Ex. 5 Complete the given sentences using the proper comparison form (older/more important etc.).


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ІX. Змістовий модуль «Компанія. Інформація про галузевий під розподіл»

Практичне заняття № 1

Тема: Типи компаній

1. Читання, переклад та переказ тексту. Виконання після текстових вправ.

Company Types in Ukraine

Ltd. Company is a business organization selling goods or services. The most popular business legal form in Ukraine is Ltd. This type of companies is registered on a standard chart and in the earliest possible dates. The founders of Ltd. can be naturals persons or/and legal persons (residents or/and non-residents). Thus founders do not carry responsibility for a company and actions of its public servants, and their possible losses are limited to the size of part in share capital. Limited companies can conduct practically any types of activity, including licensed. Alike types of companies in Europe is GMBH (in Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and Ltd. (in England). From recent time, the Ukrainian legislation does not select CFI (company with foreign investments) (no less than 10 % foreign capital) and FC (foreign company), as a separate legal form of business too.

Joint-stock company. Joint-stock companies in Ukraine can be public (PJSC) and private (PrJSC) types. This type of companies has a great number of analogues in the whole world. Mainly, JSC are created for a bank, insurance and other financial types of activity, and also for organization of activity of large production capacities and enterprises with the closed loop of production.

Representative office. It is separately possible to select such form of business in Ukraine, as a representative office of foreign company. Status of representative offices allows to get the row of additional tax and custom deductions, and also to use other advantages for work in Ukraine.

Робота над повторенням граматичного матеріалу


1 . Чи є порядок слів в англійській мові сталим? Що називається прямим порядком слів в англійському стверджувальному реченні? Наведіть приклади.

2 . Який порядок слів називається інверсійним? Які типи речень вимагають інверсійного порядку слів? Проілюструйте свою відповідь прикладами.

Ex . 1. Complete the sentences using given words. Follow the sentence structure.

Наприклад: goes / to school / every morning / Andy.

Andy goes to school every morning .

1. take / photos / they / every Monday.

2. goes / every day / she / to school.

3. football / Eric / after school / plays.

4. is making / he / at the moment / breakfast.

5. to the club / the girls / go / on Saturdays.

3 . Коли вживається неозначений артикль та які дві форми він має?

4. Який артикль вживається перед іменником, що називає особу за її професією?

5. Про що свідчить наявність означеного артикля перед словом teacher.

Ex . 2 Insert articles where necessary .

           His wife is… doctor who treated my sister. 2. July is … seventh month of the year. 3. It is … Indian film. 4. It is … film we discussed yesterday. 5. …cow is … domestic animal. 6. …carrot is … vegetable. 7. … carp is … fish. 8. The importance of … Chemistry for man is great. 9. … air is invisible. 10. We were in … Carpathians last year.

6.Як змінюються англійські прикметники та прислівники? Назвіть ступені порівняння прикметника (прислівника).

7.Утворіть ступені порівняння прикметників old, far.

Ex.3. Answer the following questions and make the complete sentences.

1. Which is the highest mountain in the world? 2. Is the Black Sea deeper than the Caspian Sea? 3. Which is the shortest month in the year? 4. Is Chemistry more difficult than Physics? 5. It was (good) meal I’ve ever had. 6. The Russian grammar is (difficult) than the English one. 7. Friendship is (strong) than steel. 8. (Long) day has an end. 9. Health is (good) than wealth. 10. Where is it (beautiful), in the mountains or near the sea? 

Ex. 4. Choose the right answer.
1. Two people were seriously injured in the accident. (serious / seriously)
2. The driver of the car had serious injuries. (serious / seriously)
3. I think you behaved very ____________. (selfish / selfishly)
4. Rose is ____________ upset about losing her job. (terrible / terribly)
5. There was a ____________ change in the weather. (sudden / suddenly)
6. Everybody at the party was ____________ dressed. (colourful / colourfully)
7. Linda likes wearing ____________ clothes. (colourful / colourfully)
8. Liz fell and hurt herself quite ____________. (bad / badly)
9. Joe says he didn't do well at school because he was ____________ taught. (bad / badly)
10. Don't go up that ladder. It doesn't look ____________. (safe / safely)

Ex. 5 Complete the given sentences using the proper comparison form (older/more important etc.).

1. It's too noisy here. Can we go somewhere _quieter? _

2. This coffee is very weak. I like it a bit ---.

3. The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be ---.

4. The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be ---.

5. The weather is too cold in this country. I'd like to live somewhere ---.

6. My job is a bit boring sometimes. I'd like to do something ---.

7. 1 was surprised how easy it was to use the computer. I thought it would be ---.

8. Your work isn't very good. I'm sure you can do ---.

9. Don't worry. The situation isn't so bad. It could be ---.

10. 1 was surprised we got here so quickly. I expected the journey to take ---.

 8. Як утворюються кількісні та порядкові числівники. Яке слово вживається у складених числівниках перед десятками?

 9.В якому випадку числівники hundred, thousand, million мають закінчення -s у множині?

10 . Як утворюються порядкові числівники. Назвіть винятки.

 11 . Як позначаються номери сторінок, розділів, частин книг, актів, розміри одягу?

 12 . Як прочитати число, якщо ціла частина дорівнює нулю?

13 . Прочитайте числа ½ і ¼ , 1,5 і 3 4/5, 4 2/3 і 4 2/5.

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