What method of forecasting do you consider more effective and why.



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What is marketing

Marketing is the process of developing, pricing, distributing and promoting the goods or services that satisfy customers' needs. Marketing combines market research, new product development, distribution, advertising, promotion, produced improvement and so on. Marketing begins and ends with the customer. Companies are always looking for marketing opportunities - possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in areas in which they are likely to enjoy a differential advantage. Marketing opportunities are isolated by market segmentation — dividing a market into submarkets or segments according to customers' requirements to identify consumer needs or buying habits. Marketers anticipate them by developing new products, design marketing strategies and plan marketing programs. Once the basic offer has been established, the company has to think about the marketing mix the set of all the various elements of a marketing program. The best - known classification of these elements is the 4 Ps.: Product Price, Promotion and Place. Product includes its quality, its features, style, brand name, size, packaging, services and guarantee, while price includes the basic list price, discount, the payment period and credit terms. Place includes distribution channels, coverage of the market, inventory size and so on. Promotion groups together advertising, publicity, sales promotion and personal selling. Marketing involves the attempt to influence consumers1 needs and wants.

Answer the questions

1. What is marketing?

2. What does marketing combine?

3. How would you defined marketing opportunities?

4. What do marketers do?


5. What is the 4 Ps?

6. What is the essence of the 4 P's?

3. Match the notions in the box with definitions. Marketing opportunities, market
segmentation, marketing mix, marketing the 4 P's

are product, price, promotion and place

are possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs

is the process of developing, pricing, distributing the goods and services that satisfy

customer's needs

Is the set of all various elements of a marketing program

Is elevating a market into sub markets or segments according to customers' requirements

4. Match up the following words into pairs of synonyms
Characteristics                                                    Features
Discount                                                               Inventory
Guarantee                                                        Non-standard features
Outlets                                                        Price reduction
Options                                                                 Points of sale

Stock                                                                     Warranty

5. Categorize the following aspects of marketing according to the well-known "4Ps"
classification of the marketing mix

Advertising, commercials, points of sale, public relations, transportation, after-sales
service, credit terms, packaging, posters, publicity, brand name, list price, payment
period, quality, sponsorship, cash discounts, guarantee, style, whole selling Product Price
Place                    Promotion


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What is it a right resume?

A resume must present a clear picture of the candidate. For this you should know what a potential employer expects. They look at a person's experience with a company Your resume must be right, standard format typed. Your name, address and phone number should always go at the top of your resume Your objective should be below the contact formation and demonstrate your abilities for a particular position. Always use words like "analyzed", "coordinated", "supervised" in your job description. Include a section about your education. Personal data should be included at the end of your resume. In most cases your resume will lead you to the job interview. Interview is an important part in your job search. It is important to make a good impression and to wear proper clothes. Make sure your shoes are clean, and in good condition. Sit up straight. Keep long hair under control, don't wear too much jewelry. Don't ask about the salary at the first interview or criticize your former boss or company. It is not recommended to discuss personal or financial problems with the representative of the company. It is important to assure the company representatives that you are the right person for the position. Be ready to answer the employer's questions.

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1. Во время интервью не спрашивайте о заработной плате.

2. Не критикуйте бывшего работодателя.


1. Вы должны выучить основные правила поведения на собеседовании.

2. Я уверена в своей профессиональной подготовке.

3. Наниматель проигнорировал мое резюме.

4. Что вы можете сделать для нашей компании?

5. Он был подходящим человеком для этой должности.

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