of my daily free time activities. In the evenings I have a chat with my parents and friends. I call them using Viber or WhatsApp, but often I use social websites such as VK (VKontakte), Facebook and Instagram. Once a month I visit my family and I like to play with my cat.

I like to visit different events. There are cultural, sport and entertaining events at Yugra State University and in Khanty-Mansiysk, such as Studencheskaya Vesna, Spirit of Fire, The Opening of Artistic Season, Biathlon Competitions, different meetings etc.

Free time is a high time for doing hobbies. My hobbies are: reading articles about law and different cars, listening to rock and classical music, watching videos, going to the theatres, museums and to the swimming pool and driving the car.

 I am a member of drive club “Drive2 HM” and” we organize different events.


Vacation is my favorite time! Students of Yugra State University have summer and winter vacations. I like travelling, but it is an expensive sort of leisure for a student. Winter vacation lasts two weeks from the end of December to the second decade of January. I visit my native town and see New Year with my parents and friends.

 In winter I usually practice skiing and snowboarding. In summer I am fond of sunbathing and riding a motorbike with my friends. I like speed. We also visit rock concerts in the open air. It is one of the popular events among bikers. Sometimes I have to repair the motorcycle and to take care of it. I like riding a motorbike and driving a car for long distances.


 Leisure has not just seasonal character of activity. It is connected with longtime hobbies depending on personal interests. A lot of my fellow students to study languages, gaming, hanging out with friends, taking photos.


Text vocabulary:

leisure time/ free time - досуг/свободное время;

entertainment - развлечения

event- мероприятие, событие

vacation- каникулы /отпуск;

weekend- выходные

weekday – будни

to see New Year - встречать Новый Год

to practice skiing/ snowboarding – заниматься лыжами/ сноубордом

to ride a bike –кататься на велосипеде

swimming pool – бассейн

hanging out – прогулки

freshmen – новичок

senior student – старшекурсник


Exercise 5.Answer the questions:

1. What do you do in the evenings?

2. What is your daily kind of leisure?

3. How do you have a rest on weekends?

4. What are your hobbies?

5. What are hobbies of your friends?

6.  What kinds of leisure activities do you know?

7.  How do you prefer to spend your free time?

8. Are hobbies the same in different countries?

9. What is your favorite season? Why?

10. What do you do in each season?

11. What do you like to do with your friends at your spare time together?

12. Is travelling leisure for you?


Exercise 6. Watch the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoyhPZDp3dE

a) Write down in your copybook all kinds of free time activities

b) Use information and tell about your hobbies and leisure time


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