Перефразируйтесловосочетания, употребляяпритяжательныйпадеж

1. The ball of the dog. 2. The skateboard of that man. 3. The songs of the children. 4. The umbrella of my grandmother. 5. The room of my friend. 6. The questions of my son. 7. The table of our teacher. 8. The wife of my brother. 9. The poems of Pushkin. 10. The voice of this girl. 11. The new club of the workers. 12. The letter of Pete. 13. The car of my parents. 14. The life of this woman. 15. Theflatofmysister.            

Переведите предложения на русский язык. Употребите существительные в притяжательном падеже.

1. What is the name of the boy? 2. Our teacher likes to read poems by Pushkin very much. 3. This is the portrait of my little brother. 4. Don't take the things of your father. 5. The room of the children is rather small. 6. The books of your sons are on the table. 7. What is the wife of your brother? 8. The daughter of your friend is a teacher.


5. Измените предложения, используя притяжательный падеж.

1. Her son has a small family. 2. Their daughter has a good friend. 3. His son has a black dog. 4. My grandmother has a grey cat. 5. Our father has a new hat. 6. My brother has an old car. 7. My mother has a beautiful flower. 8. Your sister has a nice dress. 9. Your mother has a large room. 10. Her sister has a new bag.

Самостоятельная работа №6




1. Прочитайтеследующиесловосочетания:

150 magazines; 1800 students; 2000 dollars; 12000 specialists; 5640000 books; on page 546; by bus 287; in room 819; 7 o’clock train; hundreds of students; dozens of shops; millions of peoples; thousands of dollars.


2. Прочитайтедаты:

May 9, 1945

August 24, 1991

September 1, 2004

December 31, 2005

on the 1st of January;

on the 23rd of February;

on the 8th of March;

on the 5th of May.


Напишите словами количественные числительные и образуйте от них порядковые числительные.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 21, 25, 28, 30,52, 67, 74, 83, 99, 100.

Переведите на английский язык.

30 марта; 1 ноября; 15 сентября; 2 июля; 3 августа;      14 апреля; 29 ноября; 24 февраля

Напишите это по-английски.

1) 245, 533; 816. 2) 3562; 7324. 3) сто книг; сотня страниц; сотни людей. 4) тысяча машин; тысячи людей; миллион книг. 5) 2+3=5; 7-4=3; 3x5=15; 10:2=5. 6) 1 Января; 8 Марта. 7) глава 5; автобус 6. 8) 3.45; 8.09.
9. 2/3; 4/5.


Переведите на английский язык

25 км; 163 тысячи рублей; 90 картин; 200 миллионов людей; 3500 автомобилей; 4 тысячи машин;сотни автомобилей; десятки журналов; тысячи студентов; миллионы людей.


Самостоятельная работа №7

Оборотthere + be


Раскройте скобки, выбрав нужную форму глагола и подчеркните подлежащее и сказуемое.

1. There (is, are) a large table in my room. 2. There (is, are) three windows in my classroom. 3. There (is, are) a table and four chairs in my living-room. 4. There (is, are) a blackboard, four desks and five chairs in our class-room. 5. There (is, are) a text-book and two exercise-books on the table. 6. There (is, are) two shops and a cinema in my street.


2. Прочитайте 2 текста и запишите к ним вопросы, используя обороты there + tobe


Is there a pool near the house?

1. Donna’sanEnglishteacher. She’s not rich and she’s not famous. Her house is small and there’s no pool. There are three bedrooms in the house. Donna’s car is old. It’s slow and uncomfortable. There’s no radio or cassette player in her car. There’s an engine, a steering wheel, and there are four wheels and two doors. Donna isn’t happy. She’d like a big house, a new car and a lot of money.

2. Here is a rock star. He’s very rich and famous. His house is large and there’s a swimming pool in the backyard. There are ten bedrooms in the house. Zack’s car is new. It’s fast and comfortable. In his car there is a climate control system, a CD player, a VCR, a phone and fax machine. But Zack is not happy. He’d like a small house, a small car and a family with two kids.

Вы приехали в родной город спустя несколько лет и увидели, что много изменилось. Составьте предложения по образцу, используя подстановочные слова.


alittlegarden / nearby;

a big fence / round the garden;

two little shops / in my street;

an old school / in my district;

a lot of small and old houses / nearby;

a little market / in my district.



Самостоятельная работа №8

Степени сравнения прилагательных


1. Образуйте сравнительную и превосходную степени прилагательных:

Sad, grey, bad, old, happy, free, far, dry, big, near, shy, unusual, able, mountainous, little, polite, famous, well-known, heavy.


2. Поставьте прилагательные в правильной форме:

1. John is (young) of the 3 brothers. 2. The Sun is (bright) the Moon. 3. Is the diameter of Jupiter (big) than that of the Earth? 4. That room is (light) than yours. 5. This room is (large) than the one upstairs. 6. It doesn’t take (much) than four days to cross the Atlantic, does it?


3. Выберитенужнуюформуприлагательных:

1. Jane is the (taller — tallest) of the 2 girls. 2. Father was the (eldest — elder) of seven sons. 3. Albert is (elder — older) than John. 4. I think your plan is the (best — better) of the two.
5. This is the (most large-largest) power — station, I’ve ever seen. 6. Henry is the (oldest — eldest) of the 3 brothers.



Самостоятельнаяработа №9

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