Where can be held private exhibition?

Example of private exhibition.

The exhibition concept differs it from all other events of this kind holding in Moscow and it gave to its participants and guests a warm and prepossessing informal atmosphere of soiree where all the attention of guests concentrates on the country they are interested and the representatives of the participants on their side have no time limits and are ready to answer any questions concerning the process of purchasing of property abroad, rent, investments, visas, getting of residents permit, taxes, cultural peculiarities of chosen country and many other questions which their potential client can rise. The organizers of the exhibition were Global Promotion Group and Freedom. Global Promotion Group is the new generation of successful Overseas Real Estate market leaders which caters to viable buyers and sellers and also is the one of a few companies which offers the organization and holding of such kind of exhibitions. Consulting company FreeDom is specialized in real estate sales abroad, and deals exclusively with sales of investment or residential real estate. Due to its big experience, company provides its clients with full service, starting from consulting and choice of the real estate item ending with full legal support.The exhibition took place on the picturesque territory of Moscow City Golf Club, the only one in Moscow located not for from the center. The guests of the exhibition were potential investors and purchasers of realty – clients of consulting company FreeDom, residents of Moscow City Golf Club, Global Promotion Group partners – leading Moscow Real Estate companies selling foreign real estate on Moscow market and also press representatives – the most of professional magazines and internet-portals devoted to foreign real estate.The exhibition area of each participant was comfortably equipped that is why all the negotiations with the guests were held in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.


How many basic commandments that every speaker should know?

There are 10 basic commandments that everyone should know the speaker.

Of course, the following list of them is immutable and unchangeable, and is just an

excuse for thinking. So, he must: 1)Be easy to talk to. To study the characteristics and laws of a clear and simple, universally understood language; 2) Be open and clear in expressing their thoughts. Often two-thirds of the content of the report should serve as a support and explain the main theme. Need to try to discover its different aspects and from different angles, but not "cram" performance disparate themes and complement one another. 3) Be specific. Special terms and narrow professional expression reduces the number of potential supporters of the speaker, and sometimes lead to a common misunderstanding.4) Be clear in describing the content of the topic. Refer to the facts and appeal to reason. 5)To be a person. Do not be afraid to use the individual, unique to their own speech speech and expression. 6) Be balanced. Use a smooth rhythm of speech. Proposals and avoid those distractions from the main idea of opening statements. 7) Be energetic. Do not eat a lot of introductory words, too loud and idiomatic

expressions, or use them in conjunction with the standard and comprehensible

expressions. 8) Be focused. Audience gives meaning only what he hears, and intentions of

the speaker, if they are not backed by weighty words, do not inspire much audience

perception. 9) Be eloquent. From time to time to use the rhetorical phrases and

expressions that reinforce the effect of the performance. Sometimes even a slight

alliteration can make the necessary impression. 10) To adapt to the situation. Study the audience. Try to adapt the report to its needs and aspirations. First of all he has to develop the ability of perception and ability to quickly assess the quality and professionalism of their language, and then try to apply the rules described in the preparation of its report

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