Exercise 24 Put the adjective in brackets into the corresponding form of comparison. Then give true answers.

1. Which is (big): the Earth or the Moon? 2. Which weighs (much): gold or silver? 3. Is Moscow an (old) capital city than Kiev? 4. What is (important) thing to do when learning a foreign language? 5. Who was (famous) woman Prime Minister in Britain? 6. Which is (large) city in the world? 7. What is (high) speed developed by modern trains? 8. Is wood a (good) conductor of electricity than rubber?

Think of your own questions and ask your partner three such questions.


Exercise 25 Fill in the gaps using the superlative(-est / most / least)or comparative(-er / more / less)degree.

Model: This book is more interesting than the one I read last week.

1. This is the (strange) book I have ever read. 2. We stayed at (expensive) hotel in Berlin. 3. Our room was (comfortable) than we thought it could be. 4. Our motel was (cheap) than all the others in the countryside. 5. Ukraine is very large but the United States is (large).          6. What’s (long) river in the world? 7. The Everest is (high) mountain in the world. It is (high) than any other mountain. 8. It was a terrible day. It was (bad) day of my life. 9. Which is the (short) way to get from the city centre to the Academy? 10. My grandparents had three daughters. My mother was (young) of them.


Exercise 26 Translate the sentences withmostandmostlyin different meanings.

більшість; велика кількість; найбільш; дуже;

головним чином; більш за все


1. Most elements exist in different forms. 2. Uranium is mostly used as atomic fuel. 3. Titanium is a most useful construction material. 4. Of all the transportation means railways remain by far the most important. 5. Most of all I was afraid of being late. 6. He is ten at the most.7. The neutrons and protons represent most of the mass of the atom.


Exercise 27 Translate these sentences.

1. Його волосся біле як сніг. 2. Він мій старший брат. 3. Ми маємо значно більше даних, ніж вони. 4. Які співаки найпопулярніші у вашій країні? 6. Ваша машина не така стара, як моя. 7. Цей міст у три рази нижчий за той. 9. Де найближча зупинка автобусу? 10. Її брат такий же високий, як вона. 11. Ця обручка дорожча за ту.       12. Ми зупинилися у найгіршому готелі. Давайте переїдемо до кращого готелю. 13. Чи не могли б ви порадити менш дорогий ресторан? 14. Чим довше вона говорила, тим менше я розумів.


Exercise 28 Join the adjectives on the left with the corresponding nouns on the right to get a popular English saying. Make sentences with the word combinations.


as busy as as white as as easy as as good as as safe as as heavy as as old as as mad as a bee Adam gold snow ABC the Bank of England a hatter lead


Exercise 29 Read a post-card, which a girl wrote to her mother. Write your own card to someone on some occasion using the adjectives in superlative and comparative degrees. Then decide whose card is the funniest, the most interesting and the most original of all.


To my mother,

You are the best mother in the whole world. You are the smartest, the brightest, and the funniest of all mothers. You are the nicest friend I’ve ever known. You are the most wonderful and definitely the least strict. No mum in the world is better than you. You are the greatest mother of all. I love you very, very much!

Love, Sandy


Exercise 30 Compose questions and give true answers.

Model: What / good gift / you have ever received? – What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

1. What / smart person / you have ever known? 2. What / nice place / you have ever seen? 3. What / valuable invention / a man has ever made? 4. What / bad experience / you have ever had? 5. What / interesting book / you have ever read? 6. What / mysterious thing / you have ever heard of?

Exercise 31 Translate the sentences paying attention to different meanings of as and like.


as: як; у той час як; по мірі того як; так як;

стільки скільки; також як


1. As the time passed, stone tools were replaced by metal ones.           2. There are two kinds of transformations, which are known as physical and chemical changes. 3. This equipment can be relied upon as it is of the highest quality. 4. Every second the Sun sends into space asmuch energy as mankind has ever consumed. 5. The outer and inner walls of the house are as thickas 4 centimetres. 6. At present plastics aswellas metals are widely used in construction. 7. He walked as fast as he could. 8. We walked as far as the post-office. 9. Keep the book aslong as you need it.


like: як; подобатися, любити; не може зрівнятися, нема нічого кращого; хотів би; подібний, такий самий; нема бажання; щось приблизно; точно як; здається, нагадує; дуже нагадує;

на відміну від; представляє з себе


1. Radio-waves are like light waves. 2. I enjoy travelling because Ilike new impressions. 3. We should like to know if we can get our order on time. 4. I don’t feel like going out tonight. 5. You can contact our production manager on this and the like issues. 6. It looks like raining.        7. Like charges repel each other, while unlike charges attract each other. 8. Unlike his brother, Nick has always kept his word. 9. It was just like you said. 10. What is your new flat like? 11. She looks very much like her mother. 12. There is nothing like a cup of hot tea for a headache. 13. It costs something like $100.


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