Практичне заняття № 3 .Тема: Стан та перспективи розвитку галузі.

Читання, переклад та переказ тексту. Виконання після текстових вправ.

Internet Facts

            The prototype for the Internet was created in the sixties by the US Defense Department. To ensure that communication could be kept open in the event of a nuclear attack, it created a computer network known as Arpanet — the Advanced Research Project Agency Network.The first attempt to connect two computers and allow them to communicate with one another was made by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute on 20 October 1969.The first people to coin the term 'internet' were two scientists, Vinton Cerf (known as 'father of the Internet') and his collaborator Bob Kahn, who in 1974 devised a means by which data could be transmitted across a global-network of computers. An Oxford graduate, Tim Berners-Lee, set up the first 'www server' (a Server receives and sends messages) to store the archive of the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Switzerland. The first e-mail ever sent was in 1972 between computers in two American universities. The most frequently used search word on the net is "sex", typed in 1,550,000 times every month.

            A news website contains as much information as a person of the 18th century could learn. According to the researcher Marting Gilbert from university of Southern California, 18th century person could master no more than 50 books in a lifetime.
Whereas today, an average person is able to absorb the information stored in 600 000 books. Hong Kong is the world’s fastest internet place. It has blazing fast internet, an average peak speed of 54.1 megabits per seconds. At this speed you can download HD movie in about 4 minutes.

           The first electronic smiley appeared in 1979 when Kevin McKenzie tried expressing his emotion by electronic means. The very first electronic look like -) then 3 years later Scott Fahlman added colon “:)-” and it took form - as we use to do now a days. Today 81% of emails are spam. And what interesting facts about Internet do you know?

Роль вивчення іноземних мов у формуванні особистості майбутнього фахівця.

           The answer should be easy. English is a universal language (global language in case we are not the only creature who can speak.) The world has changed. We can no longer live alone in our country anymore. If you want to learn the world you need to learn English....

           With IT, we can open ourselves to the world and the only way we can connect to the world is to the universal language. If you are a business man you would have to learn English to expand your business to oversea.If you are students you would have to learn English for your own bright future or, at least, pass the exam.

           If you are an employee you would have to learn English for the benefit of your career.

Even if you are just a street walker you still want to learn English to understand what's going on in the world....

           No matter whom you are. Learn English is very important. You can't avoid it and do not avoid it before you getting too far behind.

Робота над текстом за професійним спрямуванням:

1.Complete the story with the correct forms of the words in brackets

2. Write the annotation

From Family Life Magazine 

April 1999


By Jim Carper

Stress is one of the most studied areas of psychology, mainly because it is such a big problem in our society. Stress is omnipresent, we are 25__________ (ex­posed, exposing) to it in every sphere of our lives. Long-term stress 26__________(suppresses, suppressing) the action of the body's immune sys­tem, making us more vulnerable to colds, infections and more serious ill­nesses. It can 27__________(make, makes) us more liable to contract heart disease. Long-term stress also makes us very jumpy and alert, to potential threats.

One of the main sources of stress in our lives 28__________(are, is) the constantly in­creasing pace of life. However, the myth of faster-is-better really turns against us, as we never see the hours we have 29__________ (saving, saved) because we pack them with new activities. People 30__________(are driven, have driven) by a desire to achieve success and become extremely frustrated when their plans fail. Another social group liable to stress is students. The fear of bad marks and exams is emotionally devastating for young people. Exams 31__________(be, are) a real horror for many students. They are accompanied by a sense of uncer­tainty and the powerlessness 32__________ (to control, controling) the situation. Exams are great anxi­ety-makers.

Psychologists and doctors 33__________(to suggest, suggest) different coping strategies to lower the level of stress. Some of these are physical ones. Some coping strategies, though, are cognitive, they involve controlling one's personal thinking. One of the most popular methods used 34__________(to diminish, diminished) stress is visuali­sation. By concentrating only on positive thoughts the person 35__________(refusing, refuses) to entertain doubts and ideas which would 36__________(add, adding) to the level of stress which they are experiencing.

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